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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.3, No.4

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2014-04-15

  1. Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields On Seed Germination In Urtica Dioica L

    Authors: Rostami zadeh E.; Majd A.; Arbabian S

  2. Effect Of Process Variables On The Mechanical Properties Of Surface Hardened Mild Steel Quenched In Different Media

    Authors: Nwoke; V.U Nnuka E.E Odo; J.U; Obiorah S.M.D

  3. The Impact Of Foreign Direct Investment On Technology Transfer In The Ethiopian Metal And Engineering Industries

    Authors: Yared Lemma; Daniel Kitaw; GulelatGatew

  4. Analysis Of Telecom Base Stations Powered By Solar Energy

    Authors: Dike U. Ike; Anthony U. Adoghe; Ademola Abdulkareem

  5. Engineering Research And Development R26D Infrastructure For Developing Economy

    Authors: Ebhota; Williams S

  6. Calculation Of Radius And Energy Of Smallest Particle In The Universe

    Authors: Sastry V. Emani

  7. Estimation Of The Albedo Of The Earths Atmosphere At Makurdi Nigeria

    Authors: Audu; M.O.; Isikwue; B.C.

  8. Determination Of Plant Proteins Via The Kjeldahl Method And Amino Acid Analysis A Comparative Study.

    Authors: A.M Magomya; D. Kubmarawa; J.A Ndahi; G.G Yebpella

  9. Determining The Impact Of Trade Liberalization On Annual Export Trade In Nigeria Using The Time Series Analysis

    Authors: Ijeoma; N. B.

  10. A Pilot Study Of Microsporidiosis And CD4 T-Cells In North- Central Nigeria

    Authors: Yako AB; Ajayi OO; Lar P; Chessed G; Auta KI

  11. The Impact Of Total Quality Management TQM On The Efficiency Of Academic Performance - Empirical Study - The Higher Education Sector - The University Of Jordan

    Authors: Dr. Ibrahim Awwad Salem Mashagba

  12. Theoretical Performance Analysis Of Direct Evaporative Cooler In Hot And Dry Climates

    Authors: Ibrahim U. Haruna; Lateef L. Akintunji; Bello S. Momoh; Muhammad I. Tikau

  13. Crush The Poverty By Information And Communication Technology

    Authors: Khizer Hayat Khuhawar; Zeng Jianqiu; Samo Farkhunda; Yuan Ye

  14. Role Of Probiotics In The Treatment Of Bacterial Vaginosis

    Authors: R. S. Vigneshwari; Rambabu; T. Jeyaseelan Senthinath; P. Revathi; S. Deivam A. Uma.

  15. Genetic Diversity Of Locally Rice Germplasm From Tana Toraja And Enrekang Based On RAPD Random Amplified Polymorphism DNA Markers

    Authors: Zulkifli Maulana; Tutik Kuswinanti; Nadira R. Sennang; Syatrianty A. Syaiful

  16. New Perspectives In Digitial Literacy Readiness

    Authors: Ebad Ryhan

  17. Evaluating Performance And Emission Characteristics Of C.I. Engine Run By Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Cnsl As A Fuel

    Authors: S.Radhakrrishnan; C.Thamodharan; N.Senthilnathan

  18. Electric Power Industry Restructuring In Nigeria

    Authors: Oseweuba Valentine Okoro

  19. Assess The Degree Of Genetic Divergence Among Sixteen Complexes Genetically Wheat Bread Using Ssr Indicators

    Authors: Majid Sh. Hamdalla

  20. Extraction Of Albumin Of Snakehead Fish Channa Striatus In Producing The Fish Protein Concentrate FPC

    Authors: Muhammad Asfar; Abu Bakar Tawali; Nurlailah Abdullah; Meta Mahendradatta

  21. Assessment Software Program For Use In Polytechnics In Ghana Using MATLAB

    Authors: Emmanuel A. Sarsah; Felix A. Uba

  22. Natural Language Processing And Clustering Based Service Discovery

    Authors: R.Gunasri; R.Kanagaraj

  23. Are The Rural Baram Communities Aware Of Influenza Pandemic

    Authors: Samuel Lihan; RohayaMohd Nor; Rose Nanju; Sidiah John Siop; Rekaya Vincent Balang; Constance Rinen Justin Wah; Nordiana Ahmad Nordin; Rudy Ujang

  24. A Survey On Symmetric Key Protocol For Spontaneous Wireless Ad Hoc Network Creation

    Authors: Priyanka M. Nandagawli; A.R.Tayal; Anil Jaiswal

  25. Cryptographic Hash Based Security Protocol For Mobile Rfid - A Review

    Authors: Yogini Mankar; Pranali Suryawanshi

  26. A Survey On Efficient Human Fall Detection System

    Authors: Amruta Mendulkar; Ravindra Kale; Avinash Agrawal

  27. Anterior Obturator Pure Dislocation Of The Hip

    Authors: A. Benabdeslam; M.A. Berrady; M. Khermaz; A. Lahlou M. Mahfoud; M.S. Berrada; M. Elyaacoubi

  28. Divergent Fracture-Dislocation Of The Ankle About 2 Cases

    Authors: A. Benabdeslam; M.A. Berrady; M. Khermaz; A.Lahlou; M. Mahfoud; M.S. Berrada; M. Elyaacoubi

  29. Subtalar Dislocation In A Young Athlete About One Case

    Authors: A. Benabdeslam; M.A. Berrady; M.O.Lamrani; M. Mahfoud; M.S. Berrada; M. Elyaacoubi

  30. Effect Of Ionizing Radiation On Some Characteristics Of Seeds Of Wheat

    Authors: Sarika Grover; Ambrina Sardar Khan

  31. Weight Optimization Of Empennage Of Light Weight Aircraft

    Authors: Sheikh Naunehal Ahamed; Jadav Vijaya Kumar; Parimi Sravani

  32. Reliable Energy Efficient Routing Algorithms In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

    Authors: Sebastin Christhu Raj A; Helensupriya M; Shanmuga Priya S

  33. Coal Resource Evaluation And Models A Case Study From Parts Of Okobo And Enjema In Kogi State Within The Lower Coal Measures Of Mamu Formation Nigeria

    Authors: Mamah Luke; Nwafor; C. Gideon; Omada; J; I; Akpa Fabian; Okogbue Cele

  34. Perception Of Inhabitants In Bui Township On Causes And Effects Of Onchocerciasis Ghana

    Authors: Dinah Aninakwah-Boahene; Andrews Apraku; Mary Adu-Kumi

  35. Implementation Of Double Closed-Loop Control System For Unmanned Ground Vehicles

    Authors: Thin Thin Soe; Hla Myo Tun

  36. Optimization Of Multiple Performance Characteristics In Electro Discharge Machining Using Grey Relational Analysis

    Authors: Subhakanta Nayak; B.C.Routara

  37. Retarded Inequalities With Two Independent Variables For Retarded Partial Differential Equations

    Authors: Jayashree Patil

  38. Improving Image Quality In Extended Visual Cryptography For Halftone Images With No Pixel Expansion

    Authors: J. Tamilarasi; V. Vanitha; T. Renuka

  39. A Zvzcs Full Bridge Converter With High Voltage Gain By Solar Energy Source

    Authors: Nimmy Berchmans; V. Geetha

  40. Nephrogenic Adenoma Of The Bladder A Case Report

    Authors: Y. Essatara; M.Asseban; M.H. Benazzouz; H. El Sayegh; A. Iken; L. Benslimane; K.Znati; Y. Nouini

  41. The Land Based Positional Accuracy Of Gps And Gps Augmented By Gagan Over The Indian Geographical Region

    Authors: Bala Murugan

  42. Android Desktop Control ADC

    Authors: Santosh Dahifale; Ritukumari Pandey; Rahul Ballani; Sagar Ingle

  43. A Review On Industrial Automation By Zigbee Based Wireless Remote Controller

    Authors: Minal Nikose; Pratibha Mishra; Avinash Agrawal

  44. A Study Of The Fundamentals Of Soft Set Theory

    Authors: Onyeozili; I. A.; Gwary T. M.

  45. Yeast Isolates From Diverse Sources For Cold-Active Polygalacturonase And Amylase Production

    Authors: K. Divya; P. Naga Padma

  46. Hd Video Transmission Over Wireless Network Using Batching And Patching Technique

    Authors: M. Ramya; S. Girija; M. Bharathy Devi; S. Gnanavel M.E Phd

  47. Assessment Of Environmental Radioactivity In Selected Dumpsites In Port Harcourt Rivers State Nigeria

    Authors: Avwiri; G.O.; Olatubosun; S.A.

  48. Survey Of Management Of PHR By Secure Cipher Text Policy Attribute Based Encryption Scheme

    Authors: Abel Joy; Akhila H; Annie Chacko

  49. Modeling And Analysis Of Rocket Outer Shell

    Authors: Sheikh Naunehal Ahamed; Jadav Vijay Kumar; Mohammed Mushraffuddin; Parimi Sravani

  50. Incidence Of Concurrent Malaria And Typhoid Fever Infections In Febrile Patients In Jos Plateau State Nigeria.

    Authors: Ukaegbu; C. O.; Nnachi; A. U.; Mawak; J. D.; Igwe; C. C.

  51. Impact Of Administrative Practices On Job Performance With Reference To Public Banks In Sri Lanka

    Authors: S.M.D.Y Jayarathna; W.A.S Weerakkody

  52. Molecular And Physiological Characterization Of Local Lebanese Barley Hordeum Vulgare L. Genotypes

    Authors: Mostafa Shehadi; Ghayas Lakkis; Kassem Hamze; Hussein Abou Hamdan; Ahmad Kobaissi

  53. Energy Management Practices In Ugandan SME Foundries

    Authors: John Baptist Kirabira; Angella Nalweyiso; Thomas Makumbi

  54. Skin Friction Coefficient As A Parameter For Temperament Assessment A Review

    Authors: Sabhia Naz; Abu Waris Jamil; F.S. Sherani

  55. Three Ps Model For Designing Crop Against Climate Change

    Authors: Anupam Barh; Meenakshi Joshi; M. Esakkimuthu; Pankaj; N.K.Singh

  56. Quality Of Secured Web Applications

    Authors: M SANKAR

  57. Economies Of Wastewater Reuse

    Authors: M. Zeeshan

  58. Studies On Immobilized Yeast For Decolorization Of Azo Dyes

    Authors: Dastagir; Sindhu Sameera; P. Naga Padma

  59. Some Distance Measures Between Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multisets IFMSS

    Authors: P.A. Ejegwa; Edibo O. P.

  60. Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiset IFMS In Binomial Distributions

    Authors: P. A. Ejegwa; J.A. Awolola

  61. Implementation Of Flight Control System Based On Kalman And PID Controller For UAV

    Authors: Nilar Lwin; Hla Myo Tun

  62. Comparative Study Of Tramadol Hydrochloride And Drotavarine Hydrochloride On Cervical Dilatation In Active Labour

    Authors: Dr. Maria Aziz

  63. A Consensus Model For Choosing The Best Bulkcarrier Regional Shipbuilding

    Authors: Mohammed Rizk Awad; Taymoor Nazmy; Ismael Amr Ismael

  64. Investigation The Properties Of Concrete Containing Rice Husk Ash To Reduction The Seepage In Canals.

    Authors: S. I. Khassaf; A. T. Jasim; F.K. Mahdi

  65. Screening Of Diverse Organic Inorganic And Natural Nitrogen Sources For Dextran Production By Weissella Sps Using Plackett-Burman Design

    Authors: B. Srinivas; P.Naga Padma

  66. A Theoretical Model For Selection Of V-Angle And Determination Of Firing Order For Balancing Of V6-Engine

    Authors: A. R. Barot; V. R. Patil

  67. More Efficient Use Of Photovoltaic Solar Panel Using Multiple Fixed Directed Mirrors Or Aluminum Foils Instead Of Solar Trackers In Rural Perspective Of Bangladesh.

    Authors: Shahjahan Ahmed; Mohammad Mahmudul Alam Mia; Sushanta Acharjee; Md. Abdul Awal Ansary

  68. Secret Data Sharing Through Video Using Adaptive Data Concealment With Crypto System

    Authors: B.Prabhakaran; A.Murugan

  69. Reproductive Immunization Of Domestic And Wild Animals Review

    Authors: Melkamu Bezabih Yitbarek; Fekadu Regasa

  70. Analysis Of Dclink Z-Source Control Based Hybrid Active Power Filter

    Authors: Paulmathew; Venkatesh. A

  71. Size Distribution Characterization Of Outdoor Aerosol Particles

    Authors: Hyam Nazmy; Mona Moustafa; Amer Mohamed; Abdel-Rahman Ahmed; Mostafa Yuness