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Archived Papers for Journal

I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald >>

Vol.1, No.12

Publisher: Ryazan State Medical University

Publishing Date: 1999-03-10

  1. Holographic principle of systemic behaviour organization: the development of I.P. Pavlov's notions of the nucleus and analysers diffused elements

    Authors: Sudakov К.V.

  2. The synapsearchitectonics of cortex in the acpect of Pavlov's theory of acquired reflex

    Authors: Bogolepov N.N.

  3. I.P. Pavlov and modern psychophysiology of attention

    Authors: Shulgovsky V.V.

  4. Reinforcement in cortex neurons integrative activity

    Authors: Volkov V.F.

  5. Double influence of vagus nerve and sympathetic nerve on mobility of stomach and intestine

    Authors: Smirnov V.M.

  6. The role of systematizing factors such as supporting and non-supporting in predicted animal behaviour formation (systemic theory of closed-circle brain function formation)

    Authors: Belov A.F

  7. I.P. Pavlov's doctrine of analyzers and the problem of glaucoma

    Authors: Belov A.F.; Kolesnikova M.A.

  8. The importance of I.P. Pavlov's physiologic teaching for the modern practical gastroenterology

    Authors: Nogaller A.M.

  9. Modern ideas of intconnection of structure and function in terms of I.P. Pavlov's notions

    Authors: Astrahantsev A.Ph.; Astrahantsev P.A.; Krupnov N.M.

  10. Behevioral and neuronal mecanisms of conditioning reflex formation

    Authors: Zhuravlev B.V.; Murtazina E.P.

  11. The main mechanisms of an intelectual activity of men and the typological regularities of their systemic organization

    Authors: Gavrikov K.V.; Ivashev S.P.

  12. The role of individual typological characteristics and confirmations in the development of man's behaviour

    Authors: Lapkin M.M.

  13. The problem of nervous trophicity in Pavlov's works and his school

    Authors: Zabrodin O.N.

  14. Neurophysiology analysis of parkinsonism

    Authors: Starikov A.S.

  15. Creating conditioned reflex as a factor of adaptation to additional respiratory resistance

    Authors: Byalovskiy Ju.Ju.

  16. The famous inhabitants of Ryazan: two lives, two fates

    Authors: Uzbekova D.G.

  17. Philosophical ideas and principlis in I.P. Pavlov's scientific work

    Authors: Korneev P.V

  18. P. Pavlov's teaching of the higher nervous activity as the scientific basis of physical training and coaching

    Authors: Proshljakov V.D.

  19. The organization of psychotherapeutical rehabilitation of substance abusers

    Authors: Nazaraliev J.В.; Bauer V.R.; Muzafarova V.A.; Yusupov Y.S.

  20. The organization of psychotherapeutical rehabilitation of substance abusers

    Authors: Nazaraliev J.В.; Bauer V.R.; Muzafarova V.A.; Yusupov Y.S.

  21. The systemic organization of the feeding behaviuor and inner inhibition of reflexes

    Authors: Shilin A.A.

  22. The specification of bronchial asthma's pathogenesis on the basis of study of the peculiarities of spatial organization of brain electrical activity

    Authors: Sichov V.N.; Gannash O.B.; Sichova L.P.

  23. Sensitiveness and durability stereotype behavior components to caffeine developed in rats under different quantities of reinforcement

    Authors: Beloshenkov V.V.

  24. I.P. Pavlov and studentents

    Authors: Eroshina T.A.

  25. Encouragement of the diagnostic search in neurovascular diseases

    Authors: Shutov D.V.; Abrosimov V.N.; Karpikov A.V.; Shutov A.V.

  26. Quantum reflex therapy of the ischemic heart disease (review)

    Authors: Hubutia B.I.; Hubutia Z.B.

  27. The ideas of academician I.P. Pavlov in the development of suggestion theory (review)

    Authors: Hovrachyov A.P.