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Archived Papers for Journal

I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald >>

Vol.3, No.12

Publisher: Ryazan State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2001-04-15

  1. Morphologic characteristic of structural stump elements of ischiatic nerve after laser neurotomy in extremity amputation

    Authors: Khubutiya B.I.; Gerebiatieva S.R; Uhov Y.I.

  2. Evaluation of the clinical effectivenessand immunomoduating effect of cutaneous helium-neon laser irradiation of blood in treating newborn children with suppuratioe inflamation

    Authors: Nikitov V.N.; Gausman B.Y.; Novikov A.V.; Galkina T.M.

  3. Laser therapy in complex treatment of infants with endogenous intoxication on the background of suppurativeinflamatory diseases

    Authors: Nikitov V.N.; Dmitriyeva N.V.; Udovichenko S.A.

  4. The application of laser therapy in the combined treatment of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

    Authors: Dobin V.L.; Savkin A.P.; Churrhaev V.D.

  5. Laser therapy in a complex treatment of patients with gastroduodenal ulcer

    Authors: Lunjakov A.S.; Dunjazina N.M.; Alebastrov A.P.; Butov M.A.; Verderevskaja G.P.; Razzihvina E.G.

  6. Disorders of psychovegetative state and infectious factor in patients with gastroduodenal ulcer

    Authors: Butov M.A.; Lunyakov A.S.; Astrahancev A.F.

  7. Comparative estimation of efficiency and selection of an individual doze at realization on-skin and intravenous laser therapy at the patients with asthma

    Authors: Rackita D.R.; Papkov S.V.; Garmash V.Y.

  8. Changes of metrics of the hormonal thyroid profile and humoral immunity for ill by autoimmune thyroiditis at an exposure liens of low intensive laser radiation

    Authors: Trushin S.N.; Semenkin R.V.

  9. Features of regulation of the free radical peroxide oxidation of lipids at the patients with a chronic bronchitis and its correction by intravenous laser irradiation of blood

    Authors: Rackita D.R.; Ushmarov A.K.; Garmash V.Ya.

  10. Clinical appreciation of using plazmaferez combined with itravascular lazer irradiation of blood for treating critical degrees of diabetic angiopastic ischemia of lower extremities

    Authors: Seliverstov D.V.; Gausman B.J.; Puchkov K.V.; Afanasjev V.Ph.; Morozova V.I.; Djachuk V.K.

  11. The variation of correlation basic ions of blood of coronary heart disease patients with progressive angina pectoris after influence of low powered laser emanation

    Authors: Larionov V.A.; Liferov R.A.; Girivenko A.I.; Kruchkova N.G.; Shitova I.G.

  12. Natural sources of population's radiation: doses and risk

    Authors: Lyapkalo A.A.; Bubnov D.N.; Kutchumov V.V.

  13. Some structural and functional characteristics of child's white splenic pulp

    Authors: Motalov V.G.

  14. The influention of He-Ne laser radiation of posttraumatic regeneration of sceleton muscle

    Authors: Plaksina L.N.; Uhov Yu.I.

  15. A possible role of progestins in fibroids growth stimulation

    Authors: Sidorova I.S.; Repin A.B.; Ryzhova O.V.

  16. To the question of increasing resistance to the unfavourble factors of the environment

    Authors: Logunova L.V.

  17. Hygienic assessment of close-related irradiation factors in population living in the territory polluted as result of the explosion at the Chernobyl atomic power station

    Authors: Cherednikova V.I.; Kirushin V.A.; Panin V.F.; Akopova N.A.

  18. The influence of laser and ultrafialyetvay irradiation on erythrocyte of rats

    Authors: Pustovalov A.P.; Petrov V.K.

  19. The influence of laser irradiation on outflow of potassium and hemoglobin through erythrocyte

    Authors: Pustovalov A.P.; Petrov V.K.

  20. The use of reflex therapy in surgery

    Authors: Lichagina M.G.; Epishin N.M.; Lovchev Ju.A.

  21. Laser surgery of eye diseases

    Authors: Kolesnikova M.A.

  22. The intravasculare lazerotherapeutic at the patients with atopic dermatitis and eczema

    Authors: Isakov S.A.

  23. The immunological status at the patients with psoriasis in acute period

    Authors: Isakov S.A.

  24. The change of microanatomy of thymus of mice under the influence of dry ectract from sprouts of five - leaf bush in conditions of azathioprin immunosuppression

    Authors: Sapin M.P.; Khobrakova V.B.; Kaktursry L.V.; Grigorenko D.J.; Yerofeeva L.M.; Nikolaev S.M.; Ghamsaranova S.D.; Nikolaeva I.G.

  25. Experimental of the new methods of nerve stamp laser treatment

    Authors: Khubutiya B.I.; Gerebiatieva S.R.; Uhov Yu.I.

  26. Morphological aspects of new method cranioplastics with low-intensity laser radiation

    Authors: Khubutiya B.I.; Papkov V.G.; Lazutina G.S.; Runkov V.P.; Ovchinnikova N.V.

  27. Laserotherapy, how new method treatment of the thyreoiditis de Kervena

    Authors: Aristarkhov V.G.; Aristarkhov R.V.

  28. Peculiarities of treating patients with duodenal ulcers by magnetopuncture with alternating magnetic field

    Authors: Kravtsova T.Ju.

  29. About question of carnitine in regulation of changes processes in cell: modern asrect

    Authors: Kremenezkaya T.V.; Stroev Ye.A.; Makarova V.G.; Peskov D.D.