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Archived Papers for Journal

Scientific and Technical Journal of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics >>

Vol.22, No.5

Publisher: ITMO University

Publishing Date: 2022-10-27

  1. Influence of the dimension, geometry, and orientation of nanostructures on the distribution of the electric field in matters of enhancing of Raman scattering

    Authors: Matveeva K.I. Zyubin A.Yu. Kon I.I. Samusev I.G.

  2. Optical properties of planar plasmon active surfaces modified with gold nanostars

    Authors: Zyubin A.Yu. Kon I.I. Kundalevich A.A. Demishkevich E.A. Matveeva K.I. Zozulya A.S. Evtifeev D.O. Poltorabatko D.A. Samusev I.G.

  3. Implementation of digital holographic interferometry for pulsed plasma studies

    Authors: Kozhevnikova A.M. Ivankov A.S. Schitz D.V. Alekseenko I.V.

  4. Application of bioradiophotonics methods for the processing of bioelectric signals

    Authors: Zaichenko K.V. Gurevich B.S. Rogov S.A. Kordyukova A.A. Kuzmin

  5. Polychromic light source for the realization of multispectral processing method of skin malignant lesions images

    Authors: Zaichenko K.V. Gurevich B.S. Svyatkina V.I.

  6. Automatic recognition of internal structures in translucent objects based on hologram-moire interferometry

    Authors: Lyakhov K.A. Grigoriev V.A. Tsiplakova E.G.

  7. Application of neural network and computer vision technologies for image analysis of skin lesion

    Authors: Milantev S.A. Kordyukova A.A. Shevyakov D.O. Logachev E.P.

  8. Application of additional high-frequency modulation to reduce influence of residual amplitude modulation LiNbO3 phase modulator on fiber optical gyroscope signal

    Authors: Vostrikov E.V. Umnova A.V. Aleinik A.S. Pogudin G.K. Strigalev V.E. Meschkovskii I.K.

  9. Optimization of the optical scheme of a photodetector module operating in the spectral range of 1.3–1.6 μm

    Authors: Kovach Y.N. Andryushkin V.V. Kolodeznyi E.S. Novikov I.I. Petrenko A.A. Kamarchuk A.V. Rochas S.S. Bauman D.A.

  10. Residue feature analysis with empirical mode decomposition for mining spatial sequential patterns from serial remote sensing images

    Authors: Angelin Preethi R. Anandharaj G.

  11. Adaptive nonlinear motion parameters estimation algorithm for digital twin of multi-link mechanism motion trajectory synthesis

    Authors: Meshkov A.V. Gromov V.S.

  12. Investigation of spectral-luminescent properties of cesium CsPb(BrCl)3 quantum dots in fluorophosphate glasses

    Authors: Makurin A.A. Kolobkova E.V.

  13. Investigation of optical phenomena in multispectral matrix photodetector based on silicon

    Authors: Zhbanova V.L. Parvulusov Yu.B.

  14. The impact of yttrium aluminum garnet stoichiometry deviation on the conversion efficiency of tetravalent chromium ions

    Authors: Malyavin F.F. Kravtsov A.A. Tarala V.A. Chikulina I.S. Vakalov D.S. Lapin V.A. Nikova Khoroshilova S.E. Medyanik E.V. Kuleshov D.S.

  15. Influence of low temperatures and thermal annealing on the optical properties of InGaPAs quantum dots

    Authors: Andryushkin V.V. Dragunova A.S. Komarov S.D. Nadtochiy A.M. Gladyshev A.G. Babichev A.V. Uvarov A.V. Novikov I.I. Kolodeznyi E.S. Karachinsky L.Ya. Kryzhanovskaya N.V. Nevedomskii V.N. Egorov A.Yu. Bougrov V.E.

  16. Pressure control in material extrusion additive manufacturing

    Authors: Zimenko K.V. Afanasev M.Ya. Kolesnikov M.V.

  17. An enforced non-negative matrix factorization based approach towards community detection in dynamic networks

    Authors: Bashir S. Chachoo M.A.

  18. Visual display system of changes in physiological states for patients with chronic disorders and data transmission via optical wireless communication

    Authors: Vostrikova S.A. Pogorelova K.O. Shiryaev D.S. Tkacheva E.V. Belyakov N.A. Kovach Y.N. Andreev Y.S. Smirnova I.G. Kondratieva E.A.

  19. Ice reconnaissance data processing under low quality source images

    Authors: Timofeev A.V. Groznov D.I.

  20. Prediction of fatal outcome in patients with confirm COVID-19

    Authors: Korsakov I.N. Karonova T.L. Konradi A.O. Rubin A.D. Kurapeev D.I. Chernikova A.T. Mikhaylova A.A. Shlyakhto E.V.

  21. Generation of the weakest preconditions of programs with dynamic memory in symbolic execution

    Authors: Misonizhnik A.V. Kostyukov Yu.O. Kostitsyn M.P. Mordvinov D.A. Koznov D.V.

  22. On the possibility of expanding the studied dynamic ranges in thermal anemometry

    Authors: Khodunkov V.P.

  23. The beating effect in uniaxial oriented polymer materials

    Authors: Golovina V.V. Rymkevich P.P. Rymkevich O.V.

  24. Numerical simulation of propulsive aerodynamic profiles

    Authors: Bulat P.V. Kurnukhin A.A. Prodan N.V.

  25. Numerical method for calculating the nozzle thrust of a wide-range rocket engine

    Authors: Kirshina A.A. Levikhin A.A. Kirshin A.Yu.