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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.6, No.7

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2017-07-15

  1. Effect Of Processing On Antinutrients Contents Of African Elemi Canarium Schweinfurthii And African Walnut Plukenetia Conophora Consumed As Traditional Snacks In Nigeria.

    Authors: Anyalogbu Ernest Anayochukwu Aniemeka; Ezejiofor Tobias Innocent Ndubuisi

  2. Historical Survey Of Limmu Genet Town From Its Foundation Up To Present

    Authors: Dagm Alemayehu Tegegn

  3. Comparative Analysis Of Methods Of Baseflow Separation Of Otamiri Catchment

    Authors: Nwakpuda Nat. I.

  4. Introduction And Use Of Firearms In Bukhara Khanate XVI Century

    Authors: Zamonov Akbar Turginovich

  5. Fatty Acid Composition Of Two Nigerian Masticatories Cum Traditional Snacks African Walnut Plukenetia Conophora Kernel And African Elemi Canarium Schweinfurthii Pulp.

    Authors: Anyalogbu Ernest A. A.; Nnoli Matthew C.; Ezejiofor Tobias I. N.; Nweje-Anyalowu Paul C.

  6. Design And Implementation Of Tool For Detecting Anti-Patterns In Relational Database

    Authors: Gaurav Kumar; Rahul Kumar Yadav; Sanjay Bhutungru

  7. The Student Teachers Perceptions On Teaching Practice Supervision In Zimbabwe Is It A Process Of Grading Or Improvement Of Teaching Skills

    Authors: Dr Sylod Chimhenga

  8. Locking Editor A Utility For Protecting Software Exercises In The Computer Laboratory Of AMA University

    Authors: Paul M. Grafilon; Jonathan Fuller; Shiitj B. Mer; Tristan Jay P. Calaguas

  9. A Performance Test On Symmetric Encryption Algorithms - RC2 Vs Rijndael

    Authors: Neeraj Anand Sharma; Mohammed Farik

  10. J2EE Architecture - A Review

    Authors: Achilleus Almeida

  11. Aculturation In Mixed Marriage Family A Case Study In The Inter - Cultural Communication In Javanese And Tionghoa In Medan

    Authors: Anang Jati Kurniawan; Endah Wulandari; Mansur Elias Manurung; Nanda Evalia Manurung

  12. The Influence Of Modeling Learning Strategies To The Learning Outcomes Of Citizenship Education

    Authors: Evi Susilawati; Harun Sitompul; Julaga Situmorang

  13. Communication Between Parents And Their Children Who Undergo Speech Delay A Case Study By Using Symbolical Interaction Model In Matthew In Medan

    Authors: Erika Situmorang; Hariyono; Yusnila Wati Gultom

  14. Communication Process Between Parents And Children Of Rohingya Refugees To Solve Childrens Traumatic Condition In Termination Medan Northern Sumatra

    Authors: Imeldarina Ginting; Muhammad Irfan Batubara; Fransiskus Batista; Juliati

  15. Interaction Of Verbal Communication Of The Teacher From The Philippines In The Teaching Activity For Nursery II Students At The Singapore International School Medan

    Authors: Tetti Nauli Panjaitan; Irma Suryani; Sri Wanasari; Syarifah Chairunisak

  16. The Implementation Word Of Mouth As Part Of Integrated Marketing Communication At Beauty Clinic Giva Skin Care Medan

    Authors: Murlizar; Raja Maghfirah; Yenira Vegi Indrawati

  17. Problems Associated With The Implementation Of Private Partnership In Financing Infrastructure In Nigeria

    Authors: Aisha Haladu Bornoma Amamata Larai Zakari

  18. The Importance Of Teaching-Listening Comprehension In Promoting Note-Taking Skill

    Authors: Dr. Boughelamallah Hanane-Algeria

  19. Decision Support System In Public-Private Partnerships

    Authors: Miguel A. Fontanez-Delgado; Angel Ojeda-Castro

  20. Design Of Cooling Configuration For Military Aeroengine V-Gutter

    Authors: Batchu Suresh; S. Kishore Kumar

  21. Tinospora Crispa As A Future Cure For ObesityCholesterol

    Authors: Bharat Kwatra

  22. Geothermic Characters Of The Most Promising Geothermal Filed For Power Generation In Republic Of Yemen

    Authors: Al Kubati M.; Al Qraafi Fahd; Mattash M.; Al nethary M.

  23. Enzymes Immobilization An Overview Of Techniques Support Materials And Its Applications

    Authors: Dr. Sikander Ali; Wajeeha Zafar; Sammia Shafiq; Mehvish Manzoor

  24. Growth Of Shoots Cuttings Agarwood Aquilaria Malacensis Lamk. On Some Media And Application Sinthetic Plant Growth Regulator

    Authors: Ella Yusnita; Yanti Puspitasari; Dwi Susanto

  25. IEEE 802.11 - Security Concerns

    Authors: James Chandra

  26. An Analysis Of Wireless Security

    Authors: Salendra Prasad

  27. A Review Of Encryption Algorithms-RSA And Diffie-Hellman

    Authors: Nilesh A. Lal

  28. A Study On Isolation And Screening Of Lactic Acid Bacterial Isolates For Dairy Product

    Authors: Madhusudan; N.M; Manjunath.H; Dhavalagi.Pallavi

  29. Climate Change And Its Impact On Wheat Grain Development Period And Yield In The United Kingdom From 1982-2011.

    Authors: Abdulmalik Sada Maiwada

  30. Study Of The Physicochemical Analysis Of Biodiesel Produced From Waste Vegetable Oil.

    Authors: C. O. Okpanachi; J. C. Chukwu; E. N. Yisa; H. Z. Abdullahi; S. Sadiq

  31. Future Demand Of Localized Renewable Energy Generation Policy For Zero Carbon Footprints

    Authors: Swapnakumari Patil; Dr. Anwar Mubarak Mulla

  32. Cracking Advanced Encryption Standard-A Review

    Authors: Jashnil Kumar; Mohammed Farik

  33. Evaluation Of Land Damage Status For Biomassa Production In Loakulu Subdistrict Kutaikartanegara Regency Of East Kalimantan Province Indonesia

    Authors: Surya Darma; Wawan Kustiawan; Sigithardwinarto; Sumaryono

  34. Analyzing Influence Of Socio-Demographic Factors On Travel Behavior Of Employees A Case Study Of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Nepal

    Authors: Ashim Ratna Bajracharya; Sudha Shrestha

  35. Fiscal Ability Analysis Of Luwu Regency 2011-2014

    Authors: Bakhtiar

  36. The Analysis Of Land Cover Change Bukit Soeharto Grand Forest Park Area East Kalimantan Province

    Authors: Ari Sasmoko Adi; Wawan Kustiawan; Sigit Hardwinarto; Sumaryono

  37. Convergence Of Cloud Computing Internet Of Things And Machine Learning The Future Of Decision Support Systems

    Authors: Gilberto Crespo-Perez; Dr. Angel Ojeda-Castro

  38. The Effectiveness Of Rental Housing Finance For Low-Income Households In Sombo Rental Flats Surabaya

    Authors: Annisa Nur Ramadhani; Mimin Aminah Yusuf; Rika Kisnarini; Dewi Septanti; Happy Ratna Santosa

  39. The Role Of Customer Delight And Brand Trust Toward Customer Loyalty A Study At Bank Acehthat Has Been Converted Into Islamic Bank

    Authors: Yusniar; Saiful Bahri; Ricky Alfanda

  40. Examination Of Mechanical Properties And Weld Zone Of X70 Pipe Steel After Welding

    Authors: Zakir Tas

  41. Study Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Textile Protective Materials

    Authors: Lotfi Harrabi; Tarek Abboud; Toan Vu-Khanh; Patricia Dolez; Jaime Lara

  42. A Discussion On A Physical Model Of Ball Lightning And UFO

    Authors: Ivan L. Bajak

  43. Computer Aided Design Of Conventional Activated Sludge Treatment Plant

    Authors: S.A. Raji; K.J Olaleye; M.O Adebisi; D.N Nwadike

  44. Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment Of Heavy Metals From Leachate Of The Wild Landfill Of El Hajeb City Morocco

    Authors: Abderrahmane Gamar; Zakaria Khiya; Touria Zair; Mohammed El Kabriti; Abdelaziz Bouhlal; Fatima El Hilali

  45. The Impact Of Self-Service Technology On Customer Satisfaction Of Online Stores

    Authors: Mohammad Sedighimanesh; Ali Sedighmanesh; Neda Ashghaei

  46. Studying The Effect Of Brands And Internet WOM Advertisement On Customer Purchase

    Authors: Ali Sedighimanesh; Mohammad Sedighimanesh; Neda Ashghaei

  47. RSA Public Key Cryptography Algorithm A Review

    Authors: Shireen Nisha; Mohammed Farik

  48. Campus Area Network Wi-Fi Security

    Authors: Arjun K. Pillay; Mohammed Farik; Edwin Liavaa

  49. Amplitude Modulation Index Based Equation For Predicting Total Harmonics Distortion In Seven Level Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter

    Authors: Douglas T. kureve; Nentawe Y. Goshew; Samuel T. Awuhe

  50. IOT Based Smart Public Transport System

    Authors: Parag Gawade; Meeankshi A

  51. Effect Of Production Parameters On Flexural Strength Of Injection Moulded PVC

    Authors: Eze Somtochukwu; Onah Thomas; Odukwe Anthony

  52. A Novel Recommendation To AES Limitation

    Authors: Falguni Patel; Mohammed Farik

  53. Control Analysis Of Tobacco Raw Material Supplies Using Eoq Method Economic Order Quantity To Reach Efficiency Total Costs Of Raw Material In Pr. Sukun

    Authors: Wiwik Sudarwati; Umi Marfuah

  54. Comparative Characterization Of Endemic Lactic Acid Bacteria Of Enterococcus Genus

    Authors: Kristina Karapetyan; Flora Tkhruni; Arevik Israyelyan; Elena Yermolenko; Arshaluys Verdyan

  55. A Study On Traditional And Evolutionary Software Development Models

    Authors: Kamran Rasheed; Muhammad Imran; Muhammad Noman; Muhammad Iqbal

  56. Analysis Of Notifiable Disease Reported In Adamawa State Nigeria

    Authors: Kumur J. H.; Siya T. K.; Adamu B.M; Reuben B.Z.; Dahiru S.

  57. Study Of The Mechanical Behavior Of Elastomer Protective Materials

    Authors: Lotfi Harrabi; Tarek Abboud; Toan Vu-Khanh; Patricia Dolez; Jaime Lara

  58. Development Of Electronic Digestive System Module For Effective Teaching And Learning

    Authors: Liman Aminu Doko; Ephraim Michael; Bagudu M Ndayako; Suleiman Y mohammed; Abubakar Assadiq L

  59. Factor Analysis Affecting The Audit Quality Study On Inspectorate In Riau Province

    Authors: Nur Azlina; Rusli; Hariadi

  60. Pizza Oncom Keju Acculturation Of Western And Eastern Culinary

    Authors: Oda I. B. Hariyanto

  61. Applicability Of A Semi-Automated Clinical Chemistry Analyzer In Determining The Antioxidant Concentrations Of Selected Plants

    Authors: Allan L. Hilario; Phylis C. Rio; Geraldine Susan C. Tengco; Danilo M. Menorca

  62. Design And Simulation Of A PV System With Battery Storage Using Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Using Matlab Simulink

    Authors: Mirza Mursalin Iqbal; Kafiul Islam

  63. Production And Some Properties Of Curd A Yoghurt-Like Product Manufactured By Potato Juice And Milk

    Authors: O. Aygun; H.Durmaz

  64. Error Rate Factor In Malaria Microscopic Examination By The Health Analyst Students

    Authors: Wisnu Istanto; Evy Diah Wulansari; Ocky Dwi Suprobowati

  65. Design Of Photovoltaic Powered Cathodic Protection System

    Authors: Golina Samir Adly; Dr. Wagdy R. Anis; Dr. Ismail M. Hafez

  66. An Experimental Study On Drill Vibration Thrust Force And Surface Roughness In Drilling Of SCFCarbon Fibre Composite

    Authors: B. Amar Babu; V. Pandurangadu

  67. Developing Religious Culture In School

    Authors: H.E. Mulyasa; Wiwik Dyah Aryani

  68. Role Of Stock Market Development In Relationship Between Foreign Ownership And Profitability Of Asean Countries

    Authors: Adhitya Agri Putra

  69. Parents Social And Economic Factors To Students Achievement Of Senior High SchoolSHC In North Central Timor Regency

    Authors: Sirilius Seran

  70. Droplet Size Correlation Modeling In Agitated Immiscible Liquid Systems

    Authors: Hamit Topuz; W.L.Wilkinson

  71. K-Gram As A Determinant Of Plagiarism Level In Rabin-Karp Algorithm

    Authors: Andysah Putera Utama Siahaan; Mesran; Robbi Rahim; Dodi Siregar