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  1. An Exploratory Study of the Restricted-Use ELS:2002 Dataset: Using Finite Mixture Modeling as a Way to Problematize the “Model Minority Stereotype”

    Authors: Nicholas D. Hartlep; Grant B. Morgan

  2. Soil Attributes on Diversity Indices of Earthworm

    Authors: Arockiam Thaddeus; G.Sumathi

  3. A Convenient Route to Synthesize and Grow 2-Amino 5-Nitro Pyridinium Nitrate Crystals for Laser Generation

    Authors: Prem Anand Devarajan M. Ambrose Rajkumar; S. Stanly John Xavier; S. Anbarasu; X.Martina Mejeba

  4. Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Complexes of Phloroglucinol

    Authors: M Presheth S.Stanly John Xavier; S R Bheeter; J Prema Kumari

  5. Covering Cover Pebbling Number for Jahangir Graph J2, m

    Authors: A. Lourdusamy

  6. First Order Hyperpolarizability and Homo-Lumo Analysis of L-Arginine Maleate (LArM) by Density Functional Theory Methods

    Authors: J.Madhavan M.Victor Antony Raj; D.Prem Anand

  7. Linear and Non Linear Optical Properties of L- Alaninium Malate (LAM) Single Crystal an Efficient Organic NLO Material

    Authors: J.Madhavan M.Victor Antony Raj; D.Prem Anand

  8. FT-IR Spectroscopy Investigation of Soils From Yelagiri Hills, Tamil Nadu, India

    Authors: P.Eswaran D.Prem Anand A.Chandrasekaran; R.Ravisankar; A.Rajalakshmi

  9. Gamma-ray Spectrometric Analysis of Coastal Sediment Samples Along North East Coast of Tamilnadu

    Authors: D.Prem Anand M. SureshGandhi; R.Ravisankar; S.Sivakumar; Y.Raghu

  10. Firing Temperature Analysis of Ancient potsherds from Odugathur,Vellore Dist, Tamilnadu, India by TG-DTA Technique

    Authors: A.Chandrasekaran R.Ravisankar; A.Naseerutheen; G.Raja Annamalai