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Archived Papers for Journal

Reporter of the Priazovskyi State Technical University. Section: Technical sciences >>

Vol.36, No.1

Publisher: State higher educational establishment

Publishing Date: 2018-06-18

  1. Main direction of the innovative improving of the blast furnace technologies – use of one type of iron raw material, combining the best properties of agglomerate and pellets

    Authors: D.О. Kassim V.P. Lyalyuk F.M. Zhuravlev І.А. Lyakhova E.V. Chuprinov

  2. Microtechnologies in preparing metallurgical raw material

    Authors: V.V. Ozhogin I.A. Kovalevskiy L.I. Tarasyuk

  3. Fusion and viscosity of molten high-vanadium steels investigation with the aim of perfecting the powder obtaining from liquid state by sputtering

    Authors: S.L. Makurov

  4. Investigation of the steelmaking process in converters with combined blowing

    Authors: V.I. Bondar L.I. Tarasyuk

  5. On the degree of oxygen of metal bath with upper blow in the LD converter

    Authors: F.I. Lukhtura

  6. The influence of the temperature field of the oven on the properties of thermally expanded graphite

    Authors: V.О. Maslov Y.P. Pustovalov L.О. Trofimova L.О. Dan

  7. Control of graphite phase morphology in gray cast irons by heat treatment

    Authors: I.F. Tkachenko V.I. Miroshnichenko V.G. Gavrilova

  8. Effects of complex modifiers on the structure of gray and bleached cast irons

    Authors: G.I. Slynko

  9. Influence of quenching temperature on the character of steel K60 strain hardening

    Authors: V.G. Gavrylova M.O. Grigoreva

  10. Nvestigation of the influence of fuel con-sumption and geometric dimensions of the refractory blocks of the blast furnace nozzle on the blast-heating temperature

    Authors: O.S. Khadzhynov Y.O. Khadzhynov K.E. Gritsenko

  11. On some methods of increasing thermal ef-ficiency and reliability of industrial CHPs

    Authors: F.I. Lukhtura A.V. Pyzhikov O.A. Khliestova

  12. On pulsing heating of the heat transfer medium in thermal delivery systems

    Authors: F.I. Lukhtura K.Ye. Plakhotnik V.I. Tsiganov

  13. Upgrading of the 2167P-50 tensile machine for investigation of the strength of welded joints

    Authors: S.K. Podnebennaya V.V. Burlaka S.V. Gulakov V.G. Kysliak

  14. Grounds for choice of ply steel for making vessels auxiliary mechanisms

    Authors: I.V. Kovalenko

  15. Structure and properties of the modified processing zone of plazma treatment of threaded cutters with solid alloys plates

    Authors: S.S. Samotygin O.A. Khrystenko V.I. Ivanov

  16. Cargo stop-gear of the lifting mechanisms in the form of a closed circuit hydrosystem

    Authors: A.P. Savluk V.M. Strilets O.R. Strilets A.A. Stepaniuk

  17. Modification of transportation means units, operating under the heaviest loads at high temperatures

    Authors: A.V. Loza V.V. Shishkin D.О. Rassokhin А.О. Venzhega

  18. Efficiency increase of the manufacture technological preparation on the basis of CAD/CAM/CNC systems

    Authors: О.I. Leshenko

  19. Increasing the processing efficiency on the CTX gamma 2000 TC multi-operation ma-chine by developing an adaptive control system and calculating the adjustment size

    Authors: E.I. Ivanov A.S. Litvinenko

  20. Influence of processing time of a superhard ceramics sample on surface quality and edge rounding radius

    Authors: V.I. Burlakov Ia.V. Mateiko

  21. Determination of technological possibilities of machining by temperature criterion

    Authors: V.I. Polyansky

  22. Analysis of modern methods of reconstruc-tion of industrial equipment

    Authors: A.О. Ischenko D.L. Kakareka D.О. Rassohin

  23. The Tesla transformer output voltage with an operating frequency deflection from the resonant value

    Authors: Yu.V. Batygin E.О. Chaplygin S.О. Shynderuk E.О. Tretinnikov

  24. Dynamic characteristics research of electric output in the curcuit with thyristor voltage regulator supplying the synchronous motor

    Authors: R.A. Khoroshko B.A. Tenitsky O.V. Bialobrzhesky

  25. The influence of the initial temperature of the air, fed into the chamber «under the fire», on the temperature mode of carbon products roasting

    Authors: O.A. Zhuchenko A.P. Korotynskyi

  26. Computer simulations of the air-mist cooling of steel flat products based on an analytic predictive control model

    Authors: V.I. Miroshnichenko О.I. Simkin

  27. Forecasting the degree of air pollution in the industrial region

    Authors: L.О. Dobrovolskaya D.S. Kluev

  28. Prospects and opportunities of multi-cycle waste processing

    Authors: V.S. Voloshin

  29. Priazovskiy region ecological situation – problems and solutions. Air

    Authors: О.L. Dan E.O. Butenko О.E. Kapustin