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Archived Papers for Journal

Reporter of the Priazovskyi State Technical University. Section: Technical sciences >>

Vol.30, No.1

Publisher: State higher educational establishment

Publishing Date: 2015-06-25

  1. Process of carbothermal self-recovering of disperse Fe-C waste materials of metallurgical production modelling

    Authors: V.О. Maslov; L.О. Trofimova; L.О. Dan

  2. Mathematical model of carbon wastes in metallurgy

    Authors: V.S. Voloshin; V.A. Burko; V.V. Harabet

  3. Influence of coal batch preparation on the quality of metallurgical соkе

    Authors: K.O. Shmeltser; V.P. Lyalyuk; V.P. Sokolova

  4. Optimization of technological parameters agglomerate sintering with the solid fuel of different reactivities

    Authors: E.V. Chuprinov; V.P. Lyalyuk; F.M. Zhuravlev; I.A. Lyakhova; D.О. Kassim

  5. Investigation of the sintering process productivity factors

    Authors: V.B. Semakova; E.I. Pilyugin

  6. Slag melt granulation and factors affecting the quality of Granulated slag

    Authors: V.P. Kravchenko

  7. Lowering the cost of energy in steel production at the metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine as a way to increase competitiveness

    Authors: I.V. Butorina; P.S. Kharlashin; Y.V.Havalic

  8. The development of study of the kinetics and oxidation of molten iron impurities using the critical concentrations as the base

    Authors: P.S. Kharlashin

  9. The method for research of solidification process of continuous casting blanks in the mold of CCM

    Authors: S.L. Makurov; B.V. Efremenko

  10. On maximizing oxygen converters lining life

    Authors: P.S. Kharlashin; V.O. Sinelnikov; Assiil Kadhim Mohammed

  11. Study of gas jet and liquid interaction through interphase surface on the converter simulating cold model

    Authors: P.S. Kharlashin; S.O. Gerasin

  12. Thermodynamic analysis of the conditions of deoxidation and secondary treatment of low-silicon steel grade

    Authors: E.А. Chichkarev; О.V. Tsyutsyura; V.A. Alekseeva; K.E. Chichkarev

  13. Research on computer model of the steel ladles heating

    Authors: S.V. Beitsun; M.V. Mikhajlovsky; V.Y. Murdy

  14. Оп degree of converter waste gases afterburning in top-blown converters

    Authors: F.I. Lukhtura

  15. On penetration depth of an oxidizing agent jet into the melt of LD-converter

    Authors: F.I. Lukhtura; A.V. Linnik

  16. Investigation of ultrasonic vibrations influence on the effectiveness of technological lubricants

    Authors: B.S. Kargin; O.S. Anischenko; S.B. Kargin; V.S. Khiora; R.O. Tkachov; N.O. Voronina

  17. Analysis of alternative technologies stamping compressor blades of marine engines

    Authors: О.S. Anishenko

  18. Two-layer elastic element of the compensator for the errors of the ?press-and-die? system design improvement

    Authors: E.Yu. Balalayeva

  19. Influence of shock wave in a liquid on the limited endurance of carbon steel

    Authors: I.О. Vakulenko; О.G. Lisnyak; O.М. Perkov; V.G. Efremenko

  20. The influence of the heating rate on the point АС3 and on austenite grain growth

    Authors: V.M. Khlestov; L.I. Yakushechkina; G.M. Shcheglova

  21. The degree of non-equilibrium microstructure of hardened steel samples taken during its melting in an electric arc furnace

    Authors: O.M. Skrebtsov; V.M. Khlestov; O.S. Kachikov; D.N. Protsenko; V.V. Terzi

  22. Development of an internal combustion engine selection method on the basis of heat exchange conditions evaluation at modernization and repairs of energy-transforming objects

    Authors: V.О. Maslov; I.O. Berestovoi; G.V. Berestovaya

  23. Research of polydisperse charge loading systems providing for the desired thermal conditions of the sintering process

    Authors: A.S. Mnyh

  24. On the question of heat engine cycles optimization

    Authors: K.I. Tkachenko

  25. Supersonic gas jets parameters research

    Authors: F.I. Lukhtura

  26. On regularities of submerged jet flows

    Authors: F.I. Lukhtura

  27. On the question of set gas expiration through axisymmetrical holes and nozzles

    Authors: F.I. Lukhtura