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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.3, No.6

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2014-06-15

  1. Geometric Modelling Of Complex Objects Using Iterated Function System

    Authors: Ankit Garg; Ashish Negi; Akshat Agrawal; Bhupendra Latwal

  2. Task Allocation In Robot Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Amirhamzeh Razavinegad

  3. Microbiological And Physicochemical Analysis Of Water From Empurau Fish Tor Tambroides Farm In Kuching Sarawak Malaysian Borneo

    Authors: Lee Kui Soon; Samuel Lihan; Famila Farvin Ghulam Dasthagir; Kathleen Michelle Mikal; Felecia Collick; Ng Kok Hua

  4. Efficacy Of Physiotherapy On Adhesive Capsulitis Of Shoulder In Diabetic And Non-Diabetic Patients

    Authors: Ali Shawesh; Hesham Nashnoush

  5. A Novel Single Phase Five Level Inverter With Coupled Inductors And Closed Loop System

    Authors: Liya Jose; S .Nirmal Raj

  6. Relationship Between Basic Density And Different Types Of Anatomical Characteristics Ratios Of Eucalyptus Tereticornis Sm. Clones

    Authors: P. Sreevani; R.V. Rao

  7. Recent Developments In The Use Of Palm Oil In Aquaculture Feeds A Review

    Authors: Christian Larbi Ayisi; Jin-Liang Zhao

  8. Industrial Valves Production Line Bottleneck Analysis A Computer Based Simulation Approach

    Authors: Sepideh Khalafi; Sadigh Raissi

  9. Implementation Of Acoustics Based Time Reversal Mirrors For Source Localization

    Authors: May Phyo Maung; Hla Myo Tun

  10. Implementation Of Distributed Control System In Process Control Management Using MATLAB

    Authors: Khin Nway Oo; Zaw Min Naing; Hla Myo Tun

  11. Development Of Robust Flight Control Design For Unmanned Aerial Helicopter

    Authors: May Zin Tun; Zaw Min Naing; Hla Myo Tun

  12. Development of Earth Station Receiving Antenna and Digital Filter Design Analysis for C-Band VSAT

    Authors: Su Mon Aye; Zaw Min Naing; Chaw Myat New; Hla Myo Tun

  13. Trauma Of Pathological Kidney About 13 Cases And Literature Review

    Authors: Mohammed Asseban; Adil Mazdar; Hamade Moutih; Hachem El Sayegh; Ali Iken; Lounis Benslimane; Yassine Nouini

  14. User Activity-Based Decision Support For Cost Optimization of Cyber Cafe Investment

    Authors: Orina HezronNyamoko; Rimiru Richard; Abanti Cyrus Makori

  15. Haptoglobin Genotypes And Longevity Among The Ghanaian Population

    Authors: Bartholomew Dzudzor; Selikem Nuwormegbe; Richard H. Asmah; Naa A. Sodzi-Tettey; William Kudzi; Charles Brown

  16. Implementation Of RS Decoder Using High-Speed UHD Architecture

    Authors: Bhashipaka. Ashok; M. A. Himayath Shamshi

  17. Microturbine Fabrication Forefficient Power Generation

    Authors: Rohit Shriyan; Saurabh Sande; Aniket Dolas; Siddhant Shinde; Madan Jagtap

  18. Production Of 5 Clones Of Cassava Is Applied Plant Regulator Growth Microbial Fertilizer NPK And Harvested At Different Age

    Authors: Hanapi; Kahar Mustari; Elkawakib Syamun; Kaimuddin

  19. Production Of Hydrogen By Anion Exchange Membrane Using AWE

    Authors: J. Donald Joe; D. B. Siva Kumar; P. Sivakumar

  20. Arm Based Gas Monitoring System

    Authors: Harshada Navale; Prof. B.V.Pawar

  21. An Alternative Synthetic Approach For 13-Benzoxazine Derivatives

    Authors: A. U GGabbas; I. A Mohammed; M. B. Ahmad



  23. Photovoltaic Energy Asessment Using Geospatial Technology

    Authors: Deepak Kumar; Sulochana Shekhar

  24. Routing Planning As An Application Of Graph Theory

    Authors: Prof Boominathan P; Kanchan Arora

  25. Intelligent Accident-Detection And Ambulance- Rescue System

    Authors: Bhandari Prachi; Dalvi Kasturi; Chopade Priyanka

  26. Allele Frequency Of P53 Gene Arg72Pro In Sudanese Meningioma Patients And Controls

    Authors: Alsadig Gassoum; Mohamed A.Arbab; Sawsan A. H. Aldeaf; Lamya A. Elhassan; Elshibli Elshibli; Ahmed M. Elhassan

  27. Design Of 1.7 GHz Multiband Meandered Planar Inverted F Antenna

    Authors: Ankit P Dabhi; Shobhit K Patel

  28. System Development For Low Cost Data Acquisition For Mobile Satellite Signal Performance Measurement In Low-Latitude

    Authors: I Abba; W A W Z Abidin; T Masri; K H Ping; M S Muhammad; B V Pai

  29. Black Holes Algorithm With Fuzzy Hawking Radiation

    Authors: Mostafa Nemati; Hossein Momeni

  30. Representations Of Ghanaian Tradition In Sutherlands The Marriage Of Anansewaa And Fiawoos The Fifth Landing Stage

    Authors: Annin Felicia; Abrefa Amma Adoma

  31. Department Management System For Departments Of Sri Lankan Universities

    Authors: Thuseethan; S.

  32. Radiations On Static Random Access Memory Cell

    Authors: Birinderjit Singh Kalyan

  33. Self Guided Adhvik Humanoid Robot

    Authors: Aditya Mishra; Ashutosh Shrivastav; Neha Maurya; S. Vamshi Krishna

  34. Performance Assessment Of An Imperceptible And Robust Secured E-Voting Model

    Authors: Olaniyi Olayemi M; Arulogun Oladiran T; Omidiora Elijah O; Okediran Oladotun O

  35. Preparation And Characterization Of Ceramic Sponge For Water Filter

    Authors: M. S. Sharmiwati; R. M. Mizan; A. B. Noorhelinahani

  36. Perception Correlation Of Productive Age Couple Toward Participation In Population And Family Planning Programs

    Authors: Yuyun Yuningsih; Ummu Salamah

  37. A Survey Of 12th Grade Students Errors In Solving Calculus Problems

    Authors: Nguyen Phu Loc; Tran Cong Thai Hoc

  38. Pasteurization Process Energy Optimization For A Milk Dairy Plant By Energy Audit Approach

    Authors: Modi. A.; Prajapat R.

  39. Optical Parametric Amplification At 6.45 Mcm For GasxSe1-X

    Authors: Rena J. Kasumova; Sh.A. Shamilova

  40. Complex And Nano-Structured Amorphous Carbon Films From Hydrocarbon Palm Oil As A P-Type In Photovoltaic Heterojunction Solar Cell Applications

    Authors: A. Ishak; M. Rusop

  41. Osteochondritis Dissecans Of The Femoral Condyles About 5 Cases

    Authors: A. Benabdeslam; A. Rouhi; M.O. Lamrani; M. Mahfoud; M.S. Berrada; M. Elyaacoubi

  42. Pseudarthosis Of The Femoral Neck Treated With Total Hip Arthroplasty About 14 Cases.

    Authors: A. Benabdeslam; M.A. Berrady; M. Khermaz; M. Mahfoud; M.S. Berrada; M. Elyaacoubi

  43. Interest Of Navigation Surgery In Total Knee Arthroplasty

    Authors: A. Benabdeslam; M. Khermaz; A. Lahlou; M. Mahfoud; M.S. Berrada; M. Elyaacoubi

  44. Identification Of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejection With Magnetic Cloud In Year 2005 At 1 AU

    Authors: D.S.Burud; R .S. Vhatkar; M. B. Mohite

  45. Growth Analysis Of Soybean Varieties At Dry Land With Application Of Nitrogen Sources

    Authors: Yaya Hasanah; Tengku Chairun Nisa; Hapsoh; Hamidah Hanum

  46. Vulnerability Analysis And Security System For NFC-Enabled Mobile Phones

    Authors: S.Kavya; K.Pavithra; Sujitha Rajaram; M.Vahini; N Harini

  47. Testing Cumulative Semivariogram Modelling Technique on Bouguer Anomaly

    Authors: Rishabh Gupta; Utkarsh Rastogi

  48. Hybrid Model Of E-Learning With Knowledge Management

    Authors: Mohamed Jama Madar

  49. To What Extend Is Procurement Procedure Followed Under The Inter-Ministerial Procurement-Case Study Vihiga County Kenya

    Authors: Wilson Juma Fwamba; Dr. Shem Juma; Dr. Douglas Musiega.

  50. Design Of Welding Fixture For Head End Sub-Assembly Of Motor Case

    Authors: Naveen A M; V A Girish

  51. Free Vibration Mode Shape Analysis And Fabrication Of The Roll Cage For All-Terrain Vehicle Based On FEA

    Authors: Akshit Goyal; Milap Singh; Sanjay Sharma

  52. Analysis Of IT Business Process Requirements With A Finite Automaton Based Algorithm

    Authors: Athanasios Podaras

  53. Design Of Area And Speed Efficient Square Root Carry Select Adder Using Fast Adders

    Authors: K.Mariya Priyadarshini; N.V.N. Ravi Kiran; N. Tejasri; T.C. Venkat Anish

  54. Investigating The Parameters For The Performance Enhancement Of A Solar Air Heater Having Different Artificially Roughened Geometries

    Authors: Akshit Goyal; Sanjay Sharma; Milap Singh

  55. A Survey Of K-Means And GA-KM The Hybrid Clustering Algorithm

    Authors: Yogita chauhan; Vaibhav Chaurasia; Chetan Agarwal

  56. Students Perception Of Engineering Programs Case Study Of Students In Wa Polytechnic

    Authors: Vitus M. Tabie; Adams Yunus

  57. Segmentation And Classification Of Breast Lesions In Ultrasound Images

    Authors: Lokesh B; Shailaja K; Nanda S