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Archived Papers for Journal

Техника и технология пищевых производств (Food Processing: Techniques and Technology) >>

Vol.49, No.4

Publisher: Kemerovo State University

Publishing Date: 2019-12-09

  1. Prospects of Technology and Formulation Development for Sauces Based on Oyster Mushrooms

    Authors: A.A. Dril

  2. Mineral and Amino Acid Composition of Germinated and Canned Wheat Grains

    Authors: M.L. Zenkova

  3. Extraction of Plant Pigments from Local Raw Materials

    Authors: N.G. Kostina T.V. Podlegaeva I.Yu. Sergeeva

  4. Healthy Bakery Composite Mixes

    Authors: E.V. Nevskaya I.A. Tyurina O.E. Tyurina M.T. Shulbaeva M.N. Potapova Ya.S. Golovacheva

  5. Effect of Meteorological Conditions on Storability of the Scab-Immune Columnar Apple Varieties

    Authors: A.L. Nikitin M.A. Makarkina

  6. Fatty Acid Composition of Goat and Sheep Milk: Transformation during Yogurt Production

    Authors: V.V. Sadovoy T.V. Voblikova A.V. Permyakov

  7. Roller Dryer for Drying Milk in Low-Tonnage Conditions

    Authors: M.E. Beletskaya A.A. Vladimirov O.V. Kozlova I.S. Milentyeva

  8. Effect of the Frictional Properties of Sunflower Seeds on the Efficiency of Pressing Equipment

    Authors: M.A. Berezin V.I. Borisov

  9. Mixing Unit for Production of Flour Baking Mixes with High Protein Content

    Authors: D.M. Borodulin T.V. Zorina E.V. Nevskaya D.V. Sukhorukov D.K. Cherkashina

  10. Improvement of Low-Waste Technology of Dairy Raw Material Processing Using New Type Membrane Equipment

    Authors: B.A. Lobasenko R.V. Kotlyarov E.K. Sazonova E.A. Vagaytseva A.V. Skomorokov

  11. Convective-Radiation Drying of Foamed Gelatin Fish Broth

    Authors: A.V. Makarov Yu.A. Maksimenko E.P. Dyachenko

  12. Polyurethane Decks in Centrifugal Oat Dehulling

    Authors: V.A. Marin A.L. Vereshchagin A.A. Ivanov

  13. Jackfruit as an Object of Drying: A Hygroscopic Study

    Authors: Thi Sen Nguyen I.Yu. Aleksanyan A.H.-H. Nugmanov L.M. Titova

  14. Fat Content in Preschoolers’ Diet

    Authors: S.N. Petrova A.R. Yeshchenko E.M. Mineeva

  15. Comparative Analysis of the Glycemic Index of Amaranth and Other Gluten-Free Products

    Authors: S.A. Urubkov S.S. Khovanskaya S.O. Smirnov

  16. Production of Enzymatic Hydrolyzates from North Shrimp Wastes

    Authors: M.V. Kiseleva O.V. Tabakaeva T.K. Kalenik A.Yu. Kiselev G.S. Tatarenko

  17. Effect of Wild Chamomile Extracts on the Complex of Economic Benefits of Rabbit Meat

    Authors: R.A. Voroshilin S.N. Rassolov E.V. Ulrikh M.G. Kurbanova

  18. Effect of Antioxidant Vitamin Complex on Disease Prevention

    Authors: O.G. Pozdnyakova M.A. Kazakova A.N. Austrievskih V.M. Poznyakovsky

  19. Evaluation of Fish Raw Materials as a Way to Increase the Information Content of its Characteristics

    Authors: T.M. Safronova E.M. Panchishina V.V. Krashchenko Ju.V. Karpenko

  20. Assessing Credit Risk in the Sphere of Commercial Lending to Organizations of the Kemerovo Region

    Authors: S.G. Chernichenko R.M. Kotov

  21. The Current State and Prospects of the Grain Market in the Kemerovo Region

    Authors: V.G. Shadrin O.N. Kotova L.A. Polikarpova