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  1. Authentication of Primary User in Cognitive Radio

    Authors: Sudesh Gupta; Rajesh Nema; Puran Gour

  2. Performance Improvement of TCP by TCP Reno and SACK Acknowledgement

    Authors: Reena Rai; Maneesh Shreevastava

  3. Future of Cloud Computing in India

    Authors: Pradeep Kumar Tiwari

  4. Exploring Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Based Reversible Circuit

    Authors: Saroj Kumar Chandra; Deepak Kant Netam

  5. Email Spam Filter using Bayesian Neural Networks

    Authors: Nibedita Chakraborty; Anjani Patel

  6. Identification of current attacks and their counter measures in Optical Burst Switched (OBS) network

    Authors: Siddharth Singh Chouhan; Sanjay Sharma

  7. The Efficient SVM Kernel Method for Image Compression and Image Recognition

    Authors: A.Athiraja; A.Baranidharan; D.Nagendra Kumar; S.Vignesh Manickam

  8. Examining of Blocking Probability Computation in Optical Network

    Authors: Anurag Anant Mishra; Sanjay Sharma

  9. Uses of ICT in Agriculture

    Authors: Manish Mahant; Abhishek Shukla; Sunil Dixit; Dileshwer Patel

  10. Overview of Security issues in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Ajey Singh; Maneesh Shrivastava