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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.3, No.7

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2014-07-15

  1. Application Of Markov Chain To The Assessment Of Students Admission And Academic Performance In Ekiti State University

    Authors: R.A Adeleke; K.A Oguntuase; R.E Ogunsakin

  2. Effect Of Drilling Parameters In Drilling Of Glass Fiber Reinforced VinylesterCarbon Black Nanocomposites

    Authors: R.M. Kulkarni; H. N. Narasimha Murthy; G.B.Rudrakshi; Sushilendra

  3. Influence Of SINx H And SIOx Films On Optical And Electrical Properties Of Antireflective Coatings For Silicon Solar Cells

    Authors: N. Sahouane; A. Zerga; I. Bensefia

  4. Integrated Process Modelling of a Thermophilic Biogas Plant

    Authors: Anisiji O. E.; Chukwuneke J. L.; Achebe C. H.; Okolie P. C.

  5. Evaluation Of Soil Fertility And Maize Zea Mays L. Grain Yield Performance Under Conventional And No Tillage Systems

    Authors: B. Osundare; H.O. Gbadamosi

  6. Investigation Of The Effect Of Corrosion On Mild Steel In Five Different Environments

    Authors: Chinwko Emmanuel Chuka; Odio B. O.; Chukwuneke J. L.; Sinebe J. E.

  7. Effect Of Effective Microorganism EM On The Nutritive Quality Of Coffee Husk Silage

    Authors: Yonatan Kassu; Solomon Demeke; TayeTolemariam; YehenewGetachew

  8. Effect Of Linseed Fed As Ground Seed Oil And Ca-Salt On Milk Yield And Its Fatty Acid Profile In Dairy Cows

    Authors: Netsanet Beyero; V.Kapoor; B.S.Tewatia

  9. Development Of Digital Band Pass Filter And Antenna Design For C Band Small Satellite Uplink Model

    Authors: Aye Than Mon; Zaw Min Naing; Chaw Myat New; Hla Myo Tun

  10. Equilibrium And Orbital Dynamics Of The Solar System And Beyond

    Authors: Sastry V. Emani

  11. Quantum Level Gravitational Relationship Of Radius Of Smallest Particle And Speed Of Light

    Authors: Sastry V. Emani

  12. Epos Is An Ethnic Source

    Authors: Tynysbek Kongyratbay; Abdikarim Kamak; Kalzhan Kongyratbay

  13. Role Of The Construction Industry In Promoting Mosquito Breeding In And Around The Accra Metropolis Ghana

    Authors: Brown; C. A.; Anang; Y; Okorie P. N.

  14. Elements To Be Taken Into Account For An Appropriate Assessment Of The Effective Dose To Public In Case Of Release Of Bulk Amount Of Contaminated Water Into The Sea

    Authors: Rustem PACI Ida Muraj

  15. Contributions Methods Of Statistical Analysis Of Leachate From The Landfill Ouled Berjal Kenitra Morocco

    Authors: Mina Elmarkhi; Sanae Sadek; Khadija Elkharrim; Fatima Benelharkati; Driss Belghyti.

  16. Baby Monitoring Through MATLAB Graphical User Interface

    Authors: C Shruthi Reddy; Sowmya Ravi; Giriraja C V

  17. Isolation And Characterization Of Hypervariable Region HVR II From Cellulose Synthase Gene In Neolamarckia Macrophylla

    Authors: Chia-Nin Chang; Wei-Seng Ho; Shek-Ling Pang

  18. Weight Optimization Of A Lift-Tipping Mechanism For Small Solid Waste Collection Truck

    Authors: Vitus M. Tabie; Yesuenyeagbe A. K. Fiagbe

  19. Spectroscopic Optical Semiconducting And Thermal Behaviour Of Thiosemicarbazone Of Benzophenone And Benzaldehyde


  20. Dose Assesment Of Patients For Some X Ray Machines In Albania

    Authors: Rustem PACI Shkelqim KUKA Ida Muraj

  21. The Effectiveness Of Paclobutrazol And Organic Fertilizer For The Growth And Yield Of Potatoes Solanumtuberosuml. In Medium Plain

    Authors: Rosanna; Muslimin Mustafa; Baharuddin; EnnyLisan

  22. A Further Comprehensive Approach To Assessing The Groundwater Potential Of The Basement Complex Terrain Of Ekiti State Southwestern Nigeria.

    Authors: Bayowa O. Gabriel; Olorunfemi O. Martins; Akinluyi O. Francis; Ademilua O. Lawrence

  23. A Survey Of Effort Estimation Techniques For The Software Development

    Authors: Anuj Khuttan; Ashwini Kumar; Archana Singh

  24. Laboratory Study Of Arsenic Uptake And Phytoremediation Potential Of Three Aquatic Macrophytes Of Meghalaya India

    Authors: Marbaniang D.; Chaturvedi S.S.

  25. Image Compression Using Haar Transform And Modified Fast Haar Wavelet Transform

    Authors: Avinash Ghorpade; Priyanka Katkar

  26. Design Of A Dual Band GSM Micro-Strip Patch Antenna

    Authors: Haider A. Sabti; Dr. Jabir S. Aziz

  27. Smart Farm Extending Automation To The Farm Level

    Authors: Drishti Kanjilal; Divyata Singh; Rakhi Reddy; Prof Jimmy Mathew

  28. Innovation Foreing Direct Investment And Challenges For Government Reform

    Authors: Emir I.Hajdini; Hajdini

  29. Critical Comparison Of PHP And ASP.NET For Web Development

    Authors: Atul Mishra

  30. Benefits Of Combining WSDM And Scrum Framework For Web Development

    Authors: Atul Mishra

  31. Ecological And Morpho-Physiological Characteristics Of Corn Zea Mays L. Associated With Compost Curing

    Authors: Ramez Farajallah Saad; Samar Talaat Kraidly; Ali Ahmad Kanso; Antoine Georges El Samrani; Veronique Antonios Kazpard; Ahmad Najib Kobaissi

  32. Processing And Evaluation Of Chemically Treated Kenaf Bast Hibiscus Cannabinus

    Authors: Umoru; Patricia Ese.; Boryo; Doris E.A.; Aliyu; A.O; Adeyemi; O.O

  33. Kinetic Approach To The Mechanism Of P-BisDimethylamino-Phenothiazin-5-Ium Chloride Sulphate Ion In Acidic Medium

    Authors: Babatunde OA; Umoru; Patricia Ese

  34. Optimal Placement 26 Sizing Of Distributed Generation DG To Minimize Active Power Loss Using Particle Swarm Optimization PSO

    Authors: Deepak Pandey; Jitendra Singh Bhadoriya

  35. Sorption And Kinetics Study Of Potassium Chloride In Polyvinyl Alcohol-Borate Hydrogel

    Authors: Rehana Saeed; Zain Ul Abdeen

  36. The Method Of Parallel Recognition And Parallel Optimization Based On Data Dependence With Sparse Matrix

    Authors: Navid Bazrkar; Payam Porkar

  37. Sample Matching Technique An Approach To Select Better Sample Data

    Authors: Jigna Mehta

  38. Search For Identity In Arundhathi Roys Novel

    Authors: Kunhambu. K

  39. Nutritional Status And Socio-Economic Conditions Influencing Prevalence Of Anaemia In Pregnant Women

    Authors: Noha Morsy; Sakina Alhady

  40. New Design Of A Plastic Bottle Crusher

    Authors: Yeshwant M. Sonkhaskar; Amit Choubey; Amritpal Bhamra; Raghav Singhal; Anurag Sahu

  41. Proposed Model For Virtual Labs Interaction With Openstack Integration Using KVM Hypervisor

    Authors: Dr Deepak Arora; Varun Kumar; B. Jagdeep; Prabhat Verma

  42. Curriculum Development Model Islam Character Based Education Studies Analysis In SMKN 2 Pandeglang Banten

    Authors: Siti Muhibah; S.Ag.; M.Pd

  43. From 3D to 2D Imaging of the Surface of a Figure and Clothing

    Authors: Marie Nejedla; Marketa Vnouckova

  44. An Efficient Approach For Optimal Prefetching To Reduce Web Access Latency.

    Authors: Dinesh Kumar; Reena Patel

  45. Cloning Of Anopheles Gambiae CYP6M2 Gene Promoter And Construction Of Its Luciferase Reporter System

    Authors: Balarabe R. Mohammed; Craig S. Wilding; PhillipJ. Collier; Yusuf Y. Deeni

  46. Fatigue Behavior And Damage Modeling Of Train Wheels In Different Cases Of Loading

    Authors: Walid Roundi; Abdellah El Gharad

  47. A Systematic Review On Mining Web Navigation Pattern Using Graph Based Techniques

    Authors: Hemraj K. Varachhia; Ankur N. Shah

  48. Influence Of Animal Type And Pedigrees On Physicochemical Properties Of Fat Extracted From Meats

    Authors: Khadir E. Khadir; Omer M. Izzeldin; Gaafar A. Nugdallah; Mohammed Abdalbasit A. Gasmalla; Azhari A. Mohammed Nour; Amir M. M. Bushara

  49. Circulo - Respiratory Efficiency Of Agricultural Workers In Odisha India

    Authors: D. Jena; S. K. Mohanty

  50. A Novel Approach For Generating Rules For SMS Spam Filtering Using Rough Sets

    Authors: Ashima Wadhawan; Neerja Negi

  51. Determination Of Amount Of Phosphate And Sulphate In Soil Samples From University Of Cape Coast Farm.

    Authors: Doreen Amponsah; Godfred Etsey Sebiawu; Dr. Henry Nagai

  52. Numerical Calculation Of Lyapunov Exponents In Various Nonlinear Chaotic Systems

    Authors: Joan Jani; Partizan Malkaj

  53. Chlorophyll Content Of Soybean As Affected By Foliar Application Of Ascorbic Acid And Inoculation Of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi In Saline Soil

    Authors: Nini Rahmawati; Rosmayati; Delvian; Mohammad Basyuni

  54. Generalizations Of Dunkl-Williams Inequality In Hilbert C-Modules

    Authors: Bahram Dastourian

  55. Detecting The Attack On The Distributed Mobile Notice Board Using Android

    Authors: Keerthi Rajan; V. Visveswaran

  56. Multimode Interference Biosensor Working With Multiple Wavelengths And Two Polarizations

    Authors: Moisi Xhoxhi; Partizan Malkaj; Tatjana Mulaj; Alma Dudia; Aurel Ymeti

  57. Resequencing And Nucleotide Variation Of Sucrose Synthase Nmsusy1 Gene In A Tropical Timber Tree Neolamarckia Macrophylla

    Authors: Choon-Ju Tan; Wei-Seng Ho; Shek-Ling Pang

  58. Winter Season Variations In Physicochemical Parameters Of Marine Water Characteristics Of Coral Reef Of The Poshitra Coast Paga Reef And Boria Reef Of Southwest Gulf Of Kachchh India.

    Authors: Thakur Bignesh; Chavda Chetan; Salvi Harshad

  59. Production Of Bio-Diesel From Soap Stock Of Cotton Seed Oil By Using Ferric Sulphate Catalyst Via A Two Step Heterogeneous Catalysis Characteristics Of Bio-Diesel Produced

    Authors: N.Satya Sree; V.Madhusudhan Rao; P.Vijetha

  60. Two Artificial Diet Formulations For Troides Helena Linne Larvae Lepidoptera Papilionidae In Bantimurung-Bulusaraung National Park South Sulawesi

    Authors: Sri Nur Aminah Ngatimin; Annie P. Saranga; Nurariaty Agus; Amran Achmad; Ifayanti Ridwan

  61. Hydrodynamics And Heat Transfer Characteristics Of Draft Tube Spouted Bed Roasting Of Groundnuts Arachis Hypogeae

    Authors: V.D. Nagaraju; B.S. Sridhar

  62. Tuning Of A PD-PI Controller Used With A Highly Oscillating Second Order Process

    Authors: Galal A. Hassaan

  63. Effect Of Water Stress On The Leaf Relative Water Content And Yield Of Some Cowpea Vigna Unguiculata L Walp. Genotype

    Authors: HAYATU M.; Muhammad S.Y.; HABIBU U. A.

  64. A Sinusoidal Noise Model Based Speech Synthesis For Phoneme Transition

    Authors: H.M.L.N.K Herath; J.V Wijayakulasooriya

  65. Effect Of Temperature Of The Electrolyte On The Performance Of Photoelectro-Chemical PEC Solarcells Using Mose2 Single Crystals

    Authors: Ravindrapal M Joshi