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Archived Papers for Journal

Reporter of the Priazovskyi State Technical University. Section: Technical sciences >>

Vol.22, No.1

Publisher: State higher educational establishment

Publishing Date: 2011-05-06

  1. Numerical evaluation of changing concentration of carbon and oxygen along the full hight of metal during ladle treatment

    Authors: L.V. Kamkina; Yu.N. Yakovlev; Ya.V. Stovba; V.P. Kamkin

  2. Improvement of blowing and slag-regimes of converter process with regulated entering of complex additions, that are multi-purpose

    Authors: А.P. Mishalkin; R.V. Ankudinov; N.A. Kolbin

  3. Nuclear and peripheral properties of atoms of the system of elements of D.I. Mendeleyev and their joint influence on chemical and physical properties of matter

    Authors: А.M. Skrebcov

  4. Influence of physic and mechanical properties of material of details on the process of treatment

    Authors: V.I. Burlakov; A.V. Fedosov

  5. Application of water-steam conversion natural gas in a blast-furnace production

    Authors: M.О. Tomash; A.V. Sushchenko

  6. Analytical research of decrease coke consumption possibility at improvement of gas stream reduction work in the blast furnaces

    Authors: V.B. Semakova; V.V. Semakov

  7. Usage of mathematical models for decreasing of pig iron temperature to detect carbonaceous wastes yield

    Authors: V.A. Maslov; M.Y. Dubovkina; О.A. Khlestova

  8. Receipt lime from chalky crumb

    Authors: V.V. Ozhogin; O.N. Kipcharskaya; Taranina E.V.

  9. Results of experiments on receiving clinker from iron an steel production wasters

    Authors: V.P. Kravchenko

  10. Some kinetic features of the evaporation of arsenic, sulfur and phosphorus from the iron when it is evacuated

    Authors: P.S. Kharlashin; A.V. Bendich

  11. Oxygen lance design with central nozzle module development

    Authors: A. V. Sushchenko

  12. Analysis of oxidation of the final metal in the smelting of steel in supersize converters

    Authors: L.Y. Nazuta; V.S. Denisenko

  13. Research of still solid shell deformation forming in slab CCM mold

    Authors: A.V.Fedosov; V.I. Burlakov; S.V. Larionova

  14. The Cold rolling of thin bars with the mirror surface of higher class

    Authors: V.I. Kaplanov

  15. Modernization of sheet rolled production of Ukraine: main directions of development and perspectives

    Authors: V.I. Kaplanov

  16. Simulation of the forming root "Ostryakov" rail

    Authors: B.S .Kargin; E.A. Mkrtchyan

  17. Resources-economy innovative surfacing materials and strengthening technologies providing dynamic deformation martensite transformation

    Authors: V.L. Malinov

  18. The creation of composition of new economical alloyed Fe-Cr-Mn surfacing wear resistant steel with regulate of maintenance and metastable austenite

    Authors: Y.A. Cheiliakh; V.V. Chigarev

  19. Use of thermocycling for treatment of stamps

    Authors: V.Yu. Ivashenko; A.P. Cheylyah

  20. A quantitative effectiveness evaluation for the thermomechanical rolling in producing the high quality tube steels

    Authors: D.V. Visenkov; I.F. Tkachenko

  21. The estimate strength of fatigue steel to be result variation of structure element

    Authors: I.О. Vakulenko

  22. Choice Heat Treatment, Provides a Stable Level Mechanical Properties of Steel Category S355J2

    Authors: M.A. Ryabikina; F.K. Tkachenko; T.Y. Ivanova; V.E Stavrovskaya

  23. Preparing standard of study for an electronic microscopy

    Authors: N.Kh. Solyanik; G.G. Garkusha; O.V. Zherlitcina

  24. Influence of the structural state of pipe steel of X70 is got as a result of tempering from an intercritical interval

    Authors: F.К.Tkachenko; V.G. Gavrilova; M.A. Grigoreva; V.A. Rusetskiy; N.V. Tkachenko

  25. Influence of manganese and nickel on growth of austenitic grain and his connection with an electronic structure

    Authors: K.I.Tkachenko; V.I. Miroshnichenko; N.V. Tkachenko

  26. Factors are determining the level of energy of activating of self-diffusion in metals

    Authors: F.K. Tkachenko; V.I. Miroshnichenko; І.F. Tkachenko

  27. Effect of temperature and melt holding time on the quality of the solidified casting

    Authors: A.M. Skrebtsov; G.A. Ivanov; J.D. Kuzmin; A.S. Kachikov

  28. Melt modifying by the dispersible particles considering their straggling in the sizes

    Authors: A. I. Trotsan; V. V. Kaverinskiy; I. L. Brodeckyy; J.P. Karlikova

  29. Method of the estimation expenses to energy on the heating - cooling the solid subject

    Authors: E.A. Kapustin; I.O. Berestovoi

  30. Estimation of Effects of Residual Stresses on Kinetics of Fatigue Cracks Development in Welded Joints. Part 1

    Authors: О.M. Serenko

  31. Research etxtend to property double ? sheet welding cjnnector

    Authors: V.V. Chigarov; I.V. Kovalenko

  32. Analysis of features of formoobrazovaniya of welding bath at naplavke under a gumboil by a band electrode

    Authors: B.I. Nosovskiy; E.V. Lavrova

  33. Perfection of technology to hardfacing of surfaces of pipeline equipment

    Authors: V.N. Matvienkо

  34. Determination of geometric parameters of the boom and trunk hinge - articulated boom portal crane system

    Authors: V.V. Suglobov; V.A. Mikheev; E.V. Tishchenko

  35. Ruggedness and strength of muffs with axial and a bow-type plant of direct ropes

    Authors: V.O. Proсenko

  36. Errors of treatment are at the use of facilities of active control

    Authors: V.T. Saunkin; S.G. Onishchuk

  37. Peculiarities of efficiency of assembly work automation in modern engineering

    Authors: А.М.Zinchenko; О.A. Levchenko; В.В. Cherbak

  38. Improvement of unrigged details by superficial plastic deformation

    Authors: L.P. Kolot; A.V. Pridvorov

  39. Features of damage of bearings of slush pump

    Authors: V.M. Kravchenko; V.A. Sidorov; V.V. Butsukin

  40. Multidimensionalness principles in theestimation of the technical state of electromechanics systems

    Authors: V.M. Kravchenko; V.F. Borisenko; V.A. Sidorov

  41. The improvement parameter work of the vibration-press for the mould concrete make

    Authors: N.G. Emelyanenko; F.A. Stoyanov; O.V. Metelyov; O.A. Bocharova

  42. The Improvement of Dynamical Precision, Technological Characteristics and Reduction of Flying Shears Drive Vibrating Activity

    Authors: O.О. Beygul; О.V. Dobrik; G.L. Lepetova

  43. Spatial design and analysis of the tense state of metaloconstrouctsii of travelling cranes

    Authors: Yu.G. Sagirov; V.V. Souglobov; O.A. Loza

  44. Control method for power factor corrector with integrated active power filter functionality

    Authors: V.V. Burlaka; S.V .Gulakov; S.A. Fedorovskaya

  45. The process of air-water cooling modelling for rolled plates as a control object component

    Authors: V.I. Miroshnichenko; A.I. Simkin

  46. Automated diagnostics of ship microclimate with the use of vehicle of neuron networks

    Authors: К.V. Hodarina; O.V. Gerlitsina

  47. Possibilities of application the production and transport Kanban system in machine building (on example of rail cars production)

    Authors: V.I. Nagaevskiy; I.V. Bulgakova

  48. Informative relations are in a railway transport system

    Authors: T.V. Bytko; A.N. Khodakovskiy; A.A. Khozya

  49. Choice of strategy of increase of efficiency of transport systems in the conditions of market of metal streams

    Authors: Y.I. Nefyodova

  50. System construction of the virtual enterprise

    Authors: O.P. Kirkin; V.I. Kirkina

  51. Research biogas productivity of the Azov Sea bottom mud

    Authors: V.S. Voloshyn; V.G. Mnacakanyan; G.B. Ryazantsev; T.G. Danilova; M.A. Haskov

  52. Waste in the technology of charcoal

    Authors: V.S. Voloshyn

  53. The computer based simulation of the rainless region effect for the industrial estate

    Authors: A.N. Lozhko; О.A. Khlestova

  54. Improvement of informative model of control system by a labour protection

    Authors: Shaposhnikovа S.V.; Chigarev V.V.