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Archived Papers for Journal


Vol.16, No.2

Publisher: Marco González Tous

Publishing Date: 2011-05-02

  1. Ratas, ácaros, guerras, pobreza, negligencia y rickettsiosis

    Authors: Salim Mattar V; Marco Gonzalez T.

  2. Rickettsioses in Latin America, Caribbean, Spain and Portugal

    Authors: Marcelo B. Labruna; Salim Mattar V; Santiago Nava; Sergio Bermudez; Jose M. Venzal; Gaby Dolz; Katia Abarca; Luis Romero; Rita de Sousa; Jose Oteo; Jorge Zavala-Castro

  3. Nutritional requirements of freshwater ornamental fish: a review

    Authors: Yohana Velasco-Santamaría; Wilson Corredor-Santamaría

  4. Principal molecular markers used to identify Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina

    Authors: Sandra Ríos T; Leonardo Ríos O

  5. Neospora caninum infection in beef cattle reared under grazing conditions in north-central Mexico

    Authors: Karina Mondragón-Zavala; Carlos Cruz-Vazquez; Leticia Medina-Esparza; Miguel Ramos-Parra; Zeferino García-Vazquez

  6. Genetic diversity of six populations of red hybrid tilapia, using microsatellites genetic markers

    Authors: Boris Briñez R; Xenia Caraballo O; Marcela Salazar V

  7. Effect of age and coasting period on oocytes quality and their in vitro development from prepubertal cattle

    Authors: Sandra Bernal U; Angela Gonella D; Diego Valbuena; Rubén Mendoza; Juan Molina; Liliana Chacón J

  8. Relationship between type traits and milk production in Holstein cows from Antioquia, Colombia

    Authors: Juan Corrales A; Mario Cerón-Muñoz; Jhon Cañas A; Cristina Herrera R; Samir Calvo C

  9. Modeling the lactation curves for milk, fat and protein yield of Holstein cattle in Antioquia, Colombia

    Authors: Jhon Cañas A; Mario Cerón-Muñoz; Juan Corrales A

  10. Efficiency of superovulatory response to P-24 protocol in fixed time embryo transfer in Brahman cattle

    Authors: Roger Salgado O; Andrés Mejía A; Pablo Suarez S

  11. Chemical and organoleptic evaluation of maralfalfa silage (Pennisetum sp.) plus fresh cassava (Manihot esculenta)

    Authors: Libardo Maza A; Oscar Vergara G; Elisa Paternina D

  12. Evaluation of Lactobacillus plantarum in large intestine of piglets by transmission microscopy and blood chemistry

    Authors: Henry Jurado G; Diana Castaño Z; Cristina Ramírez T

  13. Comparison of direct versus Friedewald methods for determing LDL cholesterol levels in the horse

    Authors: José Osório O; Luis Uribe-Velazquez

  14. Effect of glucose concentration on sperm motility activation in bocachico Prochilodus magdalenae (Pisces, Characiformes)

    Authors: Gregorio Martínez; Víctor Atencio G; Sandra Pardo C

  15. Isolation and serotyping of Salmonella sp. in ponds with captive Crocodylus intermedius and testudines in Villavicencio ? Colombia

    Authors: Diana Pachón C; Adriana Pulido V; Carlos Moreno T

  16. Presence of Spiroplasma penaei in plankton, benthos and fauna in shrimps farms of Colombia

    Authors: José Altamiranda M; Marcela Salazar V; Boris Briñez R

  17. Vacuum impregnation dynamic on celery (Apium graveolens L.) and cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.)

    Authors: Yisell Martelo C; Misael Cortés R; Diego Restrepo M

  18. Influences of the packing and packed about physiochemical properties of edible mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus

    Authors: Misael Cortés R; Marilza Ruiz R; Luís Henriquez

  19. Genotoxicity of water contaminated by plaquicidas in an area of Antioquia

    Authors: Flor Tobón M; Luís López G

  20. Measurement of the relative technical efficiency of the farms associated to Coounion in Guasca Cundinamarca

    Authors: Wilson Oviedo G; Gloria Rodríguez L

  21. Mixture of cipermetrina and clorpirifós to control Haematobia irritans fly

    Authors: Gustavo López V; Cristiano Grisi do N; Diego Gonzalez C

  22. Polydactyly in an all four limbs in a halfbred filly in Chile

    Authors: Onésimo Sepúlveda S; Christian Rehhof V; Reinaldo Ortiz R; Lisandro Muñoz A