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Archived Papers for Journal

I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald >>

Vol.2, No.12

Publisher: Ryazan State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2000-03-10

  1. The problem of drug safety in pharmacology and pharmacotherapy teaching

    Authors: Makarova V.G.; Semenchenko M.V.; Yakusheva Ye.N.

  2. Clinical priorities in experimental research of perfusion and microcirculation of myocard

    Authors: Hubutia B.I.; Kalinin R.E.

  3. Hormonal problem of adaptation of preterm infants in neonatal period

    Authors: Dmitriev A.V.; Dmitrieva N.V.; Stroev E.A.

  4. The urgent problems of the restorative medicine

    Authors: Sokolov A.V.

  5. Approaches to the patients' drug information problem

    Authors: Makarova V.G.; Yakusheva Ye.N.; Semenchenko M.V

  6. Vacuolar-lysosomic thymocyte system in case of experimental hypofunction of thyroid gland

    Authors: Astrahantsev A.F.; Tsaryova O.A.

  7. Clinical compensation of patients with alcoholics' encephalopathy

    Authors: Darenski I.D.

  8. Alcohol parasuicides: clinical typology and peculiarities of acute withdrawal status

    Authors: Schustov D.I.

  9. Neurosecretory cycle phases in normal and in different disease complicated by chronic disturbed circulation

    Authors: Papcov V.G.

  10. To a question on the functional importance of valvula venae cavae esferioris of the man in conditions of norm and pathology circulation

    Authors: Kolobaev A.V.; Uhov Yu.I.

  11. Morphological characteristics man's cerebellum

    Authors: Chubutia B.I.; Solovioev S.V.

  12. A galactorrhea in the sarcoidosis patients

    Authors: Stroev E.A.; Dobin V.L.; Astakhov V.I.; Batova E.V

  13. About biochemical changes of blood in distractive sclerosis

    Authors: Leonov G.A.; Dotsenco E.V.; Leonova M.V.

  14. Free radical status at the patients with asthma and opportunity of its correction

    Authors: Rackita D.R.; Lunyakov V.A.; Uryasiev O.M.; Garmash V.Y.

  15. Psychophysiological aspects of effect in recovery of health of the man

    Authors: Sokolov A.V.; Rondaleva N.A.; Lasareva Y.V.; Shoomova A.L.

  16. On some problems of forensic expertise in cases of injuring people's health

    Authors: Boiko I.B.

  17. About clinic-immunological parallels in disfractive sclerosis and disfractive encephalitidis

    Authors: Leonov G.A.; Anurova G.I.; Dotsenco E.V.; Leonova O.G

  18. Predicts of (sudden) cardiac death; capabilities of cardiopulmonary reanimation in cardiodispanser

    Authors: Jakushin S.S.; Sazonova N.S.; Grushetskaja I.S.; Zayceva N.V.

  19. Microbial colonisation of gastrointestinal tract in preterm infants with neonatal infections

    Authors: Dmitriev A.V.; Dmitrieva N.V.; Gusjukina E.P.; Smirnov I.V.

  20. Intestinal disbacteriosis with genito-urinary infections - inflammatory diseases in monitoring

    Authors: Korvyakova E.R.

  21. Non-stop, many staged, differentiated therapy of patients with food allergy

    Authors: Lunyakov A.S.

  22. There results of the treatment of the patients with the cancer of the large intestine

    Authors: Kulikov E.; Bublikov I.; Zubareva T.; Pimenov I.; Golovkin E.

  23. Surgical treatment of the complicated huge ulcers of a stomach and duodenal intestine

    Authors: Tarasenko S.V.; Gusha A.L.; Kopeykin A.A.; Hvesko N.V.

  24. The ways of improvement of outcomein cesarean section

    Authors: Mirov I.M.

  25. Therapeutic and diagnostic tactics under mechanical jaundice and liver insufficiency

    Authors: Tarasenko S.V.; Kopeykin A.A.

  26. Clinical significance of Fieschi syndrome in splenomegaly

    Authors: Zhiborev B.N.; Kirillov Ju.B.

  27. Surgical policy in rectal injuries

    Authors: Khubezov A.T.; Vasin V.A.; Khubezov D.A; Podyablonsky A.V.

  28. The prognostic significance of serum alfa-amylase activity by different diseases of alimentary tract

    Authors: Ryvkin O.M.; Fomenko Yu.V.; Botоv V.M.

  29. Application of settlement methods for a rating of function of external breath at the students of special medical group

    Authors: Trutneva E.; Proshlaykov V.

  30. The state of nonspecific resistance of the machine-operator in agriculture organisms

    Authors: Kirushin V.A.; Gorochov V.I.

  31. Method of stading grey substance of cerebellum

    Authors: Solov'ev S.V.; Chubutia B.I.; Gerasin S.P.

  32. Morphometry of thyroid gland

    Authors: Chumachenko P.A.; Pankratova E.S.

  33. Combined rentgen-endoscopic method in diagnostics of a pathology of a small bowel

    Authors: Dvoinikov S.U.; Tarasenko S.V.

  34. The pathology of renal lymphatic system on children with hydronephrosis and the methods its correction

    Authors: Klipova L.N.; Judin V.A.

  35. Pavlov's paper ?The letter for youth? and three causes

    Authors: Zabrodin O.N.

  36. History of a society of the Ryazan doctors

    Authors: Belov A.F.

  37. I.P. Pavlov and religion

    Authors: Zagrina N.A

  38. I.Р. Рavlov as scientffic-thinker

    Authors: Shingarov G.H.