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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.2, No.3

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2013-03-25

  1. Getting Along With Others In The Research Career A Note To The Biomedical Research Student

    Authors: Thomas Kwaku Karikari;

  2. Platelet Rich Plasma Is It Of Use In Human Intrabony Periodontal Defects

    Authors: Dr.Syed Wali Peeran; Dr. Fatma Mojtaba Alsaid;

  3. The Use Of Databases For Information Storage And Retrieval In Selected Banks In Delta State Nigeria.

    Authors: Enakrire Tega Rexwhite; Olorunfemi Yemisi Doreen; Emmanuel Ogaga Akpovoka;

  4. Geo-Electrical Investigation Of Groundwater Resources And Aquifer Characteristics In Some Small Communities In The Gushiegu And Karaga Districts Of Northern Ghana

    Authors: Van-Dycke Sarpong Asare; Aboagye Menyeh;

  5. Variation In Discharge With Other Parameter Constant

    Authors: Syed Zafar Syed Muzaffar; S. L. Atmapoojya; D. K. Agarwal;

  6. Evaluation Of Organochlorine Pesticides Residual Levels In Pepper Capsicum Annuum L Cultivated At Libga Irrigation Site In Nothern Region Of Ghana

    Authors: Authors have withdrawn their papers due to some issues.;

  7. Utilizing Piracy As A Strategic Partner For Competitive Advantage

    Authors: Casius Darroux; Rudolph L. Boy;

  8. Pipeline Corrosion Prediction And Reliability Analysis A Systematic Approach With Monte Carlo Simulation And Degradation Models

    Authors: Chinedu I. OSSAI;

  9. Lead Accummulation Potential By Leaves With Abundant Trichomes Muntingia Calabura L. And Rare Trichomes Mimusops Elengi L. In Makassar Indonesia

    Authors: Sri Suhadiyah; Djamal Sanusi; Samuel Paembonan; Roland A. Barkey;

  10. Comparison And Analysis Of Channel Estimation Algorithms In OFDM Systems

    Authors: Vineetha Mathai; K. Martin Sagayam;

  11. Second-Degree Polynomial Model of Laser Generation for a CuBr Laser

    Authors: Nikolay Petrov Denev; Iliycho Petkov Iliev;

  12. Early Chest Physiotherapy In Patients With Burns

    Authors: Rajak P. S.; Ravishankar; Katharia N;

  13. Prime Labeling For Some Crown Related Graphs

    Authors: K.Vaithilingam; Dr.S.Meena;

  14. On The Ring Structure Of Soft Set Theory

    Authors: Singh; D.; Onyeozili; I.A.;

  15. Preliminary Development Of Prototype Of Savonius Wind Turbine For Application In Low Wind Speed In Kuala Terengganu Malaysia

    Authors: A. Albani; M. Z. Ibrahim;

  16. Growth And Characterization Of Sulphanillic Acid Single Crystal From Vapor

    Authors: Dr. Rita A.Gharde; Divakar T.Chunarkar;

  17. Biostratigraphy And Paleoenvironment Of The Coniacian Awgu Formation In Nzam-1 Well Anambra Basin Southeastern Nigeria.

    Authors: Ola-Buraimo A. Olatunji;

  18. The Influence Of Independence Size Of Public Accountant Office Toward Audit Quality And Its Impact On Public Accountant Office Reputation

    Authors: Novie Susanti Suseno;

  19. Effects Of Di And Tetra Functional Epoxy Monomers Structure On The Morphology And The Electro-Optical Properties Of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films

    Authors: Mujtaba Ellahi; Yangzi Gao; M.Y.Rafique;

  20. Soil PH An Indices For Effective Management Of Soils For Crop Production.

    Authors: Nweke I. A.; Nsoanya; L. N.;

  21. Effect Of Different Sources Of Animal Manure On The Growth And Yield Of Okra Abelmoschus Esculentus L.Moench In Ustoxic Dystropept At Enugu South Eastern Nigeria.

    Authors: Nweke; I. A.; Ijearu; S. I.; Igili; D. N.;

  22. Controlling Home Appliances Using Cell Phone

    Authors: Murali R; Johny Richards R; Manoj Ramesh Rao R;

  23. Optimization Of Power For Sequential Elements In Pulse Triggered Flip-Flop Using Low Power Topologies

    Authors: Saranya. L; Prof. S. Arumugam;

  24. Development And Performance Evaluation Of A Human Powered Flywheel Motor Operated Forge Cutter.

    Authors: P.B.Khope; J.P.Modak;

  25. Better Management Of Ground Water Source For Drinking Purpose In Belgaum District Of Karnataka India

    Authors: SUNKAD. B. N.;

  26. The Watermarking Method Based On RNS For Uphold The Publishers Law

    Authors: Sajjad Bagheri Baba Ahmadi; Yaser Ahangari Nanehkaran;

  27. Implementation and Analysis of Secure Electronic Voting System

    Authors: Htet Ne Oo; Aye Moe Aung;

  28. The Effects Of Institution Service Quality On Student Satisfaction Of Smpn 3 Cibadak Sukabumi

    Authors: Aep Saepudin; Ai Marlina;

  29. Factors Affecting Patient Safety Culture In A Tertiary Care Hospital In Sri Lanka

    Authors: M Amarapathy; S Sridharan; R Perera; Y Handa;

  30. Desertification Monitoring And Assessment In Al-Butana Area Sudan Using Remote Sensing And GIS Techniques

    Authors: Edris O.H.A.; Dafalla M.S.; Ibrahim M.M.M.; Elhag A.M.H;

  31. Job Anxiety And Personality Adjustment Of Secondary School Teachers In Relation Of Gender And Types Of Teacher.

    Authors: Dr. Shri Krishna Mishra Principal; Mr. Badri Yadav Asst. Professor;

  32. Active Power Control For A Single-Phase Grid-Connected PV System

    Authors: Dalia H AlMaamoury; Muhamad Bin Mansor; Ali Assim AlObaidi;

  33. Advancement Of Digitized Identification System With Biometric Techniques

    Authors: Khaing Thanda Swe; Myo Hein Zaw;

  34. Evaluation Of Energy Efficiency Of MANET Routing Protocols

    Authors: Methaq jasam; Dr.salman bin yussof;

  35. Students Motivation In English Lesson Between Science And Social Class At Senior High School

    Authors: Muaripin; Juhridin;

  36. Soil Nutrient Analysis And Their Relationship With Special Reference To Ph In Pravaranagar Area District Ahmednagar Maharashtra India

    Authors: Pramod N. Kamble; Anil R. Kurhe; Gorakash M. Pondhe; Viswas B. Gaikwad; Erland Baath;

  37. Preservation Of Privacy In Mining Using Association Rule Technique

    Authors: Prof. Geetika. Narang; Anjum Shaikh; Arti Sonawane; Kanchan Shegar; Madhuri Andhale;

  38. A Caching Scheme In Location-Dependent Query Processing

    Authors: Sandi Winn Aye;

  39. Permission-Based Android Malware Detection

    Authors: Zarni Aung; Win Zaw;

  40. Dynamics Of Land Use Land Cover For Sustainability A Case Of Shillong Meghalaya India

    Authors: P K Ryngnga; Bring B L Ryntathiang.;

  41. Proposed Approach For Web Page AccessPrediction Using Popularity And Similarity Based Page Rank Algorithm

    Authors: Phyu Thwe;

  42. In Vitro Morphogenesis Of Colysis LatilobaChing. Ching

    Authors: Jagadish Parajuli; Dr. Sanu Devi Joshi;

  43. Nature Of Stress-Strain Accumulation Due To A Reatangular Finite Fault In A Viscoelastic Layer Over A Viscoelastic Half-Space.

    Authors: Subrata Kr. Debnath.;

  44. Depositional Enviroment And Origin Of Deformation Structures In The Upper Cretaceous Facies Of Enugu Area South Eastern Nigeria

    Authors: Authors Acra; E.J. Oloto; I. N. Asiegbu E. N. Chiaghanam O. I; Okengwu K. O;

  45. Dinoflagellate Cyst Biozonation Of Upper Cretaceous Succession Of Mbeji-1 Well Central Chad Basin North East Nigeria

    Authors: Yikarebogha Y; Oloto; I. N. Soronnadi-Ononiwu; G. C Omoboriowo; A. O;

  46. Fifth Sense An Audio-Info Generator

    Authors: Neha Mulani; Priyanka Bhosale; Prajakta Ovhal; Najneen Momin;

  47. Librarians In Use Of Internet By University Libraries In The South-South Zone Nigeria.

    Authors: Stephen Osahon Uwaifo;