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Archived Papers for Journal

Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics >>

Vol.21, No.2

Publisher: ITMO University

Publishing Date: 2021-04-20

  1. Designing a side-emitting lens using the composing method

    Authors: Romanova G.E. Qiao X. Strigalev V.E.

  2. Laser multiparameter method for incoming inspection of the mounting elements used in the volume of sealed neodymium laser emitters

    Authors: Belikov A.V. Klochkov I.S. Alekseev I.V. Kapralov S.A.

  3. Adaptive anti-thermal imaging protection for moving objects

    Authors: Mikheev S.V. Novikov I.A.

  4. The parametric convergence performance improvement in the direct adaptive multi-sinusoidal disturbance compensation problem

    Authors: Korotina M.M. Aranovskiy S.V. Bobtsov A.A. Lyamin A.V.

  5. The modal sensitivity, robustness and roughness of dynamic systems (review article)

    Authors: Omorov R.O.

  6. Numerical simulation of functional characteristics of solar elements InGaAsN/Si

    Authors: Devitsky O.V. Sanakulov S.O.

  7. Sol-gel synthesis of Gd2O3:Nd3+ nanopowders and the study of their luminescent properties

    Authors: Moussaoui A. Bulyga D.V. Kuzmenko N.K. Ignat'ev A.I. Evstropiev S.K. Nikonorov N.V.

  8. Detection of a small target object in blurry images affected by affine distortions

    Authors: Timofeev A.V.

  9. An information system for spatial visualization of prognostic and retrospective data on the probability of observing auroras

    Authors: Vorobev A.V. Vorobeva G.R. Khristodulo O.I.

  10. Applying bagging in finding network traffic anomalies

    Authors: Rzayev B.T. Lebedev I.S.

  11. An analysis of the ways to reduce the vulnerability of networks based on the sequential removal of key elements

    Authors: Semenov K.V. Shuvaev F.L. Vitenzon K.I.

  12. The robust distributed ledger model for a multidimensional blockchain security analysis

    Authors: Shilov I.M. Zakoldaev D.A.

  13. Building knowledge graphs of regulatory documentation based on semantic modeling and automatic term extraction

    Authors: Mouromtsev D.I. Shilin I.A. Pliukhin D.A. Baimuratov I.R. Khaydarova R.R. Dementyeva Yu.Yu. Ozhigin D.A. Malysheva T.A.

  14. Influence of the temperature factor on the deformation properties of polymer filaments and films

    Authors: Golovina V.V. Rymkevich P.P. Shakhova E.A. Prishchepenok O.B. I

  15. A one-step optimization method for a compressor wheel of a microturbine engine

    Authors: Bulat M.P. Chernyshov M.V. Vokin L.O. Kurnukhin A.A.

  16. The influence of viscosity and turbulence on the supersonic flow compression and expansion corner

    Authors: Volkov K.N. Ilina E.E. Volobuev I.A.

  17. Modeling the relationship between the hardness and wear resistance of materials during their comparative testing by the “block-on-ring” method

    Authors: Efremov L.V. Tikalov A.V.

  18. Application of a short-pulse ultra-wideband probing signal for estimating reflective characteristics

    Authors: Samoilenko M.V.