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Archived Papers for Journal

I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald >>

Vol.12, No.4

Publisher: Ryazan State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2011-12-27

  1. Comparative histochemical characteristic of different parts of cerebral cortex in rats after irradiation

    Authors: Ilicheva V.N.


    Authors: M.V. Mnikhovich; L.V. Kaktursky; Y.I. Huminski; L.V. Fominа; S.V. Vernigorodsky; N.A. Kaminska; V.G. Miglyas

  3. Gene pharmacotherapy Inoperable patients with chronic lower limb ischemia

    Authors: Shvalb P.G.; Kalinin R.E.; Deev R.V.; Gryaznov S.V.; Mzhavanadze N.D.; Kiselev S.L.; Isaev A.A.

  4. Pharmacokinetic of simvastatin at experimental hypothyreosis

    Authors: Yakusheva E.N.; Popova N.M.

  5. Physiological aspects of adaptation of cadets of academy FSIN of Russia to physical activities

    Authors: Voronin R.M.

  6. Influence of the thyroxine on the functional activity of the р-glycoprotein in the experiment

    Authors: Yakusheva E.N.; Byryukova A.S.; Shchulkin A.V.; Nikiforova L.V.

  7. Current issues in health organization care in the penal colonystrict mode

    Authors: Medvedevа O.V.; Ermolaeva T.V.; Yusufov R.Sh.

  8. Estimation doctors of material base of the departmental hospital

    Authors: Laktionova L.V.

  9. The comparative hygienic analysis of the vehicle density in Ryazan districts

    Authors: Lyapkalo А.А.; Dementiev А.А.; Tsurgan А.М.

  10. Functions and operation procedure of the distance advisory centers with visiting anesthesiology-reanimation brigades

    Authors: Misyakov V.B.; Konovalov O.E.; Fomina A.V.

  11. Organizational-functional model of monitoring of health and quality of life of employees of law-enforcement bodies

    Authors: Pozdnjakova M.A.; Danilov V.A.; Tamojkin A.V.; Jashkov A.A.

  12. The health of children-orphans and children, In difficult life situations (based on materials Ryazan region)

    Authors: Petrovа E.I.

  13. The complex analysis of a personnel maintenance of children's out-patient-polyclinic establishments of Ryazan

    Authors: Chvireva N.V.

  14. Peculiarities of ventilation disorders in the patients with inner organs pathology

    Authors: Rakita D.R.; Kuspanaliyeva D.S.

  15. Predictors of poor prognosis in chronic heart failure

    Authors: Smirnova E.A.

  16. Influence of metabolic syndrome on the course of bronchial asthma

    Authors: Sysoevа; Solovievа A.V.; Nikiforov A.А.; Rakita D.R.

  17. Evaluation of quality of life and correlation carbohydrate metabolism, hormonal spectrum of patients with diabetes type 2 primary hypothyroidism, complicated distal neuropathy

    Authors: Dubininа I.I.; Uryasev O.M.; Karapysh T.V.

  18. The role of antibodies to tireoperoksidaze when autoimmune orbitopathy

    Authors: Lihvantseva V.G.Написать письмо авто

  19. Clinical condition and quality of life sick of a psoriasis, as criteria of efficiency phytoecdysteroides in complex therapy of a dermatosis

    Authors: Terentyev S.Ju.; Yermoshina N.P.; Darmograj V.N.

  20. Immunological indices in patients with colorectal cancer during in-patient treatment

    Authors: Semionkin E.I.; Bublikov I.D.

  21. The life quality of the patients who have sustained the partial gastrectomy concerning the peptic ulcer

    Authors: Tarasenko S.V.; Zaitsev O.V.; Kopeykin A.A.; Rahmaev T.S.; Natalsky A.A.; Bakonina I.V.

  22. Economical effective and social significance of simultaneous correction in organs of the abdominal cavity and pelvic minor with obesity

    Authors: Ivanov V.V.

  23. Investigation of clinical effectiveness of fluorine-containing filling materials for treatment of secondary caries of permanent teeth

    Authors: Gluhova E.A.; Morozova S.I.

  24. The results of the research of the action of the toothpastes ?Lacalut Brilliant White? on the state of oral cavity of the adolescents after the orthodontic treatment

    Authors: Tabolina E.S.; Landinova V.D.; Morozova S.I.; Ogneva A.N.; El Uazzani Mohamed

  25. Method for the quantative determination of β-hydroxysimvastatin in blood plasma

    Authors: Popova N.M.

  26. Environmental factors and healthstatus of population

    Authors: Berestenko E.D.; Grigoriev Yu.I.

  27. Modern views on the relationship of the upper and lower respiratory tract in allergic rhinitis and asthma

    Authors: Gusсhin M.Y.; Barkhina T.G.; Golovanova V.E.; Polner S.A.

  28. Peculiarities of regression of limb ischemia after ligation operation in drug-addicted patients with post-injection pseudoaneurysms of peripheral arteries in the long-term period

    Authors: Karpov V.V.; Shvalb A.P.; Gryaznov S.V.