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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.4, No.10

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2015-10-15

  1. Effect Of Parity And Birth Type On Udder Characteristics And Milk Yield Of West African Dwarf Sheep

    Authors: Adegoke; E.O. Ezekwe; A.G. Agaviezor; O.B.

  2. Nurse Interaction With Clients In Communication Therapeutic Study Analysis Of Symbolic Interactionism Hospital South Sulawesi

    Authors: Hj.Indirawaty; Syamsuddin AB

  3. Multilevel Extensible And Dynamic Of Mobile Establishment Concepts

    Authors: Ammar ES-Said; Labriji El Houssine; Hanoune Mostafa; Ghanimi Fadwa

  4. Assessment Of Patient Problems Encountered With Total Hip Replacement At Baghdad Teaching Hospitals

    Authors: Faris Fauze Ahmed; Dr. Halima Yusuf Al-Rubaie

  5. Electricity Provision In Nigerian University Libraries The Solar Energy Solution

    Authors: Joseph Chukwusa

  6. Using Four Types Of Notches For Comparison Between Chezys ConstantC And Mannings Constant N

    Authors: Joyce Edwin Bategeleza; Deepak T. J.; Eric L.W.K.; Munir H. K.

  7. Analysis Of Coppers Market And Price-Focus On The Last Decades Change And Its Future Trend

    Authors: Eugie Kabwe; Wang Yiming

  8. A Predicate Based Fault Localization Technique Based On Test Case Reduction

    Authors: Rohit Mishra; Dr.Raghav Yadav

  9. The Effect Of Chemotaxis On The Swarming Ability Of Bacillus Subtilis Critical Effect Of Glutamic Acid And Lysine

    Authors: Lina Hamouche; Soumaya Laalami; Ghayas Lakkis; Ahmad Kobaissi; Ali Chokr; Harald Putzer; Kassem Hamze

  10. Empirical Study Of Wind Energy Potential In Calabar Cross River State Nigeria

    Authors: Uquetan; U. I. Egor; A. O.; Osang; J. E.; Emeruwa; C.

  11. Critical Study Of Ground Water Potential Of Part Of Obubra Local Government Area Cross River State Nigeria

    Authors: Egor; A. O.; Osang; J. E.; Emeruwa; C.; Ebong; D. E.; Uquetan; U. I.; Bawan A. M.

  12. Inter-Annual Variability Of Rainfall In Some States Of Southern Nigeria

    Authors: Egor; A. O.; Osang; J. E.; Uquetan; U. I.; Emeruwa; C.; Agbor; M. E.

  13. Characterization Of Strong And Weak Dominating 2661539- Color Number In A Graph

    Authors: T.Ramachandran; D.Udayakumar; A.Naseer Ahmed

  14. Crimes In New York And Seoul A Comparison

    Authors: Leticia G. Patino

  15. The Influence Of Policy Implementation From The Change Of Institutional Status Toward Quality Of Patient Service In Hospital

    Authors: Dadang Kusnadi

  16. Impact Of Different Time Planting In Soybeans And Neem Seed Extract Application To Insect Population On Rice Field

    Authors: Tamrin Abdullah; Ahdin Gassa; Sri Nur Aminah Ngatimin; Nurariaty Agus And Abdul Fattah

  17. Query Optimization Techniques - Tips For Writing Efficient And Faster SQL Queries

    Authors: Jean HABIMANA

  18. Internal Electric Field In The Space Charge Layer Of A Solar Cell Based On Silicon In The Presence Of Excitons

    Authors: Modou Faye; Cheikh Mbow; Bassirou Ba

  19. Comparative Performance Of Using PCA With K-Means And Fuzzy C Means Clustering For Customer Segmentation

    Authors: Fahmida Afrin; Md. Al-Amin; Mehnaz Tabassum

  20. Camel Owners And Perception Towards Management Practices At Butanaarea Gaderif State Sudan

    Authors: Amir .M. Osman; Mohammed Abdelkreim; S.M.A. Abukashawa; M. T. Ibrahim

  21. Is Solar Power The Best Energy Option To Meet Our Future Demands

    Authors: Samyak Shami

  22. Test Case Reduction For Regression Testing

    Authors: Amit Srivastava; Er. Rajesh Tripathi

  23. Combined Effects Of Stress Work And Heat Generation On MHD Natural Convection Flow Along A Vertical Flat Plate With Power Law Variation Of Uniform Surface Temperature

    Authors: Mohammad Mahfuzul Islam; Md. M. Alam; M. M. Parvez; M. A. Rahman

  24. Influence Of Multimodality Soil On Their Hydrodynamic Behavior Case Of Soils Of The Unsaturated Zone Of Allada Plateau

    Authors: Soclo W. P.; Igue A. M.; Mwenge Kahinda J.; Boukari M.; Agbossou K. E

  25. The Study Of The Insecticidal Effect Of Nigella Sativa Essential Oil Against Tuta Absoluta Larvae

    Authors: Benchouikh Adil; Allam Tarik; Abderrahim Kribii; Khadija Ounine

  26. Vehicle Assisted Data Delievery Technique To Control Data Dissemination In Vehicular AD - HOC Networks Vanets

    Authors: Sandeep Kumar; Kantveer

  27. Application Of Fractal Dimension On Atmospheric Corrosion Of Galvanized Iron Roofing Material

    Authors: Issa A.K; Abba. M. Aji

  28. Algorithm To Ensure And Enforce Brute-Force Attack-Resilient Password In Routers

    Authors: Mohammed Farik; ABM Shawkat Ali

  29. Anti-Theft Automatic Metering Interface

    Authors: Abhijeet Das; Hirokjyotikalita; Partha Pratim Talukdar

  30. An Effective Combined Feature For Web Based Image Retrieval

    Authors: H.M.R.B Herath; Y.P.R.D Yapa

  31. Experimental And Numerical Investigation Of The Flow Analysis Of The Water-Saving Safety Valve

    Authors: Muhammed Safa Kamer; Ahmet Kaya; Abdullah Sisman

  32. Investigative Study Of The Hematological Effects Of Zingiber Officinale In Rabbits

    Authors: Bahaa Ameen Abdul Hussien; Suha Allawi

  33. Characteristics Of Virgin And Pulled Wool Fibres Used In Tunisian Handmade Carpets

    Authors: Taoufik Harizi; Fatma Abidi

  34. Effect Of Different Nitrogen Fertilization Levels On Yield Of Maize Zea Mays L. As Winter Forage

    Authors: Rihab M. El Zubair; Babo Fadlalla; Adar Hussien Mohyeddin Hussien; Mohammed Abdelkreim

  35. Technological Indices Influencing Adoption Of E-Learning By Technical And Vocational Education And Training Institutions

    Authors: Ursella Chepkoech Kosgei

  36. Morphological Response Of Wheat Genotypes At Different Altitudes In Karo Highland Sumatera Utara

    Authors: Dafni Mawar Tarigan; Rosmayati; Chairani Hanum; Lollie A.P. Putri

  37. Influence Organizational Culture On The Quality Of Accounting Information System Indonesian Government

    Authors: Nur Zeina Maya Sari; Se; Mm; Dr. H. Hidayat Effendy; Se; Ak; S.Ip; Mm; Ca; Ap

  38. Bridging Gaps For Better 26 Smarter Mobile Applications

    Authors: Sailesh Chand; Mohammed Farik

  39. The Efficiency Of Local Governments And Its Influence Factors

    Authors: Andy Yusfany

  40. Fabrication Of M-Type Barium Ferrite Nano-Powder With Citrate Sol-Gel Precess

    Authors: Sun Chang

  41. Multi-Objective Fuzzy Linear Programming In Agricultural Production Planning

    Authors: H.M.I.U. Herath; Dr. D.M. Samarathunga

  42. An Observed Voting System Based On Biometric Technique

    Authors: B. Devikiruba

  43. Analysis Of Heavy Metal Contents In Soil And Vegetables Grown Near Gautam Budh Nagar U.P. India

    Authors: Richa Saxena; D.K. Saxena

  44. Design Of Mechanical Test Setup To Find The Endurance Limit Of CoilCompression SpringUsing Modified Slider-Crank Mechanism

    Authors: Harshal Vispute; Akshay Kamane; Vardhan Patil; Suraj Shaha; Santosh Katkar

  45. Development Of Cookies Using A Combination Of Foxtail Millet And Wheat Flour

    Authors: A.Sambavi; R.S. Sabaragamuwa; R.Suthakaran

  46. Smart Brain Hemorrhage Diagnosis Using Artificial Neural Networks

    Authors: Santosh H. Suryawanshi; K. T. Jadhao

  47. Integrative Medicine A Meeting Of The Minds

    Authors: Stephen J. Healy BA; MCJ

  48. Effect Of Spacing And Fertilizer On The Growth And Yield Of Onion

    Authors: Mohd. Rezaul Islam; Amrita Mukherjee; Khan Golam Quddus; Prashanta Kumar Sardar; Mosharraf Hossain

  49. Integration Of Innovative Technologies And Affective Teaching 26 Learning In Programming Courses

    Authors: Alvin Prasad; Mohammed Farik

  50. Bearing Life Analysis Along With Sustainability Of Seals

    Authors: Aditya Janardhan Kurup

  51. Effect Of Intercropping System On Green Peach Aphid Dinamics On Organic Farming Of Potato In Karo Highland

    Authors: Lamria Sidauruk; Darma Bakti; Retna Astuti Kuswardani; Chairani Hanum

  52. Performance Evaluation Of Furrow Lengths And Field Application Techniques

    Authors: Issaka; R. Z.; Ibrahim. H.; Issah; M.H.

  53. Evaluation Of Friction Losses In Pipes And Fittings Of Process Engineering Plants

    Authors: F. W. Ntengwe; M. Chikwa; L. K. Witika

  54. Challenges 26 Solutions Of Adoption In Regards To Phone-Based Remote E-Voting

    Authors: Hermann Ken Jamnadas; Mohammed Farik

  55. Static Load Balancing Algorithms In Cloud Computing Challenges 26 Solutions

    Authors: Nadeem Shah; Mohammed Farik

  56. GUI Of Control System On The Level Of Oil Tank By Two Pumps Using V. Basic

    Authors: Qusay Jalil; Muthnna Ali; S Nagakishore Bhavanam

  57. The Influence Of Business Partnership And Competitive Strategy On Business PerformanceA Survey On Footwear Industry In The Province Of Banten Indonesia

    Authors: Winarjono; Sucherly; Surachman Sumawihardja

  58. Study On Callus Initiation And Plantlet Regeneration Ability Of Some Rice Genotypes

    Authors: Amrita Mukherjee; Mohd. Rezaul Islam Dr. Khondokar Mohammod Nasiruddin; Purba Banerjee

  59. Gadagi Magani Tea Is Detrimental Affects Biochemical Parameters

    Authors: Umar A.A.; Munir G.; Salihu I. Sunday E.

  60. Review Of The Revenue Recognition In Accordance With Statement Of Financial Accounting Standard PSAK No.23 2010 At Damri Corporation

    Authors: Debbie Christine; Firman Martiano