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    Authors: Shivakumar Reddy P

  2. Domestic violence during pregnancy: a neglected and unseen public health problem

    Authors: Pallavi R. Shidhaye; Purushottam A. Giri

  3. Low molecular weight heparin: a promising anticoagulant in pregnancy

    Authors: Vidyadhar B. Bangal; Purushottam A. Giri; Shravani Chalasani; Denita Fernandes

  4. A cross-sectional study of awareness regarding dog bite and its management in rural community of Maharashtra

    Authors: Smita S. Valekar; Maya Vikas Kshirsagar; Madhura Dhananjay Ashturkar; Mayavati Mhaske; Parvinder Singh Chawla; Kevin Fernandez

  5. Factors influencing status of undernutrition among children (0-5 years) in a rural area of Delhi: a cross-sectional study

    Authors: Sanjeev Davey; Anuradha Davey; S. Vivek Adhish; Rajni Bagga

  6. Prediction of hypertension and cardiovascular disease risk in North Indian geriatric population: a conundrum of senescence

    Authors: Rahul Saxena; Vinit Mehrotra

  7. Study of morbidity pattern and occupational hazards in sweepers working at a municipal teaching hospital in Mumbai

    Authors: Nilesh N. Palve; Pallavi R. Shidhaye; Ramesh M. Chaturvedi; Daksha D. Pandit; Purushottam A. Giri

  8. An ethnographic study of physiotherapy education in Sweden from Indian perspective

    Authors: Subhash Khatri; Kristina Kindblom

  9. Stigmatisation of tuberculosis patients

    Authors: Fatma Ozlem Ozturk; Filiz Hisar

  10. Inequity in dental care utilisation: what gets delivered gets known - evidence from Chandigarh and Haryana

    Authors: Nidhi Bhatnagar; Atysha Mohindroo; Himbala Verma; Arun Kumar Aggarwal