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Archived Papers for Journal

Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics >>

Vol.21, No.6

Publisher: ITMO University

Publishing Date: 2021-12-24

  1. A iber optic vibration sensor based on SMF-MMF-SMF structure and a tilted iber Bragg grating

    Authors: Dmitriev A.A. Grebnev K.V. Varzhel S.V. Plotnikov M.Yu.

  2. Aberration analysis of a wedge as a compensator element in augmented and virtual reality systems

    Authors: Romanova G.E. Nguyen N.S.

  3. Estimation of temperature detection delay in a fiber optic gyroscope sensing coil

    Authors: Smirnov D.S. Deyneka I.G. Devetyarov D.R. Skliarov Ph.V. Mukhtubayev A.B. Vostrikov E.V.

  4. The relative intensity noise of a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with a fiber Bragg grating external cavity

    Authors: Shulepov V.A. Aksarin S.M. Strigalev V.E.

  5. A comparative analysis of the frequency spectra of the human eye and a cut diamond in visible light

    Authors: Zienko S.I. Zhbanova V.L.

  6. Vulnerabilities in the quantum key distribution system induced under a pulsed laser attack

    Authors: Ruzhitskaya D.D. Zhluktova I.V. Petrov M.A. Zaitsev K.A. Acheva P.P. Zunikov N.A. Shilko A.V. Aktas D. Johlinger F. Trefilov D.O. Ponosova A.A. Kamynin V.A. Makarov V.V.

  7. Proactive management of the composition and structure of the spatial monitoring system under the influence of destabilizing factors

    Authors: Shaidulin Z.F. Baldytchev M.T. Timoshenko A.V. Omelshin A.A.

  8. An algorithm of trajectory control for the movement of a mobile robot without measuring the position coordinates

    Authors: Hoang D.T. Pyrkin A.A.

  9. Different III-V semiconductor nanowires with quantum dots on silicon: growth by molecular-beam epitaxy and properties

    Authors: Reznik R.R. Kotlyar K.P. Shtrom I.V. Samsonenko Yu.B. Khrebtov A.I. Cirlin G.E.

  10. Impact of magnesium oxide concentration and yttrium-aluminum garnet stoichiometry deviation on the microstructure and optical transmission of YAG-based ceramics

    Authors: Malyavin F.F. Kravtsov A.A. Tarala V.A. Nikova Chikulina I.S. Vakalov D.S. Lapin V.A. Kuleshov D.S. Medyanik E.V.

  11. Measurements of heat capacity and thermal conductivity of β-Ga2O3 and β-(AlxGa1–x)2O3 bulk crystals grown by the Czochralski method

    Authors: Bauman D.A. Panov D.Yu. Spiridonov V.A. Kremleva A.V. Odnoblyudov M.A. Asach A.V. Krylov V.A. Isachenko G.N. Tambulatova E.V. Bougrov V.E. Romanov A.E. Measurements

  12. An approach to the identification of the state of elements in cyber-physical systems based on principal component analysis

    Authors: Semenov V.V.

  13. Stochastic software testing for vulnerability analysis

    Authors: Maneev A.O. Spivak A.I.

  14. Research of machine learning methods in the problem of identification of blood cells

    Authors: Elagina E.A. Margun A.A.

  15. An Enhanced Exploration and Exploitation of Modified Grey Wolf Optimizer for Fuzzy Rules Reduction in Cloud Intrusion Detection System (CIDS)

    Authors: Chidambaram B. Erode Subramaniam S. Varatharaj A.

  16. Model of information interaction channel routing on the FANET network using fuzzy logic

    Authors: Tran D.K. Komarov I.I. Vu L.K. Le V.H.

  17. Bi-level authentication and mannequin routing for improving security features of WSN-IoT

    Authors: Sasirega L. Shanthi Ch.

  18. Spline-wavelet bent robust codes

    Authors: Levina A.B. Ryaskin G.A.

  19. Social media user identity linkage by graphic content comparison

    Authors: Korepanova A.A. Abramov M.V. Tulupyev A.L.

  20. Monte Carlo Concrete DropPath for epistemic uncertainty estimation in pollen images classification

    Authors: Khanzhina N.E.

  21. Random number generation with arrays of coupled quantum-dot micropillar lasers

    Authors: Petrenko A.A. Kovalev A.V. Bougrov V.E.

  22. The method of forming and using a digital passport for an electronic product at enterprises of the instrument-making industry

    Authors: Donetskaya Ju.V.

  23. Methods for determining the phase difference of the output signals for the receiving elements of a phased antenna array in a radiophoton circuit with parallel and series pairwise connection of electro-optical modulators

    Authors: Gusenitsa Ya.N. Morozov A.V. Pokotilo S.A. Snegirev A.L.

  24. Routing in networks of autonomous underwater vehicles

    Authors: Gruzlikov A.M. Kolesov N.V. Litunenko E.G. Skorodumov Yu.M.