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  1. A Case Study for Traffic Control Signal at Four-Way Intersection Road

    Authors: Kamlesh Kumar Pandey; Rajat Kumar Yadu; Pradeep Kumar Shukla; Narendra Pradhan

  2. Mishaps in Orthodontics: A literature Review - Special Issue

    Authors: Vipul Kr Sharma; Yadav K; T.P. Chaturvedi

  3. An Alternative to Angle ANB in the Assessment of Sagittal Discrepancy: A Case for W angle, M-axis and G-axis based on a Secondary Analysis of Clinical Trial Data - Special Issue

    Authors: M. J. Trenouth; S. R. Desmond

  4. The Rehabilitation Management of Chronic Disc Displacement of TMJ with a Specific Functional Device: Long Term Results of 141 Patients - Special Issue

    Authors: Di Paolo C; Falisi G; Costantini S; Panti F; Rampello A

  5. Comparison of Retention Forces of Different Fabrication Methods of Co-Cr Crowns: Pre-sintered and Milled, Cast and Electroforming Secondary Crowns with Different Taper Angles - Special Issue

    Authors: Wagner C; Stock V; Merk S; Schmidlin PR; Roos M; Eichberger M; Stawarczyk B

  6. Effect of Thermal and Mechanical Cycles on the Hardness and Roughness of Artificial Teeth - Special Issue

    Authors: Tenan HPL; Sanit

  7. Effect of Post-Polymerization Heat Treatment on a Denture Base Acrylic Resin: Histopathological Analysis in Rats - Special Issue

    Authors: Meister LM; Kovalik AC; Pellissari CV; Bail M; Campagnoli EB; Jorge JH; Campanha NH

  8. Evolution of Dental Ceramic from the Platinum Foil to CAD-CAM Technologies: Review - Special Issue

    Authors: Isgrò G; Sachs A

  9. Metabolism Of L929 Cells After Contact With Acrylic Resins. Part 2: Soft Relines - Special Issue

    Authors: Jorge JH; Silva CRC; Pavarina AC; Amaya MI; Masetti P; Pellissari CV

  10. Metabolism Of L929 Cells After Contact With Acrylic Resins. Part 1: Acrylic Denture Base Resins - Special Issue

    Authors: Silva CRC; Pellissari CV; Sanit