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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.4, No.2

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2015-02-15

  1. The Effect Of Patient Education On Health Related Quality Of Life Among Allergic Rhinitis Patients In Cairo University Outpateint Clinics Egypt

    Authors: Tarek M Kamel; Rehab AA Abdelhai; Maha A Mowafy; Alaa M Reda; Marwa D Hassan

  2. Recycling Waste Bakelite As A Carbon Resource In Ironmaking

    Authors: James Ransford Dankwah; Emmanuel Baawuah

  3. The Relation Between An Understanding Of Muslim Brotherhood Concept And Social Solidarity In Islamic Community At Suburban Area Case Study At Palasari Cibiru Bandung 2011

    Authors: Tata Sukyat

  4. The Influence Of CSR Awareness On Consumer Purchase Decision Of A Telecommunication Network In Ghana A Case Of La Nkwantanag Madina Municipality

    Authors: Patrick Amfo Anim; Agbemabiese George Cudjoe

  5. Characterization Of Microwave Obtained Zno Thin Films By RF Magnetron Sputtering

    Authors: Roger Ondo-Ndong; Hugues Martial Omanda; Honore Gnanga; Brice Sorli; Alain Foucaran

  6. Modelling Of The Kinetic And Equilibrium Sorption Behaviour Of Crude Oil On HDTMAB Modified Nigerian Nanoclays

    Authors: Nwankwere Emeka Thompson; Gimba Casimir Emmanuel; Ndukwe Iloegbulam George; Isuwa Kari Adamu

  7. The Sol-Gel Process

    Authors: Khalid Suliman Aboodh

  8. Framework For Secure Cloud Data Communication

    Authors: Nitika Aggarwal; Abhishek Choudhary; Maalvika Bachani; Mrs. Rachna Jain

  9. Evaluating Changes In Fertility Status Of An Alfisol Under Different Growth Stages Of Cassava Manihot Esculenta Crantz

    Authors: B. Osundare

  10. An Algorithm For Training Multilayer Perceptron MLP For Image Reconstruction Using Neural Network Without Overfitting.

    Authors: Mohammad Mahmudul Alam Mia; Shovasis Kumar Biswas; Monalisa Chowdhury Urmi; Abubakar Siddique

  11. Extraction Yield Efficiency And Loss Of The Traditional Hot Water Floatation HWF Method Of Oil Extraction From The Seeds Of Allanblackia Floribunda

    Authors: Alenyorege E. A.; Hussein Y. A.; Adongo T. A.

  12. The Effectiveness Of Regents Authority Delegation To The Subdistrict Head In Kutai Kartanegara Regency

    Authors: Farhanuddin Jamanie; Sangkala; Baharuddin dan Rahwarin

  13. The Organization Culture In The Public Service At The Regional Secretariat Of Samarinda City

    Authors: Anwar; Rakhmat; Hamsinah; Tehubijuluw Zacharias

  14. Sando Mpoana Traditional Midwife In The Stream Of Midwifery Services In Kaili Ledo Community In Sigi Regency Of Central Sulawesi Province

    Authors: M. Munir Salham; M. Yamin Sani; Ridwan Muchtar Thaha; M. Basir

  15. Sapa And Base Communication Of Sambas Society A Case Of Malay-Madurese Post-Conflict 1999-2014

    Authors: Wahab

  16. Effect Of Habit Pronunciation Greetings On Morals

    Authors: Ogi Lesmana

  17. A Method To Find The Area Of Sector Without The Usage Of Angle Made By The Chord

    Authors: Syed Abdul Lateef

  18. Performance Study On Ggbs Concrete With Robosand

    Authors: Ramakrishna Samanthula; Mahendra Reddy Polimreddy

  19. A Study Of Elearning Implementation Readiness In Togolese Higher Education Institutes HEIS

    Authors: Djeri Memene; Pete Simmons

  20. Byzantine Fault Tolerance In The Distributed Environment Using Markov Chain Technique

    Authors: R. Kalaivani

  21. CFD Simulation On CFBC Boiler

    Authors: Amol S. Kinkar; G. M. Dhote; R.R. Chokkar

  22. Effect Of Nacl Salt Stress On Antioxidant Enzymes Of Isabgol Plantago Ovata Forsk. Genotypes

    Authors: Suraj Kala

  23. The Essence Of Permit Function For Space Utilization Of Spatial Planning In South Sulawesi

    Authors: M. Akhdor

  24. The Tourist Contract Marriage In Cisarua Sub-District Bogor Regency West Java

    Authors: Ummanah; Pawennari Hijjang; Mahmud Tang; Muhammad Farid

  25. A Framework For Software Quality Assurance Using Agile Methodology

    Authors: Maria Sagheer; Tehreem Zafar; Mehreen Sirshar

  26. Decision Support System In Heart Disease Diagnosis By Case Based Recommendation

    Authors: Prinsha Prakash

  27. Simulink Component Recognition Using Image Processing

    Authors: Ramya R; Anand Kumar S; Krinish N K; Suraj V

  28. Evidence Doctor Error In Alleged Of Criminal Act On Medical Malpractice

    Authors: Sabrina Hidayat

  29. The Effectiveness Of The Strategic Planning Of The Human Resources The Educatinal System In The Sultanate Of Oman As A Model

    Authors: Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed; Dr. Asma Abdul Rahman; Ali Rashid Salim Al-Yaaqoubi

  30. Influence Business Strategy On The Quality Of Accounting Information System

    Authors: Meiryani

  31. Development Of Optimum Maintenance 26 Rehabilitation Strategies For Urban Bituminous Concrete Surfaced Roads

    Authors: Dr Pardeep Kumar Gupta; Rajeev Kumar

  32. Analysis Of Factors Affecting The Success Of The Application Of Accounting Information System

    Authors: Deni Iskandar

  33. An Assessment Of Plateau Environmental Protection And Sanitation Agency Pepsa As A Waste Management Institution In Jos City Nigeria.

    Authors: Ogboji Frederick Eche; Ali Andesikuteb Yakubu; Vivan Ezra Lekwot; Danjuma Andembutop Kwesaba; Sohotden; Christopher Daniel

  34. Urban Risk Reduction Through Effective Disaster Management Plan-A Case Study Of Shimla City Himachal Pradesh India

    Authors: Bhavna Karki

  35. An Analysis Of Inner City Decay A Study Of Some Selected Slums In Jos Metropolis Plateau State Nigeria.

    Authors: Vivan Ezra Lekwot; Ali Andesikuteb Yakubu; Danjuma Andembutop Kwesaba; Abdulrahman Ahmed Sahabo.

  36. The Ability Of Mangrove Areas To Conserves Carbon Stock In Semi Arid Region

    Authors: Aah Ahmad Almulqu; Flora Evalina Kleruk

  37. Residual Effect Of Organic Fertilizer And Addition Inorganik Fertilizer To Nutrient Uptake Growth And Productions Of Black Soy Bean Glycine Max L. Merr At Rainfed Areas.

    Authors: Elli Afrida; Abdul Rauf; Hamidah Hanum; Didik Harnowo

  38. Effect Of Leadership Behavior On The Performance Of Micro-Financial Institutions In Kakamega County.

    Authors: Kisiangani Benson Walela; Emily Mokeira Okwemba

  39. Influence Of Heat Treatment On Duplex Stainless Steel To Study The Material Properties

    Authors: Jithin M; Anees Abdul Hameed; Ben Jose; Anush Jacob

  40. Performance Analysis Between Distance Vector Algorithm DVA 26 Link State Algorithm LSA For Routing Network

    Authors: Asmaa Shaker Ashoor

  41. Application Performance Management Impact On Organizational Performance Local Company Studies In West Java - Indonesia

    Authors: Teni Listiani; Dwi Kartini

  42. Evaluation Of Tolerance And Sensitivity Of Selected Plant Species With Special Reference To Gasoline Exhaust Pollution

    Authors: Abhinav Garg; Pallavi Saxena; Chirashree Ghosh

  43. Implementation Of 5S Quality Tool In Manufacturing Company A Case Study

    Authors: Vibhor Kakkar; Vijay Singh Dalal; Vineet Choraria; Ashish S. Pareta; Anmol Bhatia

  44. Investigating The Effect Of Job Stress On Performance Of Employees

    Authors: Oyungerel Altangerel; Wang Ruimei; Ehsan Elahi; Bayandalai Dash

  45. Study Of Gear Teeth Distortions Due To Heat Treatment

    Authors: V. Khade; M.S.Ramgir

  46. Analysis Of Japans Economy Based On 2014 From Macroeconomics Prospects

    Authors: Dr Mohammad Rafiqul Islam

  47. The Social Development Dimension Of The Nursing Profession In Managing HIV Cases

    Authors: Sri Wahyuni

  48. URL Mining Using Agglomerative Clustering Algorithm

    Authors: Chinmay R. Deshmukh; R .R. Shelke

  49. Image Reconstruction Using Multi Layer Perceptron MLP And Support Vector Machine SVM Classifier And Study Of Classification Accuracy

    Authors: Shovasis Kumar Biswas; Mohammad Mahmudul Alam Mia

  50. Image Reconstruction Using Pixel Wise Support Vector Machine SVM Classification.

    Authors: Mohammad Mahmudul Alam Mia; Rashedul Islam; Md. Ferdous Wahid; Shovasis Kumar Biswas