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  1. The application of the algorithm of the individualization of students’ physical education process

    Authors: Barybina L.N.; Kolomiec N.A.; Komotskaja V.A.

  2. An investigation of individual functionality football referees qualifications

    Authors: Berezka S.M.; Chopilko T.G.

  3. Development of motive skills of students while making underarm pass during playing volleyball

    Authors: Zhula V.P.

  4. Construction of training proсess of tennis players aged 5-6 years, taking into account the specifics of the development and control of their coordination skills

    Authors: Kozak A. M.; Ibraimova M. V.

  5. Pedagogical aspects of effective use of simulator "Straps with ring" during the formation motor skills of pupils of 10 classes during the skiing training in the lessons of physical culture

    Authors: Lazarenko M.G.

  6. Evaluation of the kinematic structure of indicators key elements of sports equipment exercise by postural orientation movements

    Authors: Litvinenko Y.V.; Niznikowski Tomasz; Boloban V.N.

  7. Locomotor activity of professional football referees

    Authors: Manilo Y.V.

  8. Comparative analysis of competitive activity parameters of amateur boxers high qualification

    Authors: Martsiv V.P.

  9. Theory of safety needs (about the theory of arise of physical education)

    Authors: Muntian V.S.

  10. Complex integrated method of improvement of sports ballroom dance performance

    Authors: Omelyanenko V.I.