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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.4, No.1

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2015-01-15

  1. Comparative Analysis Of Least Square Regression And Fixed Effect Panel Data Regression Using Road Traffic Accident In Nigeria

    Authors: J.A. Kupolusi; R.A Adeleke; O. Akinyemi; B. Oguntuase

  2. Road March Searching a Better Alternative Way of Hartal Culture in Bangladesh

    Authors: Md. Mahbub Alam Prodip; A.H.M Kamrul Ahasan; Md. Liton Hossen

  3. Management Of Large Scale Osmotic Dehydration Solution Using The Pearsons Square Algorithm

    Authors: Oladejo Duduyemi; P.O. Ngoddy; B.I.O. Ade-Omowaye

  4. Review Of Consultations For Children With Sickle Cell Disease CHR Kenitra Morocco

    Authors: Mouden Samira; Ahami Ahmad Omar; Mouilly Mustapha; Fayez Noureddine; Hajji Ahmad

  5. Literature Survey On Formation Of Association Rule Using Secure Mining

    Authors: Vidisha H. Zodape; Leena H. Patil

  6. Effect Of Planting Device And Seed Sorting On Yield Of Maize.

    Authors: P. Osei Bonsu; R. Owusu Bio; H. Omae; F. Nagumo

  7. Reactive Compensation Capability Of Fixed Capacitor Thyristor Controlled Reactor For Load Power Factor Improvement A Review

    Authors: Harpreet Singh; Durga Sharma

  8. Improvement Of The U-Th Method For Dating Of Impure Calcite Having A Large Amount Of Clay And Very Low Uranium Content

    Authors: Samer Farkh; Nafez Harb; Katia Haddad; Zaher Zeaiter; Samir Farkh

  9. Building And Increasing The Productivity Of Human Resource Management

    Authors: Ali Adel Ali Ibrahim

  10. Surface Morphology And Photoluminescence Properties Of A-GaAsSe Detector

    Authors: Hussein Kh. Rasheed; Dhuha Imad

  11. Paddy Yield Enhancement By Water Management-A Study In Sivagangai District Of Tamil Nadu

    Authors: L. Suresh; S. Senthilnathan; M Sathiah; Dr. Aramvalarthan

  12. Determination Of A Nonresidential Space Cooling Load Vb Program Apprication

    Authors: Obuka; Nnaemeka S.P.; Utazi; Divine N.; Onyechi; Pius C.; Okoli; Ndubuisi C.; Eneh; Collins O.

  13. An Appraisal Of Groupon E-Business Model

    Authors: Odeniyi; O. Ayodeji; Lawal; N. Tunde; Kareem; A. E. Adebowale

  14. An EPQ Inventory Model For Deteriorating Items With Weibull Deterioration Under Stock Dependent Demand

    Authors: N. K. Kaliraman; R. Raj; S. Chandra; H. Chaudhry

  15. Effect Of Shade Organic Materials And Varieties On Growth And Production Of Upland Rice

    Authors: Jonatan Ginting; B. Sengli J. Damanik; Jamuda M. Sitanggang; Chairul Muluk

  16. Accelerated Genetic Algorithm Solutions Of Some Parametric Families Of Stochastic Differential Equations

    Authors: Eman Ali Hussain; Yaseen Merzah Alrajhi

  17. Spot Welding Parameter Optimization to Improve Weld Characteristics for Dissimilar Metals

    Authors: Aravinthan Arumugam; MohdAmizi Nor

  18. A Link-Based Cluster Ensemble Approach For Improved Gene Expression Data Analysis

    Authors: P.Balaji; Dr. A.P.Siva Kumar

  19. Last Five Years Pakistan Economic Growth Rate GDP And Its Comparison With China India And Bangladesh

    Authors: Abdul Rehman; Luan Jingdong; Yuneng Du

  20. Enteral Tube Feeding Nutritional Protein Hydrolysate Production Under Different Factors By Enzymatic Hydrolysis

    Authors: Nguyen ThiQuynhHoa; Nguyen Ngoc Phuong Diem; Nguyen Phuoc Minh; Dong ThiAnh Dao

  21. Organizational Conflict In Local Management Budget Planning In Raja Ampat Regency

    Authors: Baba; Suratman; Muhammad Yunus; Hasniati

  22. Social Economics Characteristics Of Coastal Small-Scale Fisheries In Tegal City Indonesia

    Authors: Agnes Puspitasari Sudarmo; Mulyono S. Baskoro; Budy Wiryawan; Eko Sri Wiyono; Daniel R. Monintja

  23. Social Capital And Economic Behavior Of Farmers

    Authors: Heliawaty; M.Saleh S. Ali; Darmawan Salman; Rahman Mappangaja

  24. Production Of Soybean Glycine Max L. MERR. Anjasmoro Varieties With Mycorrhizal And Azotobacter Inoculation On Ultisol

    Authors: Yusuf Sabilu; Nadira R. Sennang; Badron Zakaria; Elkawakib Syamun

  25. Understanding Farmers Information Network Implication For Effective Extension Delivery In Akwa Ibom State

    Authors: Odoemelam; L. E; Alocha; O.C

  26. Retrofitting Of RCC Piles By Using Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer BFRP Composite Part 1 Review Papers On RCC Structures And Piles Retrofitting Works.

    Authors: R. Ananda Kumar; Dr. C. Selvamony; A. Seeni; Dr. T. R. Sethuraman

  27. Policy Implementation Of Poverty Reduction In The District Kutai Kartanegara In East Kalimantan Province

    Authors: Saipul; Rakhmat; Hamka; Alwi

  28. The Implementation Of Issuance Service Of Birth And Death Certificates Indepartment Of Population And Civil Registrar Of Merauke District

    Authors: Syahruddin; Haselman

  29. The Impact Of Technology On Postal Services In Ghana

    Authors: Ebenezer Ankrah

  30. Performance Evaluation Of Selected Principal Component Analysis-Based Techniques For Face Image Recognition

    Authors: Aluko J. Olubunmi; Omidiora E. Olusayo; Adetunji A. Bola; Odeniyi O. Ayodeji

  31. Study Of The Wind Speed Rainfall And Storm Surges For The Scheldt Estuary In Belgium

    Authors: Mohammad Abul Hossen; Farjana Akhter

  32. Fabrication Of Gold Nanoparticles-Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode And Its Application For Voltammetric Detection Of CrIII

    Authors: Santhy Wyantuti; Yeni Wahyuni Hartati; M. Lutfi Firdaus; Camellia Panatarani; Roekmiati Tjokronegoro

  33. Efficacy L-Arginine In Patients With Nonalcoholic Steatohepatitis Associated With Metabolic Syndrome

    Authors: Oleksandr Fediv; Volodymyr Shevchuk; Oksana Olinyk

  34. Special Analysis For Predicting Changes In Mangrove Forest

    Authors: Yumna; Irman Halid

  35. Extension Of Lagrange Interpolation

    Authors: Mousa Makey Krady

  36. Availability Of A Complex System Using MATLAB 26 Comparison

    Authors: Upasana; Dr. Neetu Gupta; Dr Yogesh Kumar Goyal

  37. Planning Model Collaboration For Acceleration Local Autonomy Case Study Respect Program In Raja Ampat

    Authors: Artemas Mambrisauw

  38. Wood Anatomical Structure Of The Clones Of Eucalyptus Tereticornis Sm. Mysore Gum

    Authors: P. Sreevani; R.V.Rao

  39. Implications Of Soil Resistivity Measurements Using The Electrical Resistivity Method A Case Study Of A Maize Farm Under Different Soil Preparation Modes At KNUST Agricultural Research Station Kumasi

    Authors: Jakalia; I. S; Aning; A.A; Preko; K. Sackey; N; Danuor; S. K.

  40. Judicial Commission Supervision For Judges Behaviour In Independent Judiciary

    Authors: Firman Umar

  41. Influence Business Process On The Quality Of Accounting Information System

    Authors: Meiryani; Muhammad Syaifullah

  42. Brain Computer Interface-Controlling Devices Utilizing The Alpha Brain Waves

    Authors: Rohan Hundia

  43. Selection Of High Performing Geometry In Flexure Bearings For Linear Compressor Applications Using Fea.

    Authors: Fayaz H. Kharadi; Mayur S. Jadhav; Sachin D. Kanhurkar; Penelope A. Pereira; Dr.Virendra K. Bhojwani; Suneeta Phadkule

  44. Potential Rhizosphere Bacteria Originated From Potato Var. Hartapel From Buru Island As Plant Growth Promoters

    Authors: Henry Kesaulya.; Baharuddin.; Bandron Zakaria.; Syatrianty A. Syaiful

  45. Evaluation And Characterization Of Trace Metals Contamination In The Surface Sediment Using Pollution Load Index PLI And Geo-Accumulation Index Igeo Of Ona River Western Nigeria

    Authors: Andem; Andem Bassey; Okorafor; Kalu Ama; Oku; Ene Esien; Ugwumba; Adiaha Alex

  46. Factor Analysis And Physico-Chemical Characteristics Of Calabar River Southern Nigeria

    Authors: Andem; Andem Bassey; Okorafor; Kalu Ama; Ekanem; Sunday Ben

  47. Expert System For Diagnosis Of Skin Diseases

    Authors: A.A.L.C. Amarathunga; E.P.W.C. Ellawala; G.N. Abeysekara; C. R. J. Amalraj

  48. Model Management Intergovernmental Relations Case Study Program Free Education In South Sulawesi

    Authors: Suhardiman Syamsu; Sangkala; Armin; Hasniati

  49. Land Cover Decreasing To Water Sources From Bua-Bua And Parappa Rivers In Selayar Island Regency South Sulawesi

    Authors: Risbar Novrianto R. Gauk; Daud Malamassam; Sumbangan Baja; Roland Barkey

  50. Electronic Government In Democratic Public Service In One Door Integrated Permit Handling Services Agency In The City Of Samarinda

    Authors: Iman Surya; Sangkala; Muhammad Farid; Hasniati

  51. Optical Properties Of As-Deposited Amorphous Carbon Film Fromvarious Substrate Temperaturesvia Custom-Made-CVD

    Authors: A. Ishak; Ahmad Nurrizal Muhamad; M. Rusop

  52. Fabrication Of A-CBN-Si Solar Cells With Low Positive Bias By Custom-Made-CVD

    Authors: A. Ishak; Ahmad Nurrizal Muhamad; M. Rusop

  53. Synthesis And Characterization Of An Ion Imprinted Polymer For Cadmium Using Quinaldic Acid As Complexing Agent And Applying By Microwave

    Authors: Asmawati; Abd.Wahid Wahab; Buchari; Paulina Taba

  54. Viability And Conidial Production Of Entomopathogenic Fungi Penicillium SP.

    Authors: Nurariaty Agus; Annie P. Saranga; Ade Rosmana; Ade Sugiarti

  55. Atmospheric Ozone And Its Biosphere - Atmosphere Exchange In A Mangrove Forest Ecosystem A Case Study From Sundarbans NE Coast Of India

    Authors: Manab Kumar Dutta; Rishmita Mukherjee; Dr. Sandip Kumar Mukhopadhyay

  56. The Effect Of Intangible Asset Financial Performance And Financial Policies On The Firm Value

    Authors: Rindu Rika Gamayuni

  57. Factors Influencing Electronic Government Adoption Perspectives Of Less Frequent Internet Users Of Pakistan

    Authors: Farooq Alam Khan; Basheer Ahmad

  58. Climate Change And Mitigation Measures For The Hydrometerological Disaster In Himachal Pradesh India- In Light Of Dams.

    Authors: Vinay K. Pandey; Ajai Mishra; Shashank S Mishra

  59. Size Composition Of Skipjack Tuna Katsuwonus Pelamis In Three Region Fisheries Management In Bitung Ocean Fishery Port

    Authors: Asia; Sudirman; Budimawan; Natsir Nessa

  60. Community Structure Of Reef Fish In Eastern Luwu Water Territory

    Authors: Henny Tribuana Cinnawara; Achmar Mallawa; Chair Rani; Rijal Idrus

  61. Study On Spatial Organization Of Device Performance South Sulawesi Provincial Government

    Authors: Andi Amin Akhiruddin; Rakhmat; Juanda Nawawi; Muhammad Rusdi

  62. A Method To ModifyCorrect The Performance Of Amplifiers

    Authors: Rohith Krishnan R; S. Krishnakumar; Reza Hashemian

  63. Development Of Passenger Vehicle Door Trim For Occupant Safety By Using CAE

    Authors: Rajesh P. Diwate; Prashant Deshmukh

  64. Web Development Technology-PHP. How It Is Related To Web Development Technology ASP.NET

    Authors: Manya Sharma