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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD ) >>

Vol.10, No.2

Publisher: TJPRC

Publishing Date: 2020-05-30

  1. Analysis Of Wrist and Hand Torque Strength Among Malaysian 3 Adults For Designing Torque Wrench: A Pilot Study

    Authors: Vinothini Padmanathan Isa Halim; Tan Chen Min

  2. Prevention of Hydrogen Embrittlement of High Strength Alloy Steel using Surface Coating Techniques

    Authors: Amit Khare Manish Vishwakarma; Siraj Ahmed

  3. Machining Performance Enhancement of Brass C360 Alloy using Taguchi Based Grey Relational Analysis Method

    Authors: Himanshu Borade Amit Telang; Sanjay Soni

  4. Parametric Study of Twisted Tape Insert on the Heat Transfer Characteristics in a Square Tube Under Turbulent Conditions

    Authors: Shiva Kumar; P. Dinesha

  5. Optimization of The Parameters Influencing the Inhibition Efficiency of 6063 Al Alloy in 0.5m NaOH using Response Surface Methodology

    Authors: P. R. Prabhu Deepa Prabhu; Padmalatha. Rao

  6. Further Experiments on Buckling of Cones with Imperfect Length Subjected to Axial Compression

    Authors: F. M. Mahidan; O. Ifayefunmi

  7. Effect of Al2O3 Nanoparticles on the Performance of Paraffin Phase Change Material Thermal Storage System

    Authors: P. Dinesha; Shiva Kumar

  8. Effect of Heat Treatment and Inhibitor on Corrosion Behavior of AISI 4140 Steel

    Authors: Bhagyalaxmi Sathyashankara Sharma; U. Achutha Kini

  9. An Experimental Study on Surface Roughness – Applied to Determine the Optimal 103 Value of Cutting Parameters when Milling 40Cr Steel

    Authors: Nguyen Hong Son; Do Duc Trung

  10. A Novel Technique for Combining Conventional and Flow Spinning with Simultaneously Burnishing Processes

    Authors: K. M. Atia S. Z. El-Abden M. N. El-Sheikh; W. W. Marzouk

  11. Development of Repair Kits for Reciprocating/Rotary Couplings of Transportation and Production Equipment

    Authors: Dauren Kaysarovich Kushaliev Bibinur Aibolzyzy Ermanova Akzharkyn Merekeyevna Balgynova Ruslan Flyurovich Kalimullin; Adil Serikovich Ibraev

  12. Effect of Coil Design on Tube Deformation in Electromagnetic Forming

    Authors: Amitabh Shrivastava Amit Telang; Amol Kumar Jha

  13. Experimental Investigation of Quenching Temperature Influence on The Mechanical Properties of H13 Steel

    Authors: Firas M. F. Al Quran

  14. Experimental Investigation on Performance and Emissions Characteristic of Dedicated CNG Engine

    Authors: Ballapu Harshavardhan

  15. Multiple Jet Air Cooling Relating with Reynolds Number and Nusselt Number

    Authors: Niranjan Murthy

  16. Development of Technology for Applying Sludge from Thermal Power Plants in the Production of Dry Plaster Mixtures

    Authors: Olga Zubova Guldana Minzhanova Bayan Tussupova; Laura Kurbanova

  17. Investigation the Grain-Boundary Corrosion and Cracking on Stainless Steel A316 Processed by Edm Die-Sinker for the Food and Medicines Industry

    Authors: Muslimin Lishbet Engelita Sonki Prasetya Pribadi Mumpuni Adhi; Hasvienda M. Ridlwan

  18. Two Wheeled Vehicles E20 Fuel Magnetization Study on Exhaust Gas Emissions

    Authors: T. H Nufus S. L. Kusumastuti A. Ulfiana N. Hidayati E. Ridwan A. Sulistyowati M. H. Tullah I. Nuriskasari C. S. Abadi

  19. An Experimental Study of Drilling of Hard-to-Cut Grade 5 Titanium Alloy using Cobalt Drill Bits

    Authors: Nivin Joy; S. Prakash

  20. A Novel Argon based magnetron Sputtering for Improving Energy Efficiency in Solar Cells

    Authors: Natarajan Purushothaman R Elansezhian; A V Raviprakash

  21. Mechanical Behavior of Graphite/Granite Particles Reinforced Al-Si Alloy Based Composites by Stir Casting Route

    Authors: Moses Dayan G Jami Ramesh; M. Gopi Krishna

  22. Mechanical Characterization of Dual Phase and Austempered Aisi 1040 Normalized Steel

    Authors: Gurumurthy B. M. Y. M Shivaprakash Sathyashankara Sharma U. Achutha Kini; Rohan Mathur

  23. Stress Analysis of The Vertical Tail Skin Joint and Estimation of Fatigue Life Due to Fluctuating Side Loads

    Authors: Harish Kumar. M Hadiya Pritesh Dulabhai Ravikumar. R; Pradeep Kumar G. S

  24. Performance and Emission Analysis of a Diesel Engine Fueled with Lemongrass Biodiesel with the Influence of Injector Holes

    Authors: Saravana Kumar. M Prabhahar. M; Prakash. S

  25. Study and Optimization of Cutting Parameters Using RSM for High-Speed Precision Machining of Titanium Alloys

    Authors: Selvakumar. S Prabakara. S. S.; Thangarasu V. S.

  26. Preparation and Rheological Analysis of Mr Fluids

    Authors: Ashwani Kumar; Vinod Chauhan

  27. Influence of Graphene Nano Filler on Thermal and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Glass Fibre Polymer Composites

    Authors: Rathina Sabapathi. G.; Krishna Moorthy. A.

  28. Mechanical Characterization of Used Jute Fiber Pmc Influenced with Chemical Treatment

    Authors: K. Manohar Reddy; B. Chandra Mohan Reddy

  29. Influence of Nickel & Manganese Particles on Copper Metal Matrix Composite for Heat Exchanger Tubes

    Authors: E. Jamuna P. Suresh S. Duraisivam; S. Benjamin Lazarus

  30. Assessment of Casting Binding Materials Based on Modified Technical Lignosulfonates

    Authors: Falah Mustafa Al- Saraireh; Yuri Svinoroev

  31. Modal and Structural Analysis of Polymer Composite Vawt Savonius Blade using ANSYS Workbench

    Authors: M. Saravanan

  32. Analysis of the Thermal Behavior in the Goldwind S50/750 Wind Turbines Installed in the Wind Farm Gibara II using CAD-CAE Tools

    Authors: Yorley Arbella Feliciano Carlos A. Trinchet Ernesto Meléndez Leandro L. Lorente-Leyva; Diego H. Peluffo-Ordóñez

  33. Pressure Vessel Reinforcement Pad Design by Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: Al Emran Ismail Mohd Zubir Mohd Ghazali; Muhammad Khairudin Awang

  34. Effect of Variable Adiabatic Length on a Heat Pipe Performance

    Authors: Raqeeb Hummadi Rajab

  35. Combined Impact of Internal Heating and Variable Viscosity on the Onset of Benard-Marangoni Double Diffusive Convection in a Binary Fluid Layer

    Authors: Chaya. T. Y; Gangadharaiah. Y. H.

  36. Synthesis of Ceramic Composite Material by Powder Metallurgy and Optimize Process Parameters in Regression Method in Machining Micro Abrasive Air Jet Erosion Tester

    Authors: B. Anjaneyulu G. Nagamalleswararao; K. Prahladharao

  37. Microstructure and Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Lm6 Alloy Solidified 413 Under the Influence of Low Frequency Mold Vibration

    Authors: Vardhaman S. Mudakappanavar; H. M. Nanjundaswamy

  38. Micro-Structural Evolution Analysis and Assessment of Tribological Behaviour 425 of Nickel Alloy Reinforced with Sio2 and Al2o3 Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites

    Authors: Vidyasagar Shetty Vijaya Kumar; G. Purushotham

  39. Numerical Analysis of Hail Ice Material Model Under Variable Velocity Impact

    Authors: Libin. T Mingmar Tsering Sherpa Praneetha Marupudi; Stanley Samlal

  40. Comparative Study of the Effect of Imidazole and Triethylentetramine on the Corrosion Behavior of API-5L-X65 Steel in 1M HCl Environment

    Authors: Shittu S. A. Oloruntoba D. T. Aribo S. Adediran A. A.; Ogunbadejo A. S.

  41. Development and Characterization of Aluminum 2214 Alloy with using Reinforcement of Silicon Carbide

    Authors: Manjunath K; Thirtha Prasad H P

  42. Dynamics of Deployment Mechanism for 1 Meter Resolution Space Telescope

    Authors: R. D. Sandhanshiv N. G. Shinde H. K. Wagh; S. P. Badgujar

  43. Design and Development of Deployment Mechanism 483 for 1 Meter Resolution Space Telescope

    Authors: R. D. Sandhanshiv N. G. Shinde H. K. Wagh; S. P. Badgujar

  44. Mechanical Characterization of Laser Surface Alloyed Zinc on Aluminium

    Authors: Moera Gutu Jiru Bhaskaran J; Rajendran R

  45. A Comprehensive Evaluation of Wear Behaviour of Aluminium Matrix Composites with Various Metallic and Non-Metallic Particulates as Reinforcement

    Authors: Challa.Kishore Reddy M. Gopi Krishna K. Sriram Vikas; P. Gopala Krishnaiah

  46. Mechanical Behavior and Characterization of Stir Casted AZ31-CaSiO3 Metal Matrix Composites

    Authors: Penugonda Suresh Babu K. L. Narayana; V. V. Kondaiah

  47. Performance Analysis of Diesel Engine using Biodiesel with the Influence of Dimethyl Ether Blend

    Authors: Venkatesh. R Prabhahar. M; Sanjay Singh

  48. Design & Development of Suction based Wall-Climbing System

    Authors: N. Navaprakash U. Ramachandraiah; G. Muthukumaran

  49. Design and Fabrication of Wing of a High-Payload Aerial Vehicle

    Authors: Pranjal Shiva Guru Deep Singh Rupanjali Kukal; Sanjay Kumar

  50. Numerical Analysis and Finite Element Simulation of Axial Stiffness of Overhead Transmission Line Conductor

    Authors: Electrical Conductors Axial Load Friction; Finite Element Analysis FEA

  51. Numerical Analysis of Anti Vortex Devices Performance to Suppress the Air Entraining Vortex in Pump Sump

    Authors: Rahul Paliwal; Anant Jhaveri

  52. Optimization of Az91d Magnesium Alloy Friction Stir Welded Joints by Taguchi Method

    Authors: K. Rajesh Kumar Kiran Kumar Dama; V. V. Satyanarayana

  53. Designing of the Stephenson II Six-Link Linkage Actuator for Servo Mechanical Press

    Authors: A. Jomartov A. Tuleshov N. Jamalov M. Kuatova; A. Kaimov

  54. Extraction of Limonite Nickel Ore of Tanjung Buli, Halmahera by Coal Roasting and Acid Leaching

    Authors: Fitria Hidayanti

  55. Exergy Analysis of Propane-Fuelled Valveless Pulsed Combustor

    Authors: Olumuyiwa A. Ogunwale O.T. Popoola; O.O. Daodu

  56. Investigation of Dynamic Motion Processes of Modernized UAV using Mathematical Model of Numerical Simulation

    Authors: Vassiliy Kryuchkov Vitaly Savinkin Andrey Solodovnik; Lyudmila Kryuchkova

  57. Effect of Geometric Shape on the Crushing Performance of Natural Jute Mat/Epoxy Specimens Under Axial Quasi-Static Compression

    Authors: Sabah Salim Hamza Mohd. Yuhazri Yaakob Al Emran Bin Ismail; Salih Meri Al Absi

  58. Effect of Geometric Shape on the Crushing Performance of Natural Jute Mat/Epoxy Specimens Under Axial Quasi-Static Compression

    Authors: Effect of Geometric Shape on the Crushing Performance of Natural Jute Mat Epoxy Specimens Under Axial Quasi-Static Compression

  59. Experimental Evaluation of anti-Lock Braking System Performance on Rough Road

    Authors: N. Vivekanandan; Ajay M. Fulambarkar

  60. Determination of Fatigue Analysis of Compressor Disc in Gas Turbine

    Authors: CH Nithin Chakravarthy K. Ashok; S. Sathees Kumar

  61. Effect of Ply Orientation on a Carbon Fiber Composite Angular Beam Manufacturing

    Authors: M Balu N. V. Srinivasulu R. Rajendra; Azmeeraramesh