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  1. Plant Diversity of the Damietta Branch, River Nile, Egypt: An Ecological Insight

    Authors: Yasser A. El-Amier Mahmoud A. Zahran Shaymaa O. Al-Mamoori

  2. Descriptive Study of Some Epiphytic Algae (Non diatoms) After Restoration of Mesopotamian Marshes, Southern of Iraq

    Authors: Jinan S. Al-Hassany Fikrat M Hassan

  3. Antiatherogenic effects of Vitamin E against lead acetate induced hyperlipidemia

    Authors: Majeda A. J. Alqayim

  4. Environmental study of water quality and some heavy metals in water, sediment and aquatic macrophytas in lotic ecosystem, Iraq

    Authors: Marwa Ali Habeeb Abdul-Karim Kh. Al-Bermani Jasim M.Salman

  5. Evaluation of antioxidant enzymes activities during phytoremediation of textile waste water exposed of structurally different dyes by some aquatic plants

    Authors: Maysoon mahdi saleh Al-Taee Raghad Thaer Ali Witwit

  6. Assessment of Al-Hammar marsh water by uses Canadian water quality index(WQI)

    Authors: Ahmed C. AL-Shammary Majdi F. AL-Ali Kadhim H. Yonuis

  7. Mycoflora of mold contamination in wheatflour and storage wheat flour

    Authors: Mahammed E. Jabbar Al-Defiery Ali Fathil Merjan

  8. Effects of different diet levels of Ephestia kuehniella eggs on life history parameters of Chrysoperla rufilabris (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) under laboratory conditions

    Authors: Soolaf Abud Kathiar; Bassim Shehab Hamad; Mustafa Dhari AlMarsoomy

  9. A study of maize (Zea mays L.) growth state under different environmental stress

    Authors: Ali Hussein Jasim Haidar M. Rashid Kadhim M. Hassoun

  10. Seasonal Variation of Environmental Properties and Phytoplankton Community in Al- Hussainya River, Holly Karbala - Iraq

    Authors: Fikrat M . Hassan Jasim M . Salman Sara H . Abdulameer