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  1. To Determine Document Clustering By using Centroid Ratio for Pair wise Random Swap Clustering Algorithm


  2. Improving Latent Fingerprint Matching Performance by Orientation Field Estimation using Localized Dictionaries

    Authors: Trupti A.Khandat; K.P.Gaikwad

  3. An Upgraded Approach for Robust Video Watermarking Technique Using Stephens Algorithm

    Authors: Paramjit Kaur; Vijay Laxmi

  4. OO-Database to UML Conversion with Measuring Response Time

    Authors: Malhar K.Kurhadkar; G.R.Gosavi

  5. Performance Analysis of Image Classification Algorithm Based on Feature Fusing Technique Model

    Authors: Mukul Yadav; Gajendra Singh Chandel; Ravindra Gupta

  6. An Efficient Algorithm for Calculating Maximum Bipartite matching in a Graph

    Authors: Neha Bora; Swati Arora; Nitin Arora

  7. Performance of coopMAC Protocols over CSMA/CA 802.11 protocols

    Authors: H.Srikanth.Kamath

  8. Data Authentication Using Cryptography

    Authors: Sagar Chouksey; Rashi Agrawal; Dushyant Verma; Tarun Metta

  9. An efficient Synchronization Aspects in Cognitive Radio Systems

    Authors: Dhawal Beohar; V.B. Baru

  10. Triangulated Irregular Network Model from Mass Points

    Authors: Neeraj Bhargava; Ritu Bhargava; Prakash Singh Tanwar