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Archived Papers for Journal

I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald >>

Vol.23, No.1

Publisher: Ryazan State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2015-01-26

  1. Comparative characteristics cultural properties of adherent cells derived from bone marrow of multiorgan donors and tissues donors

    Authors: Hubutija M.Sh.Написать письмо авто

  2. Change active recovery of small intestinal mucosa under the cyclophosphamide influence, and its correction by drugs that stimulate digestive tract tissue repair

    Authors: Bondarchuk A.O.; Fomim L.V.; Gavriliouk A.A.; Mnikhovich M.V.; Zherebyateva S.R.

  3. Features of morphological and spatial structure of placenta at in the antenatal fetal hypoxia

    Authors: Barinova I.V.; Savelev S.V.Написать письмо авто

  4. Morphological changes of the liver parenchyma after embolization of the right branch of the portal vein

    Authors: Shabunin A.V.; Grecov D.N.; Rakcha A.P.; Drozdov P.A.

  5. Morphological and functional aspects of neurosecretory process in hypothalamic nuclei in heart failure

    Authors: Papkov V.G.

  6. Oxidative carbonylation of proteins in muscle tissues with pronounced hyperhomocysteinemia

    Authors: Ilicheva A.S.; Fomina M.A.

  7. Interrelations between individual peculiarities of the nervous system and effectiveness of reproduction of visual images by humans

    Authors: Merkulova M.A.; Lapkin M.M.; Kulikova N.A.

  8. Development of HPLC method of ethyl-methylhydroxypyridine succinate quantification in rat and rabbit plasma

    Authors: Chernykh I.V.; Shchulkin A.V.; Gatsanoga M.V.; Mylnikov P.Yu.

  9. State of health of workers of dairy combines and its predictive assessment

    Authors: Rakitina I.S.

  10. Monitoring behavioral risk factors for chronic noncommunicable diseases in 2014

    Authors: Filippov E.V.

  11. Peptic ulcer and trophological status of patients

    Authors: Butov M.A.; Zhestkova T.V.; Maslova O.A.

  12. Comparative prognosis in eldery and senile patients with Q-myocardial infarction during 12 months of observation depending on different schemes of reperfusion therapy

    Authors: Bellil S.; Yakushin S.S.; Aksentev S.B.; Yunevich D.S.

  13. Glycaemia monitoring and clinicoinstrumental studies in diabetic neuropathy diagnostics

    Authors: Dubinina I.I.; Zhadnov V.A.; Berstneva S.V.; Baranov V.V.; Azimkova L.V.

  14. Features of healthy-preserving behavior and adherence to treatment by doctors at different stages of professional development

    Authors: Ulanova N.N.; Yakovleva N.V.

  15. Long-term results of balloon angioplasty for femoropopliteal artery disease

    Authors: Zatevakhin I.I.; Shipovsky V.N.; Tursunov S.B.; Dzhurakulov Sh.R.

  16. Features of immune system at elderly patients after splenectomy in the next postoperative period

    Authors: Maslyakov V.V.; Uryadov S.E.; Tabunkov A.P.

  17. Long-term results of radical retropubic prostatectomy

    Authors: Kaprin A.D.; Kostin A.A.; Filimonov V.B.; Vasin R.V.; Ivanova A.Y.

  18. Morphological assessment of the prevalence of ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreas

    Authors: Setdikova G.R.; Paklina O.V.; Shabunin A.V. Bedin V.V.; Tavobilov M.M.; Khatkov I.E.; Izrailov R.E.

  19. Estimation results taste sensitivity in remote dates after prosthesis in patients with galvanism, the use of non-removable prosthetic devices

    Authors: Kotov K.S.; Guskov A.V.

  20. Reproductive behavior and reproductive health of adolescent girls of the Kyrgyz republic

    Authors: Poltava N.V.

  21. The course and methods for predicting postpartum endometritis

    Authors: Tuzlukov I.I.; Kovalenko; Naumova N.V.

  22. Bacteriological examination of malignant tumors (retrospective overview)

    Authors: Rubtsov B.V.

  23. The problems of cement fixation of hip prosthesis components in patients with hip fracture (review)

    Authors: Fedoseyev A.V.; Litvinov A.A.; Chekushin A.A.; Filonenko P.S.; Mansoor A.Al.; Yurchikova E.E.

  24. Methodical approaches to research of problems of departmental healthcare

    Authors: Fomin E.P.