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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research >>

Vol.4, No.4

Publisher: IJSTR

Publishing Date: 2015-04-15

  1. Effect Of Processing On Proximate Energy Anti-Nutritional Factor Amino Acid And Mineral Composition Of Lablab Seed

    Authors: D. T. Shaahu; S. N. Carew; S. A Ikurior

  2. Proximate Amino Acid Anti-Nutritional Factor And Mineral Composition Of Different Varieties Of Raw Lablab Purpureus Seeds

    Authors: Shaahu; D.T.; Kaankuka; F.G.; Okpanachi; U

  3. Evaluation Of Electricity Generation From Animal Based Wastes In A Microbial Fuel Cell

    Authors: Duduyemi Oladejo; O.O. Shoewu; A.A. Yussouff; Hunyibo Rapheal

  4. Controlling An Electric Car Starter System Through Voice

    Authors: A.B. Muhammad Firdaus; R. Mohamed Yusof; A. Saharul; M.H. Nuraida

  5. Development And Evaluation Of Dietetic Unlea-vened Bread

    Authors: Anudeep R.; Geetha; Anudeep Ramayanam

  6. Application Of Data Mining Techniques For Student Success And Failure Prediction The Case Of DebreMarkos University

    Authors: Muluken Alemu Yehuala

  7. Determination Of The Curcumin Pigment In Extract Curcuma Domestica Val From South Sulawesi Indonesia By High Performance Liquid Chromatography

    Authors: Sri Hastati; Veni Hadju; Gemini Alam; Nusratuddin

  8. Effectiveness Of Bureaucracy In The Implementation Of Free Education System In The Department Of Education Makassar City

    Authors: Muhammad Sawir; Rakhmat; Suryadi Lambali; Syahribulan

  9. Policy Implementation Of Special Autonomy Funds Case Study Of Education Funding In The District Manokwari West Papua Indonesia

    Authors: Baesara Wael; Samson Laurens

  10. An Assessment Of Landscape Segments Suitable For Agriculture In Kerang Volcanic Area Of Jos Plateau Nigeria

    Authors: Sohotden Christopher Daniel; Vivan; Ezra Lekwot; Ali Andesikuteb Yakubu; Shehu Bako Makarau

  11. Implementing Policies Local Government Planning In The Informal Sector Case Of Street Vendors In The Town Of Merauke

    Authors: Nur Jalal; Muh. Nur Sadik; Haselman; Hj. Syahribulan

  12. Behavior Of Bureaucracy In Good Program Policy Implementation In District Bombana

    Authors: Syafruddin; H. Suratman Nur; Alwi; H. Baharuddin

  13. Eye Free Yoga - An Exergame Using Kinect

    Authors: M.D.Nirmal; Bhandari Kalyani Chandrakant; Kadam Jayashree Pramod; Bujone Vaidehi Vilas; Shelke Swapnali Kishor

  14. Strategic Model Of Poverty Reduction Through The Law As A Tool Of Social Engineering

    Authors: Burhanudin; H. M. Arfin Hamid; Abrar Saleng; Anshori Ilyas

  15. Professionalism Of The Teacher Of The Vocational Education As Condition Of Improvement Of Quality And Training Of Students

    Authors: Darmenova R.A.; Ashirbekova J.B.; Otegenova B.N.; Bakirov261072 L.Sh.

  16. Space-Mass Relation And Gravity In A Geometrically Open Space Universe

    Authors: Saravanan Govindaraj

  17. Change Management And Performance Of Public Secondary Schools In Siaya Sub County

    Authors: Okiiya Andrew Sande; Kisiangani Benson Walela; Oparanya Wamukoya

  18. Agroindustrial Byproducts For The Production Of Hyaluronic Acid By Streptococcus Zooepidemicus ATCC 39920

    Authors: Nicole Caldas Pan; Josiane Alessandra Vignoli; Cristiani Baldo; Hanny Cristina Braga Pereira; Rui Srgio dos Santos Ferreira da Silva; Maria Antonia Pedrine Colabone Celligoi

  19. Qualitative Interpretation Of Aerogravity And Aeromagnetic Survey Data Over The South Western Part Of The Volta River Basin Of Ghana

    Authors: George Hinson; Aboagye Menyeh; David Dotse Wemegah

  20. Modification Of Normal Microscope To Magneto-Optical Microscope

    Authors: Nurazlin Ahmad; Azuraida Amat; Wan Yusmawati Wan Yusoff; Nurshahidah Osman; Noor Baayah Ibrahim

  21. Assessment Of Morphometric Characteristics Of Karwadi-Nandapur Micro Watershed Using Remote Sensing And Geographical Information System

    Authors: N.P. Patil; A.S. Kadale; G.S.Mhetre

  22. A Short Study To Evaluate Effectiveness Of Class Room Teaching Versus Community Based Learning Among Medical Students.

    Authors: Dr. L. Kannan; Dr. Praveena. P

  23. High Thermoelectric Performance Of Unsintered NaCo2O4 Nanocrystal

    Authors: Mehmet OkanErdal; Mustafa Koyuncu; 26304brahim Uslu

  24. Implementation Of 5S Methodology In The Small Scale Industry A Case Study

    Authors: R. S. Agrahari; P.A. Dangle; K.V.Chandratre

  25. Optimization Of Bleaching Parameters By Whiteness Index And Bursting Strength Of Knitted Cotton Fabric

    Authors: Abu Naser Md. Ahsanul Haque; Md. Azharul Islam

  26. Experimental Study For Pizometric Head Distribution Under Hydraulic Structures

    Authors: Dr. Najm Obaid Salim Alghazali; Hala Kathem Taeh Alnealy

  27. Al-7075 Malzemesinin Freze Tezgh26305nda Delme 2630426351leminde Farkl26305 Devir Ve 26304lerleme H26305zlar26305 26304in Olu26351an Titre26351imlerin 26304ncelenmesi

    Authors: C. Sevim; O. Genc

  28. Big Data Clustering Using Genetic Algorithm On Hadoop Mapreduce

    Authors: Nivranshu Hans; Sana Mahajan; SN Omkar

  29. Video Malware - Behavioral Analysis

    Authors: Rajdeepsinh Dodia; Priyanka Bhati; Kvvprasad; Anil Anisetti

  30. The Tensile Strenght Properties Effect Of Rice-Husk Ash As On The Composite Of Plastic Drinking Bottle Waste

    Authors: Maulida; Syahri Dani; Faisal Bukhory

  31. Energy Supply In A Building Via A Photovoltaic-Thermal Power System

    Authors: Saban Yilmaz; Hasan Riza Ozcalik; Erdal Kilic; Mustafa Aksu

  32. Financial Risk And Share Price Behavior

    Authors: Sobia Quayyoum; Dr Arshad Hassan; Dr Szabo Zoltan

  33. Resource Potential Analysis Of Honey Bee Feed Apis Dorsata In Mountain Tinanggo Kolaka

    Authors: Rosmarlinasiah; Daud Malamassam; Sampe Paembonan; Yusran Yusuf

  34. Discrete-Event Simulation

    Authors: Prateek Sharma

  35. Ammonia Production In Poultry Houses And Its Effect On The Growth Of Gallus Gallus Domestica Broiler Chickens A Case Study Of A Small Scale Poultry House In Riverside Kitwe Zambia

    Authors: Patrick Sipalo Maliselo; Glasswell K. Nkonde

  36. Genomics With Cloud Computing

    Authors: Sukhamrit Kaur; Sandeep Kaur

  37. Internal And External Environment Analysis On The Performance Of Small And Medium Industries Smes In Indonesia

    Authors: Sofyan Indris; Ina Primiana

  38. Effect Of Polyphenols Klika Ongkea Mezzetia Parviflora Becc Against Blood Glucose Wistar Rats Induced By Streptozotocin

    Authors: Jangga; Rosdiana Natsir; Suryani Asad; Agussalim Bukhari

  39. Determine Neutron Yield From Beryllium Compounds Bombarding With Alpha Particles

    Authors: Osamah Nawfal Oudah

  40. Effect Of The Board Of Commissioners Of Its Value Through Quality Of Financial Reporting

    Authors: Sigit Sukmono

  41. Effect Of Accounting Lecturer Lecturer Commitment To The Development Of Professional Accounting Empirical Study Lecturer Accounting Faculty Of Economics University Of Muhammadiyah Tangerang 2013

    Authors: Endraria

  42. Field Features And Mode Of Emplacement Of Pegmatites Of Keffi Area North Central Nigeria

    Authors: Tanko; I.Y.; Adam; M.; Dambring; P.D

  43. The Effectiveness Of The Training In The Development Of Human Resources In The Directorate General Of Education In Dhahirah Governorate In The Sultanate Of Omanfrom The Point Of View Of Teachers.

    Authors: Dr. Mohammed Nassif S. Dissomimba; Dr. Ahmed Abdul Malik; Fahad Hamed Sulaiyam AL Sawafi

  44. Impact Of Online Advertising On Consumer Attitudes And Interests Buy Online Survey On Students Of Internet Users In Makassar

    Authors: Muhammad Aqsa; Dwi Kartini

  45. Health Care Reform Bureaucracy In The District Merauke In Perspective Agency Theory

    Authors: Samel W. Ririhena; H. Suratman; Alwi; Gita Susanti

  46. Performance Of Different Tillage Implements And Their Effects On Sorghum And Maize Grown In Gezira Vertisols Sudan

    Authors: M.A. Bashir; M.I. Dawelbeit; M.O. Eltom; H. Tanakamaru

  47. Application Of Organic And Inorganic Fertilizer Improving The Quantity And Quality Of Shallot Yield On Dry Land

    Authors: Sri Anjar Lasmini; Zaenal Kusuma; Mudji Santoso; Abdul Latif Abadi

  48. The Two Feasible Seemingly Unrelated Regression Estimator

    Authors: Ghazal. A. Ghazal; Salwa. A. Hegazy

  49. Influence Of Industry Environment Adaptation To The Improved Performance Of Islamic Financial Institutions

    Authors: Muslim A Djalil; Ernie Tisnawati Sule; Raja Masbar

  50. Sensitizing The Mode Shapes Of Beam Towards Damage Detection Using Curvature And Wavelet Transform

    Authors: N. G. Jaiswal; D. W. Pande

  51. Review On Automatic-Cleaning Basket Strainer

    Authors: Deepak Gothwal; Abhijit Dhumal; Anand Gang; Siddharth Gavali; Sandip Shinde

  52. An Evaluation Of The Effects Of Petroleum Exploration And Production Activities On The Social Environment In Ogoni Land Nigeria

    Authors: Ibama Brown; Eyenghe Tari

  53. Influence Business Environment On The Organization Performance

    Authors: Ridwan Ibrahim; Ina Primiana