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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.3, No.8

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2014-08-15

  1. Going Organic Understanding The Organic Vegetables Production Environment In Central Luzon Philippines

    Authors: Fe L. Porciuncula; Luzviminda M. Galang; Rex S. Parayno

  2. Mathematical Modeling Of Solar Air Collector With A Trapezoidal Corrugated Absorber Plate

    Authors: Ondieki H. O.; Koech R. K.; Tonui J. K.; Rotich S. K.

  3. Biochemical And Phyto Chemical Characteristics Of Rubber Latex Hevea Brasiliensis Obtained From A Tropical Environment In Nigeria.

    Authors: George; U. U.; Andy; J. A.; and Joseph; A.

  4. Determination Of Physicochemical And Heavy Metal Content Of Soil Around Paint Industries In Kaduna

    Authors: Inobeme; A; Ajai; A.I Iyaka; Y.A; Ndamitso; M and Uwem; B.

  5. Compositional Characteristics And Industrial Potential Of The Lateritic Clay Deposit In Ara-Ijero Ekiti Areas Southwestern Nigeria.

    Authors: Akinola; Oluwatoyin O; Obasi; Romanus A

  6. Effect Of Carbon Doped Aluminium On Corrosion Response Of Galvanised Steel In Seawater

    Authors: O. I. Sekunowo; G. I. Lawal; S. I. Durowaye; E. C. Igwebuike

  7. Efficacy Of Plant Derived Insecticides For Control Of Insect Pests Of Garden Egg Solanum Spp. In Southeastern Nigeria

    Authors: Ibekwe; H.N.; Ogbu; J.U.; Uwalaka; O.A.; Ngbede; S.O. and Onyegbule; U. N.

  8. Algorithmic Relational Design Model For Online Library Information Retrieval System

    Authors: Alade; O. A.; Adewale O. S; Ojokoh B. A.

  9. Ballistic Penetration Response Of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Gfrp Composites Body Amour

    Authors: P.C. Onyechi; S.O. Edelugo; E.O.Chukwumuanya; S.P.N. Obuka

  10. The Physical Sensory And Staling Properties Of Wheat Triticum Spp -Walnut Juglansregia Cakes.

    Authors: Offia Olua; Blessing I.; Nwakwoke; Chukwuka F.

  11. A Comparative Study of Five Regression Testing Techniques A Survey

    Authors: Jyoti; Kamna Solanki

  12. Indigenous Development Of Automated Wireless Fingerprint Attendance System

    Authors: Sagar Wale; S.A. Patil

  13. Role Of Third Party Agency In FPSOFSO EPCIC Project

    Authors: Vijay Kumar

  14. Determination Of The Presence Of Flavonoids In The Leaves Seeds And Branches Of The Matured Plant Indigofera Arrecta

    Authors: Doreen Amponsah; Dr. Henry Nagai

  15. An Investigation Of The Physical And Mineralogical Characteristics Of The Quaternary Formation Of The Chad Basin Nigeria

    Authors: Bakari A

  16. Crowdsourcing Social Media For Robot Learning A Review

    Authors: Garima Khattar; Neetu Narayan

  17. Study To Evaluate The Scope And Nature Of WIT Wireless And Information Technology In Patient Health Monitoring Sector

    Authors: Minakshi Hudda; Dinesh Kumar

  18. Performance Analysis Of Similarity Coefficients In Web Information Retrieval Using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Vikas Thada; Dr. Vivek Jaglan

  19. Design And Simulation Of QPSK Modulator For Optic Inter Satellite Communication

    Authors: A Penchala Bindushree; Nataraju A. B.; Vijesh T V; Laxmiprasad A S

  20. Retail Shoppability The Impact Of Store Atmospherics 26 Store Layout On Consumer Buying Patterns

    Authors: Priyanka Singh; Neha Katiyar; Gaurav Verma

  21. A Comprehensive Survey On Various Routing Protocols In Vanet

    Authors: Komal Sharma

  22. Simulation Of Direction Finding Algorithm And Estimation Of Losses In An RWR System

    Authors: Gowri Satheesh; Athena Karumbaya

  23. Framework Of Software Cost Estimation By Using Object Orientated Design Approach

    Authors: Farooq Azam; Salman Qadri; Shabir Ahmad; Kamran Khan; Abu Buker Siddique; Bilal Ehsan

  24. Performance Enhancing Soy Milk Extraction By Flavourzyme

    Authors: Nguyen ThiQuynhHoa; Nguyen Phuoc Minh; Dong ThiAnh Dao

  25. Improvement Ofprotein Extraction From Soybeanby Non-Thermal And Thermal Treatment

    Authors: Nguyen ThiQuynhHoa; Nguyen Phuoc Minh; Dong ThiAnh Dao

  26. Utilization Of Pv Solar Farm As Statcom During Night Hours In A Distribution Network

    Authors: M. Sai Eswar Rao; K. Obulreddy

  27. Security As A Service Framework For Broadband Users University Of Nairobi


  28. A Dynamic Approach In The Application Of Color Preservation For The Flower Yield Prediction

    Authors: Sangeeta Sharma; Sanjay Jain; Sachin Sharma

  29. Influence User Involvement On The Quality Of Accounting Information System

    Authors: Meiryani

  30. Spatial Distribution Of Gold And Associated Base Metals In Rock Units Of Ogute Area Edo State Nigeria

    Authors: Adiotomre; E. E.

  31. Quadcopter Flight Dynamics

    Authors: Mohd Khan

  32. Nonlinear Analysis For Behavior Of R.C. Horizontally Semicircular Curved Beams With Openings And Strengthened By CFRP Laminates

    Authors: Dr. AmmarYasier Ali; Sadjad Amir Hemzah

  33. The Influence Of Certification Toward Work Motivation Job Satisfaction And Performance Of State High Schools Guidance And Counseling Teacher In South Sulawesi.

    Authors: Kanto; Kulasse; Muhammad Arifin Ahmad; promotor Syamsu Bachri Talib; Muhammad Arif Tiro.

  34. Aseptic Culture Of Apical Bud Of Japanese Taro C.Esculenta Var. Antiqourum In Various Pesticides Concentration

    Authors: Feranita Haring; Yunus Musa; Enny L. Sengin; Rinaldi Syahril; Muhammad Nasrun

  35. Comparison Of Mimosine Content And Nutritive Values Of Neolamarckia Cadamba And Leucaena Leucocephala With Medicago Sativa As Forage Quality Index

    Authors: Mohamed Zaky Zayed; Mohamed Abdallah Zaki; Fasihuddin Badruddin Ahmad; Wei-Seng Ho; Shek-Ling Pang

  36. Data Security Issues And Challenges For Disaster Management In The New Millennium

    Authors: Mohd Zukime Mat Junoh; Abdullah Osman; Mohd Suberi Ab Halim; Mohd Safizal Abdullah

  37. High Concentration Nanocurcumin Fabrication By Wet Milling Method Curcumin With Glassball

    Authors: Le Van Giat; 26272o Thanh Sinh; Tran Ph26432oc Toan.

  38. Gis Based Site Selection For Fixing Uv Light Adult Mosquito Trap And Gravid Adult Mosquito Trap For Epidemic Control In The Urban Settlements

    Authors: M. Palaniyandi

  39. An Analysis On Student Leadership Behaviour A Higher Education Institutional Perspective

    Authors: Abdullah Osman; Arman Hadi Abdul Manaf; Muhammad Safizal Abdullahq

  40. Determinants And Impacts Of Human Mobility Dynamics In The Western Highlands Of Cameroon

    Authors: C.M. Tankou; H.H. de Iongh; G. Persoon; M. de Bruijn; G.R. de Snoo

  41. Control Volume Finite Difference Analysis Of Thermal Stresses Induced In GHARR-1 Reactor Vessel By Coolant Heating

    Authors: M. Annor-Nyarko; A.A Gyeabour 1; T.A. Annafi; C. R. Quaye; A. Y. Kyei

  42. Deriving Penalized Splines For Estimation Of Time Varying Effects In Survival Data

    Authors: Albert Otieno Orwa; George Otieno Orwa; Romanus Odhiambo

  43. Analysis Of Water Temperature Of Laguna Lake Using EFDC Model

    Authors: Armi M. Cunanan; Jonathan W.L. Salvacion

  44. Actuating Sensor For Determining The Direction Of Arrival Using Maximal RSSI

    Authors: Munesh Singh; Pabitra Mohan Khilar

  45. Isolation Of Trichoderma Species From Carabao Manure And Evaluation Of Its Beneficial Uses

    Authors: Lani Lou Mar. A. Lopez; Clarita P. Aganon; Purisima P. Juico

  46. Frequency Spectrum Filtering For Machinery Fault Diagnostics

    Authors: Galal A. Hassaan

  47. Enhancement Of Power Quality By Using Modified Power Filter And Compensator In Grid Network

    Authors: K. Swarna Pujitha; EPS; D.Gowtami.

  48. Devolution Model Of Forest Management In Conservation Area

    Authors: Andi Rosida; Amran Achmad; Daud Malamassam; Syamsu Alam

  49. Classification Of Ground Moving Object Using Coefficient Of Integrated Bispectrum For Doppler Radar

    Authors: Munesh Singh; Srinivasa Rao Katuri

  50. Microbial Fertilizers For Increasing And Sustaining Rice Production On Organic Area And Area Under Conversion

    Authors: Ellen S. Romero

  51. Performance Of Native Bittergourd Mumordicacharantial. And Tomato Lycopersicumesculentuml. As Affected By Frequency Of Organic Fertilizer Application

    Authors: Jonathan L. Galindez; Fe L. Porciuncula

  52. Performance Comparison of DSR OLSR and TORA Routing Protocols

    Authors: Vasudha Sharma; Sanjeev Khambra

  53. Construction Of Soundlevel Meterwithits Unique Applications

    Authors: Ammar Nasir; Unaiza Tariq; MadihaArshad

  54. The Role Of Constituency Development Fund In Provision Of Secondary School Education In Kenya

    Authors: Ngalu Mutie Michael; Bomett J. Emily Ph.D

  55. Temperature-Based Feed-Forward Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network For Estimating Reference Crop Evapotranspiration In The Upper West Region

    Authors: Ibrahim Denka Kariyama

  56. Impact Of An Under-Explored Seed Protein Seinat Cucumis Melo Var. Tibish Addition On The Physicochemical Sensory And Nutritional Characteristics Of Wheat Flour Bread

    Authors: Azhari Siddeeg; Al-Farga Ammar; Elmuez Alsir; Yanshun-Xu; Qixing-Jiang; Wenshui-Xia

  57. Event Application For Artists Based On Android Os

    Authors: ManishJoshi; SavitaShivani

  58. Revision To The Diagnostic Characters Of Trachypenaeopsis Minicoyensis Thomas1972

    Authors: Angsuman Chanda

  59. The Role Of Data Quality And Internal Control In Raising The Effectiveness Of Ais In Jordan Companies

    Authors: Hamzah Mohammad A. AlQudah Siti Norwahida Binti Shukeri

  60. Saving Wireless Networks By Detecting And Designing Efficient From Masquerade Attacks

    Authors: Sonu Kumar; Anshul Anand

  61. Human Eye Iris Recognition Using Discrete 2d Reverse Biorthogonal Wavelet 6.8

    Authors: Deepika Prashar; Mnupreet Kaur

  62. Corporate Disclosure As Mediating Variable On Effect Of Financial Resources Capability And Characteristic Of Corporate To Environmental Performance.

    Authors: Muliati; Gagaring Pagalung; Harryanto; Grace T. Pontoh

  63. Impact Of Quality Management On Organizational Performance

    Authors: Syed Muhammad Ali; IEng MIMechE

  64. Abc-Std-Mil-105e Sampling Standard 26 Its Impact On Average Outgoing Quality Level

    Authors: Syed Muhammad Ali IEng MIMechE