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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.2, No.5

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2013-05-25

  1. Rainwater Quality Assessment In The Tamale Municipality.

    Authors: Cobbina; S. J.; Michael; K.; Salifu; L.; Duwiejua; A. B.;

  2. Comparison Of The Dynamic Curing Kinetics Of Araldite DLS 772 4 4 DDS Epoxy System Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry And Microwave Heated Calorimeter

    Authors: Babatunde Bolasodun; Alan Nesbitt; Arthur Wilkinson; Richard Day;

  3. Organizational Citizenship Behavior Effect On Patient Satisfaction And Loyalty Through Service Quality Study On Maternity Hospitals In Indonesia

    Authors: Ni Wayan Karthi Sutharjana; Armanu Thoyib; Eka Afnan Taroena; Mintarti Rahayu;

  4. Multi Message Signcryption Based On Chaos With Public Verifiability

    Authors: Aditya Kumar; Mohd Mohiuddin Ansari;

  5. Heavy Metals In Wild Rice From Gure Kagoro And Kaduna Kaduna State Nigeria

    Authors: M. A. Umar; D. K. Wunzani;

  6. Image Denoising Using A New Hybrid Neuro-Fuzzy Filtering Technique

    Authors: R. Pushpavalli; G. Sivarajde;

  7. Pyrolysis Of Mustard De-Oiled Cake

    Authors: Anil Kumar; S.K. Gandhi; Sewa Singh;

  8. The Educational And Technical Development For ARM-Based Camera

    Authors: Yi-Jen Mon; Zhi-Jia Gu; Jia-Rong Wu;

  9. Nutrition Of Coal Mine Workers A Case Study Of Korba Coal MinesChhattisgarh

    Authors: Dr.Kaveri Dabhadker; Dr. Renu Shrivastva; Dr. Aradhana Sharma;

  10. Phytochemical Analysis Cytotoxic And Antioxidant Potential Of Ipomoea Pes CapraeLR.Br And Merremia UmbellataL.H. Hallier.

    Authors: Minakshi Ganjir; Dipti Ranjan Behera; Sunita Bhatnagar;

  11. Synthesis Of New Polyanionic Acyclonucleosids By Knoevenegel Addition Of Michael And Trans-Esterification Reactions In The Presence Of Natural Phosphate As Catalyst

    Authors: Driss Ouzebla; Hassan B. Lazrek; Michael Smietana; Jean-Jacques Vasseur;

  12. Barriers In TPM Implementation In Industries

    Authors: Prasanth S. Poduval; Dr. V. R. Pramod; Dr. Jagathy Raj V. P.;

  13. Exploring The Information Seeking Behaviour Of Final Year Law Students In Ekiti State University.

    Authors: OGBA; Onwuchekwa Chidinma;

  14. Preliminary Study On The Conversion Of Different Waste Plastics Into Fuel Oil

    Authors: Yasabie Abatneh; Omprakash Sahu;

  15. Maximizing User Satisfaction By Improving Coding Efficiency Of Multiple Descriptions Coded Video

    Authors: P.Jagannadha Varma; Y.Pragna; P. Manoj Kumar; B.Praveen Kumar; R.Anil Kumar.;

  16. Introduction To Novel Approaches To Low Leakage And Area Efficient

    Authors: Harishchandra Prashad; Dr.S.K.Tomar; Sanjay singh;

  17. Improvement Of Energy Efficiency Ratio Of Refrigerant Compressor

    Authors: K.Harshavardhan Reddy; M. Rama Narasimha Reddy; A.VENKATASWAMI; Dr M.YOHAN;

  18. The Influence Of Dysfunctional Behavior And Individual Culture On Audit Quality

    Authors: Siti Kustinah;

  19. Moderated Group Authoring System for Campus Wide-Workgroups

    Authors: Ms. Lavate Rupali N.; Ms. Kadam Supriya S.; Mr. Kothawale Suhas L.;

  20. Moyal Lax Integrability Of Standard And Pseudo Hierarchy Equations

    Authors: EL Boukili; M. Nach; M. B. Sedra;

  21. Sulphur Status Of Some Soils In Edo State Nigeria

    Authors: Isitekhale; H.H.E.; Aboh; S.I.; Oseghale; E.S.;

  22. Determination Of Blood Nutrients In Reared Grasscutter Thryonomys Swinderianus Temminck 1827 Subjected To A Complete Granulated Food In Benin.

    Authors: Mathieu N. Bleyere; Charles B. Pomalegni; Serge E.P. Mensah; Agathe T. Fantodji; Apollinaire G. Mensah. Dr Mathieu Nahounou BLEYERE;

  23. Study On Artificial Hair MEMS As Flow Cell Sensors Application

    Authors: Mohd Afzan Sharom; S. M. Firdaus; Ishak Abd Azid;

  24. Identification And Patogenisity Characteristic Of Vibrio Sp. Isolated From Eel Anguilla Sp. Skin Mucus.

    Authors: Meigy Nelce Mailoa; Beni Setha;

  25. Microscience Experiment The Idea Of Improving In-Service Science Teachers Training Quality At Balai Diklat Keagamaan Bandung Indonesia

    Authors: Ryna Rachmawati;

  26. The Use Of Statistical Methods In The Manufacture Of Clothing

    Authors: Marie Nejedla; Eleanora Psenova;

  27. Avoid Congestion Using Control Packet Buffering In Optical Burst-Switched Networks

    Authors: Mrs Veeravanitha D; Nandhini R; Sathya U; Ravanya R; Haripriya C;

  28. Analysis Of Vacuum Failures During Curing Of Cfrp Composites.

    Authors: Mr. K.Vijaya Kumar; Dr. Mir Safiulla; Dr. A.N Khaleel Ahmed;

  29. A Minimum Quadratic Unbiased Estimation Minque Of Parameters In A Linear Regression Model With Sperical Disturbances

    Authors: Prof. P. Balasiddamuni; Dr. K. KiranPrakash; Dr. C. L. Kantha Rao; Mr. A. Venkata Prasad; Prof. R. Abbaiah; Mr. G. Mokesh Rayalu.;

  30. Primary Hypogonadism In Ghanaian Men With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: H. Asare-Anane; E.K. Ofori; F.A.Yeboah; E.A. Tagoe; S.B. Bani; A.T. Bawah; R.O Ateko;

  31. Optical Study Of Polymer Dispersed Mixed Liquid Crystals

    Authors: Rita A.Gharde; Jyoti R. Amare; Santosh A. Mani;

  32. Endo-Perio Lesions

    Authors: Dr. Syed Wali Peeran; Madhumala Thiruneervannan; Khaled Awidat Abdalla; Marei Hamed Mugrabi;

  33. Environment And Health Impact For Brick Kilns In Kathmandu Valley

    Authors: Suman Kumar Pariyar; Tapash Das; Tanima Ferdous;

  34. New Ultra Small Satellite Image Capturing Subsystem Development For Leo Application

    Authors: Chafaa Hamrouni; Bilel Neji; Mohamed ben Amor; Hiroshi Nakajima; Adel M. Alimi;

  35. Study Of The Effect Of Cavitation Upon The Wheels Of Different Types Of Materials For Pump

    Authors: Omar KhodjetKesba; Mustapha KamelMihoubi; Mohammed Bourkia; ;

  36. Investigate Stick-Slip Intervals with One Equation Of Motion And Analyse The Effect Of The Friction Noise

    Authors: Ammar A. Yousif Mohammed; InzarulfaishamAbd Rahim;

  37. Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers State Of Art

    Authors: Manoj Ramesh Rao R; Johny Richards R; Joel Manohar; Mr. Balamurugan. A. M; Dr. A. Sivasubramanian;

  38. Mono-Cultural Practices In Multicultural Science Classroom

    Authors: Lav Dev Bhatta;

  39. A New Model For Reliability Centered Maintenance In Petroleum Refineries

    Authors: Deepak Prabhakar P.; Dr. Jagathy Raj V. P.;

  40. On General Product Of Two Finite Cyclic Groups One Being Of Order 5 Induced By 1 2 3 4 5

    Authors: N.G. El-Sharkawy; S.F. El-Hadidi;

  41. Measurement Models Of Information Service Quality A Study On The Banking Sector

    Authors: Reda Aburas; Noor Raihan Ab Hamid;

  42. Survey Of Foreign Direct Investment In Iran

    Authors: Gholamreza Bagheri; Yaser Ahangari Nanehkaran;

  43. The Effect Of Fermentation On Adsorption Isotherm Corn Flour And Corn Crackers

    Authors: Andi Sukainah; Abu Bakar Tawali; Salengke; Amran Laga;

  44. Agri Charcoal As A Fuel For Power GenerationAn Initiative

    Authors: Navdeep Singh; Harshdeep Singh; Sewa Singh;

  45. Further Curing Of Lebanese Compost Improving Quality And Stability

    Authors: Ahmad Najib Kobaissi; Karim Souhail Al-Souki; Hussein Jaafar Kanbar; Ali Ahmad Kanso.;

  46. The Test Platform Of Vehicle Airbag Controller Design

    Authors: Yi-Jen Mon;

  47. Mobile Communication Satellite System Design Consideration 26 Market Analysis

    Authors: Md. Fahad Bin Zamal;

  48. An Empirical Investigation Of Relationship Between Industrial Structure And Exchange Rate Regime

    Authors: Zhao Yu lin; Muhammad Mudassar;

  49. Changes In Peroxidase Activity During Adventitious Root Formation At The Base Of Mung Bean Cuttings

    Authors: S. Nag; A. Paul; M. A. Choudhuri;

  50. The Adoption Of Electronic Banking E-Banking In Odisha India

    Authors: Sabita Paul;

  51. Implementation Of Network On-Chip Using GALS Scheme

    Authors: B. Nagaveni; G. Sai Thirumal; M. Rami Reddy;

  52. Design Of Multirate Linear Phase Decimation Filters For Oversampling Adcs

    Authors: Phanendrababu H; ArvindChoubey;

  53. VHDL Implementation Of Reconfigurable Crossbar Switch For Binoc Router

    Authors: Mr. Ashish Khodwe; Mrs. V. K. Rajput; Prof.C.N.Bhoyar; Prof. Priya M. Nerkar;