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Archived Papers for Journal

I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald >>

Vol.22, No.1

Publisher: Ryazan State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2014-02-03

  1. Associations of acrocentric chromosomes in small-for-date newborns from different ecological zones of Precarpathia

    Authors: Kocherha Z.R.

  2. Association of polymorphism of AGT (T174M), TNF-A (G308A) and MTHFR (A222V) with desadaptive remodeling of heart after a Q-myocardial infarction

    Authors: Kuzmin A.G.

  3. Developmental features of liver and spleen blood capillaries of human embryos and fetuses under the effect of anthropogenic factors of chemical production on mother

    Authors: Ponomarev B.L.; Obuhova L.E.; Vysoski U.A.; Barsukova N.I.; Cherdantseva T.M.

  4. Characteristics of morpholodgical changes of the vascular wall at restenosis

    Authors: Staroverov I.N.Написать письмо авто

  5. Vitamin D and calcium supply of the prepubertative children in south Bashkiria

    Authors: Kamilov F.Kh.; Agletdinov E.F.; Golovatskikh I.V.; Kuznetsova E.V.; Bikmetova E.R.

  6. Comparative evaluation of lipid peroxidation and antioksidant system in patient concomitant diseases acne gastrointestinal

    Authors: Golovach N.A.; Ermoshina N.P.; Isakov S.A.

  7. Synchronization effects of magnetic wave to the mechanism of cardic rhythm regulation in normal people

    Authors: Ukhov U.I.; Krapivnikova O.V.; Kositsin N.S.

  8. Feedback and time factor in systemic organization of purposeful behavior of a human in reproduction of visual images

    Authors: Merkulova M.A.; Lapkin M.M.; Kulikova N.A.

  9. Research of endothelio-and cardioprotective effects of enalapril, lozartan and amlodipin at modelling hyperhomocystein induced endothelial dysfunction

    Authors: Korokin M.V.; Pokrovskii M.V.; Kochkarov V.I.; Gudyrev O.S.; Pokrovskaia T.G.; Korokina L.V.; Polyanskaya O.S.

  10. Influence of preparation from the biomass of ginseng on biochemical parameters of erythrocytes at experimental hypoxia

    Authors: Ryabkov A.N.

  11. Urgent character of cancer prophylaxis in Ryazan region

    Authors: Kuchumov V.V.; Lyapkalo A.A.; Medvedeva O.V.

  12. Contribution arrangements zemstvo medicine in the development of prevention of socially significant diseases

    Authors: Lashkul Z.V.

  13. Characteristics of management of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases in Ryazan region

    Authors: Nizov A.A.; Yakubovskaya A.G.; Koldynskaya E.I.

  14. Features of examination of patients with coronary heart disease in outpatient practice according to observation in a registry study

    Authors: Pereverzeva K.G.; Vorobev A.N.; Nikulina N.N.; Moseichuk K.A.; Pravkina E.A.; Yakushin S.S.

  15. Diagnosis modified parathyroid the treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism interstitial laser photocoagulation

    Authors: Pamputis S.N.; Alexandrov Yu.; Patrunov Yu.; Lopatnikova E.N.

  16. Remote results of surgical treatment of benign thyroid disease in elderly patients

    Authors: Aristarkhov V.G.; Danilov N.V.

  17. Using of combination of the dermal matrix with allogeneic cells for treatment of extensive traumatic wounds

    Authors: Khubutia; Pokhitonov D.Y.; Borovkova N.V.; Filippov O.P.; Kljukvin I.Y.; Khvatov V.B.; Ponomarev I.N.; Shugay S.V.; Andreev Y.V.


    Authors: Khubezov D.A.Написать письмо авто

  19. Medical complications in hip joint arthroplasty in elderly patients

    Authors: Fedoseev A.V.; Al Mansour Ah.Y.; Litvinov A.A.; Chekushin A.A.; Filonenko P.S.; Bondareva J.A.; Zaitseva E.A.

  20. Execution efficiency videoassisted anatomic lung resections

    Authors: Hiller D.B.; Sadovnikova S.S.; Papkov A.V.; Giller G.V.; Glotov A.A.

  21. Modern technologies of treatment of patients with umbilical hernia

    Authors: Muraviev S.Y.; Fedoseev A.V.; Avdeev S.S.; Gazuani A.I.; Strekalov E.V.

  22. Change of cytomorphometric indicators before and after ortofen and dioksidin ointments treatment in patients with mild hypertrophic gingivitis, edematous form

    Authors: Biriukova U.A.; Morozova S.I.; Fuks E.I.

  23. Anthropometric characteristics of students on J. Tanner's classification

    Authors: Lopatina L.A.; Serezhenko N.P.; Sokolov D.A.

  24. Innovative technologies in rehabilitation treatment of patients with lumbar osteochondrosis

    Authors: Sokolov A.V.; Svintsova S.E.; Antonovich M.N.

  25. The influence of great nettle polysaccharide on physical activity of animals, processes of phagocytosis and resistance of erythrocyte membranes

    Authors: Kalinkina O.V.; Sichev I.A.

  26. Role arteriovenous fistula in femoral-tibial bypass surgery

    Authors: Pokrovsky A.V.; Yahontov D.I.