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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.3, No.12

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2014-12-15

  1. The Correlation Of Energy Utilization And Growth In Economy A Case Study On Kazakhstan

    Authors: Pirmakhanov Saken

  2. Evaluation Of Susceptibility Of Methanol Extract Of Pleurotus Highking An Edible Mushroom Cultivated In Bangladesh

    Authors: Md. Anwarul Haque; Ashish Kumar Sarker; Alpana Khatun; Mohammad Sayful Islam; Md. Anwar Ul Islam; Abu Syed Md. Anisuzzaman

  3. Composition And Antimicrobial Activity Of The Essential Oil Of Heracleum Lanatum Michx. From Uttarakhand Himalaya

    Authors: G. C. Kharkwal; C. Pande; G. Tewari; A. Panwar; V. Pande

  4. Nutrient Requirements And Environmental Conditions For The Cultivation Of The Medicinal Mushroom Lentinula Edodes Berk. In Ghana

    Authors: E. H. Quaicoe; C. Amoah; M. Obodai; G. T. Odamtten

  5. Identification Of Defects In Drawing Operation With Remedial Steps

    Authors: Mahesh T. Kanojiya

  6. Optimal Hydrothermal Energy Generation for Ghana

    Authors: Christian John Etwire; Stephen B. Twum

  7. Appraising White Yam Dioscorea Rotundata Poir Performance And Fertility Status Of An Alfisol Under Yam - Based Intercropping

    Authors: B. Osundare

  8. Ecological Effects Of Particulate Matter On The Histochemical Content Of Alchonea Cordifolia Musa Paradisiaca And Manihot Esculenta

    Authors: Friday; Upadhi; Ajuru; Mercy Gospel

  9. Similarity Solution Of Plane Turbulent Mixing Layer

    Authors: Faruqe Ahmed; Ajanta Shukla Tanma

  10. Role Of Administrative Leadership In Influencing Employee Motivation

    Authors: Shreekant Saraf; Kartiki Saraf

  11. Assessment Of Preference Decisive Factor Of Private Commercial Banks In Bangladesh An Empirical Analysis On Young Generation

    Authors: Md. Mahfujur Rahman; Mohammad Abdullah Al Mamun

  12. Software Risk Management In Virtual Team Environment

    Authors: Salman Afaq; Salman Qadri; Shabir Ahmad; Abu Buker Siddique; Muhammad Perbat Baloch; Anam Ayoub

  13. Cooperative Model Of Intergovernmental Relations Between West Papua Province And Raja Ampat Regency In The Poverty Handling

    Authors: Yusuf Salim; Haselman; Muhammad Yunus; Muhammad Akmal Ibrahim

  14. Analysis Level Innovation Of Public Service Field Licensing In The District Pinrang Province South Sulawesi

    Authors: Muhammad Nur; Sangkala; Tahir Haning; Badu Ahmad

  15. Soil Fertility Evaluation For Rice Production In Catanduanes Province Philippines

    Authors: Lani A. Ilagan; Ruben P. Tablizo; Roberto B. Barba Jr.; NiccaAira A. Marquez

  16. Intersection Matrices Associated With Non Trivial Suborbit Corresponding To The Action Of Rank 3 Groups On The Set Of Unordered Pairs

    Authors: BettyChepkorir; John K. Rotich; Benard C. Tonui; ReubenC. Langat

  17. Solving Economic Load Dispatch Using A Novel Method Based On PSO Algorithm And GAMS Software

    Authors: Soodabeh Soleymani; Mahdi Hayatdavudi

  18. Bioaccumulation Of Trace Metals In Water Sediment And Crab Callinectes From Sombreiro River Niger Delta Nigeria.

    Authors: O.A.F. Wokoma

  19. Radiative Mhd Stagnation Point Flow Over A Chemical Reacting Porous Stretching Surface With Convective Thermal Boundary Condition

    Authors: Christian John Etwire

  20. Recreation Of Sheikh Khodja Akhror Vali Historic Complex

    Authors: Muhammad Akhmedov 26 Dinara Nazarova

  21. Multivariate Analysis For Investigating The Output Characteristics Of UV Cu Ne-Cubr Laser

    Authors: Iliycho Petkov Iliev

  22. Geochemical And Petrographic Studies Of Lokoja Sandstone Implications On Source Area Weathering Provenance And Tectonic Setting

    Authors: Madukwe; H. Y.; Akinyemi; S. A.; Adebayo; O. F.; Ojo; A. O.; Aturamu; A. O.; Afolagboye; L. O.

  23. Bridge-Type Fault Current Limiter Is Used For Fault Ride Through In Fixed-Speed Wind Turbine

    Authors: Ishraque Ahmad; Prabodh Khampariya

  24. Some Properties Of Thermo-Stable 26913 -Amylase Of Four Isolates Of Bacillus Licheniformis

    Authors: Elham S. Dawood; Ibrahim S. A.; Sohair A. Abdelwahab

  25. Experimental Investigation Of Temeke Groundwater Quality Accessibility And Its Health Implications

    Authors: MIRAJI; Hossein

  26. Dry And Wet Seasons Dynamics In Concentrations Of Ni V Cd Pb Mn Fe Co And Zn In Soil Samples Within Farm Lands In Ibeno Coastal Area Akwa Ibom State Niger Delta Nigeria.

    Authors: Nwadinigwe; Chukwuemeka A.; Udo; Godwin J.; Nwadinigwe; Alfreda O.; Ubuo; Emmanuel E.

  27. Effects of Particulate Matter on the Anatomy of some Tropical Plants Alchonea cordifolia Musa paradisiaca and Manihot esculenta

    Authors: Ajuru; Mercy Gospel; Friday; Upadhi

  28. Assessment Of Microbiological Sterility In Radioimmunoassay Laboratory Using SCDM And FTM Materials

    Authors: Yousif Mohamed Y. Abdallah; Mohamed E.M. Gar-elnebi; Waleed A. Almahi; Nahid M. Matar; Nagi I. Ali

  29. The Importance Of Business Process Modelling In Terms Of University Education

    Authors: Marcela Kovalova; Lukas Turcok

  30. Black-Scholes Partial Differential Equation In The Mellin Transform Domain

    Authors: Fadugba Sunday Emmanuel; Ogunrinde Roseline Bosede

  31. Design And Implementation Of Morphology Based Spell Checker

    Authors: Gaddisa Olani Ganfure; Dr. Dida Midekso

  32. Aerodynamic Performance Optimization Of Wind Turbine Blade By Using High Lifting Device

    Authors: Razeen Ridhwan; Mohamed Alshaleeh; Arunvinthan S

  33. Comparative Study On Estimate House Price Using Statistical And Neural Network Model

    Authors: Azme Bin Khamis; Nur Khalidah Khalilah Binti Kamarudin

  34. Effect Of Inhaled Anesthetics Gases On Health Staff Health Status In Al-Najaf City

    Authors: Ibrahim A. Kadhim Al-Ashour; Diaa K. Abd-Ali; Mansour A. Fallah; Iman Q. Kteo

  35. Student Monitoring System Of Our Lady Of Fatima University Using Face Recognition

    Authors: Christopher John Alolor; El Cid John Legaspi; Pedro Legaspi II; John Lloyd Padecio; Alexander Reyes; Arjimson Santiano; Mary Regina B. Apsay; Marissa G. Chua; Florocito S. Camata

  36. Energy Audit of an Industry

    Authors: Mukesh K Saini; Dr S. Chatterji; Dr. Mrs. Lini Mathew

  37. Numerical Study Of Natural Convection Through A Photovoltaic-Thermal PVT Building Solar Chimney Suitable For Natural Cooling

    Authors: A. Ndiho; K. Nwuitcha; H.A. Samah; M. Banna

  38. An Application Of Generalised Johansen-Ledoit-Sornette GJLS Model To Detect Size Of Rational Speculative Bubble In DJIA Stock Market During Year 1997

    Authors: Devendran Indiran; Nurfadhlina Abdul Halim; Wan Muhamad Amir W. Ahmad

  39. Development Of A Decision Support System In Determining Optimum Number Of Server For Nnpc Mega Petroleum Stations

    Authors: Mbachu; Victor M.; Onyechi; Pius C.; Ogunoh; Victor A.

  40. Mechanical Reinforcements Of Composites Made From Fiber Of Fruit Bunch Palm Oil By Adding Carbon Nanotube

    Authors: Praswasti PDK Wulan; Asep Handaya Saputra; Widodo Wahyu Purwanto

  41. Comparison Of The Nutritional Status Of Cikoang Community Maudu Practitioners And Non-Practitioners In Mangarabombang Regency

    Authors: Nurbaya Busthanul; M.Saleh S.Ali; M.Arifin Sallatang; Sitti Bulkis

  42. Collaborative Innovation Strategy To Overcome School Dropouts And Illiteracy In The Baubau City Southeast Sulawesi Province Indonesia

    Authors: Syahril Ramadhan

  43. Clinical Anger Affective And Somatic Symptoms In Depressed Patients

    Authors: Uzma Zaidi

  44. Results And Quality Of Various Rice Varieties That Applied Of Fixator Bacteria As A Source Of Nitrogen

    Authors: Nuraeni; Elkawakib Syamun; Nadira R. Sennang; Kaimuddin

  45. The Influence Of Religious Values Social Factor And Service Quality In Individual Customer Decision Using Murabahah Financial On Islamic Bank Indonesia

    Authors: Kapriani; Muh. Yunus Zain; Osman Lewangka; Sanusi Fattah

  46. Pine Needles A Source Of Energy For Himalayan Region

    Authors: Mr.Arvind Singh Bisht; Dr.Satyendra Singh; Mr.Shailesh Ranjan Kumar

  47. The Criminal Offense Of CreditDebit Card Fraud And The Implementation Of Its Criminal Sanction From The Perspective Of Indonesian Criminal Law

    Authors: Antonius Maria Laot Kian

  48. Risk Factors Of Sexually-Transmitted Infections Stis Among Men And Women In A Mining Community In Western Ghana A Study Of Lifetime Occurrence

    Authors: Christiana Nyarko; Christine Unson; Martin Koduah; Peter Nyarko; Jack Galley

  49. Decentralization And Women Empowerment In Bangladesh Union Parishad Perspectives

    Authors: Md. Mahbub Alam Prodip

  50. The Effect of Strategic Partnership On Innovation Capability and Business Performance Of Garment Industry In West Java - Indonesia

    Authors: Supriyadi; Ratna Ekawati

  51. Optimum Design Of Photovoltaic Powered Sea Water Desalination System

    Authors: Belal Yousef; Dr. Wagdy R.Anis

  52. Radiation Dosimetry By Tlds Inside Human Body Phantom While Using 192Ir HDR In Breast Brachytherapy

    Authors: Mahmoud Suleiman Ahmed Dahoud; Iskandar Shahrim Mustafa

  53. X-Ray Breast Brachytherapy Instead Of 192Ir Mammosite Balloon Brachytherapy

    Authors: Mahmoud Suleiman Ahmed Dahoud; Iskandar Shahrim Mustafa

  54. Nsaids GastropathyDyspepsia Upon Chronic Gastritis In Anamnesis In Patients With Osteoarthrosis

    Authors: M. Y. Zak; L. M. Pasiyeshvili; M. Y. Knysh

  55. Analysis In Behavior Bureaucracy Services Licensing In Parepare City Case Study Service Issuance Permit of Place of Business Trade Business License and Construction Permits

    Authors: Hamka Hakim; Haselman; Juanda Nawawi; Atta Irene Allorante

  56. Determination Of Antibacterial Activity And Phytochemistry Of Three Herbal Plants On Clinical Isolates

    Authors: Bamidele; F.A.; Ogundipe; F.O.; Shogeyinbo; U.A

  57. Forest Certification Involvement And Role Of Government Of The Republic Of Congo For Sustainable Forest Management

    Authors: Eusebe Devalon Mpane Guiekisse; Xiaodong Liu; Romeo Ekoungoulou

  58. Levels Of Total Hydrocarbon In Water And Sediment Of A Polluted Tidal Creek Bonny River Niger Delta Nigeria

    Authors: O.A.F Wokoma

  59. Evaluation Of A Self-Modifying Cellular Automata In Modelling Urban Growth In Nyeri Kenya

    Authors: Kenneth Mubea; Gunter Menz

  60. Investment Analysis For The Establishment Of Spheroidal Graphite Iron Plant In Nigeria

    Authors: Oyelaran O.Ajani; Ocheri Cyril; Yau; Y. Tudunwada

  61. Turmeric Extract As An Antioxidant In Repeatedly Used Cooking Oil

    Authors: Andi Abriana; Eva Johannes

  62. Development And Validation Of A Bezier Curve Based Profile Generation Method For Axial Flow Turbines

    Authors: S.V. Ramana Murthy; S. Kishore Kumar

  63. Information Evolution And The Future Of The Web

    Authors: Massimo Marchiori