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Archived Papers for Journal

Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics >>

Vol.21, No.5

Publisher: ITMO University

Publishing Date: 2021-10-21

  1. Features of images of water, ice, snow, objects and a human formed by a hybrid television camera in the near-infrared range

    Authors: Ainbund Egorenkov A.A. Pashuk A.V.

  2. Analyzing periodical textured silicon solar cells by the TCAD modeling

    Authors: Gulomov J. Aliev R.

  3. Scintillation gamma radiation sensors based on solid-state photomultipliers in wireless industrial internet networks

    Authors: Bokatyi I.O. Denisov V.M. Timofeev A.V. Titov A.B. Rodrigues J.J.P.C. Korotaev V.V.

  4. Improving the quality of network management of technological processes

    Authors: Emelyanov A.E. Sukhanova N.V.

  5. Geometric approach to the solution of the Dubins car problem in the formation of program trajectories

    Authors: Khabarov S.P. Shilkina M.L.

  6. Drift of two-dimensional vacancy islands on the Si(100) surface under electromigration conditions

    Authors: Vorontsova Iu.A. Sitnikov S.V.

  7. A study of the photocatalytic properties of chitosan-TiO2 composites for pyrene decomposition

    Authors: Tatarinov D.A. SokolnikovaS.R. MyslitskayaN.A.

  8. Kinetics of transformation of the atomic step bunches shape under electromigration conditions on the Si(001) surface

    Authors: RazzhivinaM.E. RodyakinaE.E. Sitnikov S.V.

  9. Abnormal diffusion profile of adatoms on extremely wide terraces of the Si(111) surface

    Authors: Soloveva E.O. Rogilo D.I. Sheglov D.V. Latyshev A.V.

  10. An experimental methodology for assessing the probability and danger of network attacks in automated systems

    Authors: Drovnikova I.G. Ovchinnikova E.S. Popov A.D. Livshitz I.I. Basov O.O. Rogozin E.A.

  11. Meta-feature selection method based on the Auto-sklearn framework

    Authors: Kulin N.I. Muravyov S.B.

  12. Automatic construction of the dialog tree based on unmarked text corpora in Russian

    Authors: FeldinaE.A. MakhnytkinaO.V.

  13. Generic programming with combinators and objects

    Authors: Kosarev D.S. Boulytchev D.Yu.

  14. Machine learning of the Bayesian belief network as a tool for evaluating the process frequency on social network data

    Authors: ToropovaA.V. Abramov M.V. Tulupyeva T.V.

  15. Software restructuring models for object oriented programming languages using the fuzzy based clustering algorithm

    Authors: Bobde S. Phalnikar R.

  16. The concept of managing the network structure of intelligent devices in the digital transformation of the energy industry

    Authors: Shvedenko V.N. Mozokhin A.E.

  17. Protecting facial images from recognition on social media: solution methods and their perspective

    Authors: Kukharev G.A. Maulenov K.S. Shchegoleva N.L.

  18. Redundant models of testable distributed real-time computing systems

    Authors: Gruzlikov A.M. Kolesov N.V.

  19. Study of the influence of the base thickness on photoelectric parameters of silicon solar cells with the new TCAD algorithms

    Authors: Abduvohidov M.K. Aliev R. Gulomov J.

  20. A balanced algorithm of the hybrid large-particle method and its verification on some test problems

    Authors: Sadin D.V.

  21. The architecture of a system for full-text search by speech data based on a global search index

    Authors: Petrov O.E

  22. Assessment of cerebral circulation through an intact skull using imaging photoplethysmography

    Authors: Volynsky M.A. Sokolov A.Yu. Margaryants N.B. Osipchuk A.V. Zaytsev V.V. Mamontov O.V. Kamshilin A.A.