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  1. The Problems and Resolution Advisory Related The Sports Parks Built by The Local Goverment (Mersin Example)

    Authors: Cansın Kulekci Tatlı; Mehmet Gundogdu

  2. The Effect of Leadership Styles of School Principals On Organizatıonal Citizenship Behaviours of Teachers

    Authors: Bayram Ali Yıldırım; Ahmet Cezmi Savas

  3. Perceived Conflict Management Styles of Primary School Principals And Stress Level It Caused on Teachers: Gaziantep Sahinbey County Sample

    Authors: Kerim Yıldız

  4. The Importance of Plyometric Trainings in Development of Jumping Performances in Sportive Games

    Authors: Oguz Gurkan

  5. Effects of Physical Education and Participation to Sports on Social Development in Children

    Authors: Ozkan Keskin

  6. Categorizing Software Applications

    Authors: Yogesh P Patil; N.D.Kale

  7. Enhanced Privacy Preserving with Traceability on Collective Data Stored in Cloud

    Authors: D.Sugumar; T.Tholhappiyan; D.K.Karthika

  8. Implementation of High Power Routing Node for Minimizing Flooding in Manet

    Authors: Ruchita A. Kalamkar; Amit M. Sahu

  9. Acknowledgement Based Multipath Routing Scheme For Detecting Mallicious Nodes In MANET

    Authors: Neha B. Bhoyar; Poonam P. Borkar

  10. The State of the Art of Automatic Speech Recognition: An Overview

    Authors: Ira Badyal; Divya Gupta