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Archived Papers for Journal

Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics >>

Vol.22, No.2

Publisher: ITMO University

Publishing Date: 2022-28-04

  1. Investigation of the dynamic range restrictions influence of the fiber-optic towed seismic streamer on the seismogram quality

    Authors: Arzhanenkova A.N. Plotnikov M.Yu. Miroshnichenko G.P. Dmitraschenko P.Yu.

  2. Control of MIMO linear plants with a guarantee for the controlled signals to stay in a given set

    Authors: Nguyen Ba Huy Furtat I.B.

  3. Elliposoidal estimates of trajectory sensitivity of multi-dimensional processes based on generalized singular values problems

    Authors: Omorov R.O. Akunov T.A. Aidraliev A.O.

  4. Nonlinear rheological models and their application to describe the mechanical behavior of highly oriented polymer materials

    Authors: Golovina V.V. Vavilov D.S. Prishchepenok O.B.

  5. Research on the effectiveness of noise reduction when encoding a lossless speech signal

    Authors: Akilan T. Raja L. Hariharan U.

  6. Lightweight approach for malicious domain detection using machine learning

    Authors: Pradeepa G. Devi R.

  7. Cloud computing simulation model with a sporadic mechanism of parallel task solving control

    Authors: Golosov P.E. Gostev I.M.

  8. Methods of local features extraction in person authentication task by face thermographic image

    Authors: Belov N.I. Ermak M.A. Dubinich E.A. Kuznetsov A.Y.

  9. Classification of short texts using a wave model

    Authors: Gruzdeva A.S. Bessmertny I.A.

  10. Algorithm for energy-efficient interaction of wireless sensor network nodes

    Authors: Tatarnikova T.M. Bimbetov F. Gorina E.V.

  11. Auxiliary arbitrary waveform generator for fiber optic gyroscope

    Authors: Kuznetsov V.N. Litvinov E.V. Vostrikov E.V. Deyneka I.G.

  12. Constructing twitter corpus of Iraqi Arabic Dialect (CIAD) for sentiment analysis

    Authors: Hassoun Al-Jawad M.M. Alharbi H. Almukhtar A.F. Alnawas A.A.

  13. A novel framework for the prevention of black-hole in wireless sensors using hybrid convolution network

    Authors: Kolangiappan J. Senthil Kumar A.

  14. Modern variations of McEliece and Niederreiter cryptosystems

    Authors: Davydov V.V. Beliaev V.V. Kustov E.F. Leevik A.G. Bezzateev S.V.

  15. Lightweight ECC and token based authentication mechanism for WSN-IoT

    Authors: Sasirega L. Shanthi C.

  16. Model of the acoustic path of a separate-combined optical-acoustic transducer

    Authors: Fedorov A.V. Bychenok V.A. Berkutov I.V. Alifanova I.E.

  17. Study on received signal strength of femtocell with circular and rectangular microstrip patch antenna designed at 2.55 GHz

    Authors: Dejene H.

  18. Whirlpool Hash Mutual Biometric Serpent Authentication (WPHMBSA) for secured data access in cloud environment

    Authors: Mohana Prabha K. Vidhya Saraswathi P.R. Balamurali S.

  19. IRDFPR-CMDNN: An energy efficient and reliable routing protocol for improved data transmission in MANET

    Authors: Arumugam S. Thangavel R.

  20. Influence investigation of electromagnetic-acoustic transducer parameters on thickness measurement accuracy by numerical modeling methods

    Authors: Ashikhin D.S. Fedorov A.V.

  21. Detection of quadcopter propeller failure by machine learning methods

    Authors: Kirilenko I.I. Kosareva E.A. Nikolaev A.A. Zenkin A.M. Selezneva I.M. Nikolaev N.A.

  22. Throughput modeling of cellular network systems with spatial precoding

    Authors: Medvedev A.S. Ivanov V.V.

  23. Visual display system of changes in physiological state for patients with chronic disorders

    Authors: Vostrikova S.A. Pogorelova K.O. Shiryaev D.S. Polukhin I.S. Andreev Y.S. Smirnova I.G. Kondratieva E.A. Bougrov V.E.

  24. Method for discovering spatial arm positions with depth sensor data at low-performance devices

    Authors: Medvedev D.S. Ignatov A.D.