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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.3, No.2

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2014-02-15

  1. Estimating Packed Cell Volume Levels Of HIV Positive Patients By Age Duration Of Infection And Sex

    Authors: Oyeka I.C.A; Awopeju K.A; Efobi C.C.; Onyiaorah A.A.

  2. Discriminating Between Response Scores In A Diagnostic Test A Dummy Variable Regression Approach

    Authors: Oyeka I.C.A; Awopeju K.A; Efobi C.C.; Onyiaorah A.A.

  3. Statistical Index Of Relative Performance In Two-Sample Problem

    Authors: I.C.A Oyeka; N.O. Eriobu

  4. A Differential Model Of The Spatial Spread Of Information

    Authors: Agwu I. A; Abdulrahman S; Kalu A.U; Inyama S. C

  5. An Evaluation On Determinants Of Parental Participation In Implementation Of Academic Projects In Kenya. A Case Of Public Secondary Schools Kisumu County.

    Authors: Moses Aol Jabuya; Fredrick Ochieng Owuor; Clare Onsarigo

  6. Monitored Community Noise Pollution in Selected Sensitive Areas of Kuala Lumpur

    Authors: Ahmed H. I. Elfaig; Mohamed Duad; Nor Mariah Adam; Mohd. Zohadie Bardaie; Ramdzani Abdullah

  7. Implication Of X-Ray Path Region Of Interest Tube Current And Voltage In Calibration Of X-Ray Fluorescence Instrument A Case Study Of X-Supreme 8000

    Authors: Amuda; A.K.; Okoh; S.; Ekwuribe; S.; Bashir; M.

  8. Nutritional Change For Rheumatic Diseases- A Review

    Authors: Dipti Sharma

  9. Screening For Antimicrobial Activity Of Fungi In Soil Samples Collected From Kubah National Park

    Authors: Samuel Lihan; Yue Keong Choon; Ng Kok Hua; Mohd Effendi Wasli

  10. Life Cycle Of The Coffee Berry Borer ParasitoidCephalonomia Stephanoderis HymenopteraBethylidae On Parchment And Cherry Coffee

    Authors: Vijayalakshmi; C.K; Simi. C; Tintumol; K; Vinodkumar P.K

  11. Simultaneous Production Of Mno And Syngas From Mnco3-Waste Polymer Composite Pellets

    Authors: James Ransford Dankwah

  12. Effects Of Physiographic Units On The Relationship Between Cropping Frequency And Level Of Soil Erosion In Nyakach District Kenya

    Authors: Maurice O. Kodiwo; Boniface O. Oindo; Francis Angawa; Dr. Esnah Kerubo Bosire

  13. Effect Of Antimony Concentration On The Properties Of Spray Pyrolysed Cusbs2 Thin Film Absorbing Layer For Photovoltaic Application

    Authors: S. Thiruvenkadam; A. Leo Rajesh

  14. Influence Of Container Nature Temperature And Duration Of Storage On Fungicide Epoxiconazole Disappearance From Fresh Kolanuts

    Authors: Nimaga Daouda; Kouadio James Halbin; Nindjin Charlemagne; Tetchi Fabrice Achille; Amani Georges

  15. Effects Of Human Activities On Microbial Water Quality In Nyangores Stream Mara River Basin

    Authors: Gichana Z. M.; Njiru M.; Raburu P. O.; Masese F. O.

  16. Logical Development Of Vogels Approximation Method LD-VAM An Approach To Find Basic Feasible Solution Of Transportation Problem

    Authors: Utpal Kanti Das; Md. Ashraful Babu; Aminur Rahman Khan; Md. Abu Helal; Dr. Md. Sharif Uddin

  17. Vertigo A Precursor Of Stroke Role Of An Otolaryngologist.

    Authors: Fayaz A. Wagay; Mukhtar A. Khan; Suhail Amin Patigaroo; Rafeeq A. Pampori; M. Imran Wagay.

  18. Soft Error Detection And Correction For Configurable Memory Of Reconfigurable System

    Authors: Babu. M; Saranya. S; Preethy. V; Gurumoorthy. J

  19. Comparison Of Various Conservative Treatment Modalities For Occupational Low Back Pain And Their Feasibility In Daily Dental Practice

    Authors: Naresh RR; Kalyan Satish R

  20. Study The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence Of The Managers And Their Entrepreneurial Personality In Air-Handling Units And Industrial Diffusers Manufacturers With Using Artificial Neural Network

    Authors: Ali Salari; Majid Zamahani; Reza Rasouli

  21. Semantic Similarity Measure Using Information Content Approach With Depth For Similarity Calculation

    Authors: Atul Gupta; Dharamveer kr. Yadav

  22. A Case For Public Financing Of Broadband Internet Infrastructure In Ghana

    Authors: Patrick Ohemeng Gyaase; Augustine Takyi

  23. Problem Solving Management Using Six Sigma Tools 26 Techniques

    Authors: Mallikarjun Koripadu; K. Venkata Subbaiah

  24. Synthesis Characterization And Electrical Conductivity Of Poly 2- ChloroanilineMMT And Poly 2-ChloroanilineNa-Bentonite Nano Composites In The Presence Of Surfactants

    Authors: Porselvi Linganathan; Jhancy Mary Samuel



  26. Application Of Electromagnetic Method And Electrical Resistivity Sounding In Hydrogeological Studies A Case Study Of Vandeikya Area Central Nigeria

    Authors: Jika; H.T; Mamah; L.I

  27. An Experiential Study On The Ability Of Institutes Entrance Design Elements And Physical Features In Inducing Perceived Image Among The Observers With Reference To Entrance Edifice Of Technical Institutes In Tiruchirappalli And Thanjavur Region

    Authors: Dr. K.Thirumaran.; Ar. R.Babu

  28. A Survey Paper On A Novel Approach For Image Classification Based On SUSAN Low Level Image Processing Algorithm From Real Time Video

    Authors: Shafiqua T. Pathan; Sharyu S. Waghmare; Pranali P. Khadse; Pratik P. Shukla; Shrikant A. Wawre

  29. Eye Movement Based Electronic Wheel Chair For Physically Challenged Persons

    Authors: Gunda Gautam; Gunda Sumanth; Karthikeyan K C; Shyam Sundar; D.Venkataraman

  30. High-Efficiency Modular High Step-Up Interleaved Dc-Dc Boost Converter Using Fuzzy Controller

    Authors: B.Rajasekaran; M.L.Bharathi

  31. A Statistical Examination Of Water Quality Of Ghagardara Pond Nanded Maharashtra State

    Authors: N. V. Shrirame; G. Gyananath; M. T. Mulgir; O. S. Kanse

  32. Effect Of Chemical Mutation Through Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride On Quantitative Traits Variation In Phaseolus vulgaris L.

    Authors: Girma Mosisa; Manikandan Muthuswamy; Yohannes Petros

  33. Fish Species Availability In The Fish Landing Centers Of Patuakhali Bangladesh

    Authors: M.E. Ahsan; M.A.B. Siddik; M.R. Sharker; M.A. Alam; A. Nahar; S.N. Pattadar

  34. Tilted And Horizontal Solar Radiation For 6 Zones In Bangladesh

    Authors: Debazit Datta; Suman Chowdhury; Apurba kumar Saha; Md. Moksud Islam lalan; Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman

  35. Effects Of Rainfall And Maximum Temperature On Aman Rice Production Of Bangladesh A Case Study For Last Decade

    Authors: Md. Zakaria; Md. Abdullah Aziz; Md. Ismail Hossain; Niaz Md. Farhat Rahman

  36. Cell Membrane Injury In Barley Hordeum Vulgare L. Associated With Infection By Drechslera Graminea Stripe Disease

    Authors: Mredula Trivedi; Archana Singh

  37. Effects Of Addition Of Tilapia And Periphyton Substrates On Water Quality And Abundance Of Plankton In Freshwater Prawn Culture Ponds.

    Authors: M. E. Ahsan; M. R. Sharker; M. A. Alam; M. A. B. Siddik; A. Nahar

  38. An Approach To Wireless Nano Sensing Network Routing Protocol Based On Energy And Lifetime

    Authors: Md. Syful Islam Mahfuz; Farzana Yesmin

  39. Screening Of Free-Living Indole Acetic Acid Producing Rhizobacteria From Shallot Rhizospheres In The Island Of Sulawesi

    Authors: Kafrawi; Baharuddin; Enny L. Sengin; Ade Rosmana

  40. Cache-Based Query Optimization In Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

    Authors: Kshama Raichura; Nilesh Padhariya; Kishor Atkotiya

  41. Online Integrated Information System For Demography In Nigeria Based On Browser-Server Structure

    Authors: Usman Waziri; Jia Dan; Sani Danjuma; Mohammed Joda Usman; Ahmed Aliyu

  42. Automatic Test Generation For Digital Circuits

    Authors: S. Hemalatha

  43. Effects Of Recrystallization Annealing On Hsi65-1.5 Silicon Brass Aided By Electric Pulse Treatment

    Authors: QI Jin-Gang; S.A Tukur; WANG Jian-Zhong; ZHAO Zou-Fu; Aliyu Mohammed Aliyu

  44. Isolation And Characterization Of Some Kind Bioactive Proteins Sponge As Antibacterial Agent

    Authors: Asri Salehi; Rauf Patong; Ahyar Ahmad

  45. Fabrication Of TiOsub2subTi Nanotube Electrode By Anodizing Method And Its Application On Photoelectrocatalytic System

    Authors: Muh. Nurdin; Maulidiyah

  46. Comparison Between Ipv4 And Ipv6 In Adopting Differentiated Services.

    Authors: Mohammed Al-Zobbi

  47. Value Co-Creation And University Teaching Services. The Case Of Teachers Evaluation Process

    Authors: Tsourela Maria; Paschaloudis Dimitris; Fragidis Garyfallos

  48. Error-Tolerant Resource Allocation And Payment Minimization For Cloud System

    Authors: R.S.Prabakaran; T.R.Abinaya; T.Aarthi

  49. Self Destructing Data System Based On Session Keys

    Authors: N.S.Jeyakarthikka; S.Bhaggiaraj; A.Abuthaheer

  50. Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy Studies Of Agbara 17 Well Niger Delta Basin Nigeria

    Authors: Oloto; I.N

  51. Biostratigraphic Study And Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction Of Cores From Offshore South Western Niger Delta Nigeria

    Authors: Oloto; I.N.; Promise; W.

  52. Palynological Study Of Igbomotoru - 1 Well Central Coastal Niger Delta Nigeria

    Authors: Oloto; I.N.

  53. Biostratigraphy Of The Upper Tertiary Western Offshore Niger Delta Nigeria

    Authors: Oloto; I.N

  54. Palynology And Paleoenviromental Study Of Akukwa-1 Well Niger Delta And Anambra Basins Nigeria

    Authors: Soronnandi-Ononiwu; G.C.; Omoboriowo; A.O.; Yikarebogha Y.; Chiaghanam O.I.

  55. Audit Expectation Gap And Its Implication On Credit Decision Making

    Authors: Rien Agustin F

  56. The Internal Customers Perceptions Of A Multi-Campus University System In Zimbabwe. A Case Of Great Zimbabwe University.

    Authors: Kossam Dhliwayo