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International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development (IJMPERD ) >>

Vol.8, No.1

Publisher: TJPRC

Publishing Date: 2018-02-28

  1. Design and Analysis of Mini-UAV

    Authors: K. Sreelakshmi; B Niharika

  2. Yield Characteristic of Biodiesel Derived from Used Vegetable Oil Methyl Ester (UVOME) Blended with Diesel in the Presence of Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) and Potassium Hydroxide(KOH) Catalyst as Alternative Fuel for Diesel Engines

    Authors: Sangeetha Krishnamoorthi M. Prabhahar M. Saravana Kumar; S. Sendilvelan

  3. Design of Airship for Aerial Surveillance and Communication Using Knowledge Based Engineering

    Authors: M Ganesh; Sai Kumar A

  4. Application of ARCS Model and Motivational Design in Engineering Subjects – A Case Study

    Authors: Alekhya N; N. Prabhu Kishore

  5. Grain Refinement through Design Modification of ECAP Dies

    Authors: Pankaj Kumar; J. Harivignesh

  6. Comparative Modeling on Surface Roughness for Roller Burnishing Process using Fuzzy Logic

    Authors: P. Senthil Kumar B. Sridhar Babu; V. Sugumaran

  7. Comprehensive Analysis of Wire Electric Discharge Machining Process in Machining High Chromium High Carbon Steel

    Authors: S. Dinesh A. Godwin Antony K. Rajaguru; P. Parameswaran

  8. Design and Manufacturing of Missile Long Shell Component by CNC Turn-Mill Centre

    Authors: Alka Sawale; Md Khaleel

  9. Numerical Parametric Study of Crack Parameters Near Crack Tip

    Authors: Abhijeet Singh Shalendra Kumar; Hira Lal Yadav

  10. Thermo structural Analysis of Structural Plates

    Authors: Subramanyam. B K. Chinna Maddaiah N. Anuradha K. Deepak; V. Mahidar Reddy

  11. Fatigue Analysis of Pulley by using Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: N. Anuradha Subramanyam. B K. Chinna Maddaiah K. Deepak; V. Mahidar Reddy

  12. Parametric Analysis and Effect of Tool on FSW Joint of 6082 Al Alloy by Taguchi Method

    Authors: Vivek John Ruby Pant Saurabh Aggarwal; Piyush Agrawal

  13. Synthesis Characterization and Mechanical Behavior of Rice Husk Ash Reinforced Al-20mg 10 Cu Alloy Matrix Hybrid Composites

    Authors: D. Manoj Kumar G. S. Guru Dattatreya; N. Krishnarjun Rao

  14. Transient Analysis of Wind Turbine Blades

    Authors: K. Chinna Maddaiah N. Anuradha Subramanyam. B K. Deepak; V. Mahidar Reddy

  15. Comparison of Wall Temperatures on Scramjet Inlets at Hypersonic Velocities

    Authors: Ujjwal Kanth C. Satya Sandeep U. Shiva Prasad R. Suresh Kumar; Sivakumar. E

  16. Evaluation of Effect of Shape and Length of Spike on Aerodynamics Performance of Supersonic Axi-Symmetric Bodies

    Authors: Sai Kumar A; M. Ganesh

  17. Mathematical Approach for Selection of Waste Plastic Oil – Diesel Blends

    Authors: Geetha. N.K Ragavi. V; Sekar. P

  18. Multi Objective Optimization of Laminar Mixed Convective Heat Transfer of Electronic Chips in A Horizontal channel with Vortex Generator

    Authors: S K Mandal Dipak Sen; Asis Giri

  19. Biometric Based Students Bus Management System

    Authors: R. Bhuvanya; S. Uma

  20. Design and Modeling Studies of Tube End Expansion using Response Surface Methodology

    Authors: L. Venugopal

  21. Performance and Emission Characteristics of Cashew Nut Shell Pyrolysed Oil – Waste Cooking Oil With Diesel Fuel in a Four Stoke Di Diesel Engine

    Authors: Venkatesan Kuppusamy; Sathyaraj Sankerlal

  22. RFID Based Student’s Bus Monitoring System

    Authors: S. Uma; R. Bhuvanya

  23. Stress Analysis of High Speed Four Bar Mechanism

    Authors: Sreekanth Sura; Alka Sawala

  24. A Case Study of Reverse Engineering Integrated in an Ancient Indian Alchemical Alloying W.S.R to Au-Cu-Zn Alloy, Using Part- Whole Shcema

    Authors: N. Anantha Krishna Y. V. Mohana Reddy; B. Chandra Mohan Reddy

  25. A Review on Non-Circular Journal Bearings

    Authors: Jijo Jose; Niranjana Behera

  26. An Investigation of Comparative Study in Connecting Rod by using Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: R. Ramesh Kumar M. Senthil Kumar; Mathew Alphonse

  27. Analysis of Fuzzy Soft Set Compositions for Allocating Jobs To Machines in Fuzzy Environment

    Authors: C. Kavitha T. S. Frank Gladson; C. M. Arun Kumar

  28. Analysis of the Influence of Friction Stir Processing on Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of 2024 Aluminum Alloy Weld Zone

    Authors: Krishnaja Devireddy Venkateswarlu Devuri Muralimohan Cheepu; B. Kranthi Kumar

  29. Defects of Communication Pipes from Plastic in Modern Civil Engineering

    Authors: Vyacheslav Lyashenko Mohammad Ayaz Ahmad Svitlana Sotnik Zhanna Deineko; Alveera Khan

  30. Design and Development of Cartesian Co-Ordinate Based 3D Printer

    Authors: D. Dev Singh; Gopi Rahul

  31. Effect of Global Solar Radiation on the Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics of Double Flow Packed Bed Solar Air Heater

    Authors: Saket Kumar R. K. Prasad; K. D. P. Singh

  32. Fluid-Structure Interaction Analysis on Horizontal Wind Turbine Blade

    Authors: Ravi Kumar. P Shashikanta Dasmohapatra T. Mahesh Kumar; Bhavikatti Praveen

  33. Numerical Investigation of the Drop Formation Mechanism and Study of the Droplet’s Pressure Contour

    Authors: Pardeep; M. K. Sinha

  34. Numerical Simulation on Flow Past Four Circular Cylinders in Diamond and Square Arrangement

    Authors: Thota Srinu S.Girish Monica.T; B.Dhanraj

  35. Performance Evaluation of VCR CI Engine Using C-D Intake Manifold With Internal Grooving

    Authors: T. N. Ravi Kanth Sudhakara Reddy Kalavapalli B. Phani Kumar Vijesh Raj Mathur; M Vishnu Vardhan

  36. Stress Analysis on Commercial Aircraft Window Bleed (Tiny) Hole

    Authors: K Shiva Shankar; Nirmith Kumar Mishra

  37. Modal and Harmonic Analysis of a Cantilver Beam with Differrent Cross-Sections

    Authors: Sudhakara Reddy Kalavapalli T. N. Ravi Kanth; K. Raja Sekhar Reddy

  38. Effect of Machine Speed on Yarn Input Tension and ‘On-Machine’ Course Length for a Circular Weft Knitting Machine with Positive Storage Feeding

    Authors: A. K. M. Mobarok Hossain; Abu Rayhan Ali

  39. Heat and Mass Transfer Analysis of Steady MHD Free Convective Fluid Flow Past an Inclined Stretching Porous Sheet with Viscous Dissipation and Radiation

    Authors: K. V. Chandra Sekhar; V. Manjula

  40. Optimization of Process Parameters of Friction Stir Welding of Aa 6082-T6 Using Grey Based Taguchi Method

    Authors: N. Ravinder Reddy V. V. Satyanarayana G Ambika; S. Prasad Kumar

  41. The Effects of TiC Reinforcement on Thermal, Electrical and Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Aluminium Matrix Nanocomposites

    Authors: M. Sivaraj S. Muthuraman N. Selvakumar; S. Rajkumar

  42. Theoretical Corroboration of the Selection Criteria of the Breaking-in and Shape-Copy Gear Teeth Grinding Methods

    Authors: Firas M. F. Al Quran

  43. Design and Development of Wireless Operated Low Cost Prosthetic Hand by Fused Deposition Modeling

    Authors: Bellam Venkatesh; Madala Ajay Kumar

  44. Effect of Dimethoxy-Methane (C3H8O2) Additive on Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine Fueled with Biodiesel

    Authors: K. Bhaskar L. R. Sassykova M. Prabhahar; S. Sendilvelan

  45. Evaluation of Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Glass Evaluation of Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Glass

    Authors: Sivakumar. C; Geetha Selvarani. A

  46. Experimental Investigation and Optimiztion of Welding Parameters of Metal Inert Gas Welding Process in Joining Dissimilar Metals

    Authors: Yokeswaran. R Karuppusamy. S; Arul. S

  47. Mathematical Modelling to Predict the Residual Stresses Induced in Milling Process

    Authors: K Prakash Marimuthu C S Chethan Kumar; H P Thirtha Prasada

  48. Multi Response Objective Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Parameters of Dissimilar Metals of AA 6061 Aluminum and IS319 Brass Joining Through Taguchi’s Method

    Authors: G. Ananda Rao G. Chandra Mohana Reddy G. Sunny Raj Kumar C. Labesh Kumar; V. Anil Kumar

  49. Quantification of Prioritized Requirements of Steel Product with QFD Analysis

    Authors: Abraham Moody K

  50. Evaluation of Engineering Properties of Flexible Pavements Using Plaxis Software

    Authors: B. Suresh N. Venkat Rao; G. Srinath

  51. An Organic Composite Phase Change Material for Hot Food Storage: A Review

    Authors: J. Krishnan M. Gowtham K.Rahul; A. P. Revanth Raam

  52. Chemical and Water Absorption Behaviour of Hardwickia Binata Fiber Reinforced Composites

    Authors: K. Sudha Madhuri H. Raghavendra Rao; B. Chandra Mohan Reddy

  53. Experimental Investigation of Thermal Efficiency of Boiling Pot with Modified Surface Geometry

    Authors: S. S. Singh K. B. Sahu; A. K. Rout

  54. Influence of Fiber Orientation on the Properties of Composites

    Authors: M. Ashok Kumar K. Deepak Ch. V. K. N. S. N.Moorthy B. Subramanyam

  55. Reducing Traffic Congestion in Modern Cities: A Challenge Based on Physico-Mathematical Theories and Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: M. Kabrane S. Krit; L. Elmaimouni

  56. Experimental Analysis of Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Alloys AA7075 and MG ZE42 Using Butt Joint Geometry

    Authors: A. K. Darwins M. Satheesh; G. Ramanan

  57. A Small-Scale Fabrication Facility for Extraction of Alternative Diesel Fuel from Waste Plastic

    Authors: G. Vamsi Durga Mohan Srinivas Kona; A. Lakshumu Naidu

  58. Model and Analysis of Desktop Wind Tunnel

    Authors: Khaleel S. Alka; Marampalli Shilpa

  59. A Survey on Computer Automated Trading in Indian Stock Markets

    Authors: K. Sudhakar S. Naganjaneyulu; Y. Rama Mohan

  60. Prediction of Process Parameters in Turning of Titanium Alloys using Response Surface Methodology

    Authors: Sivakoteswararao. Katta; G. Chaitanya

  61. Structural Analysis on Composite Laminate with Different Orientation

    Authors: B. Niharika N. Madhavi; M. Sai Krishna

  62. Surface Deformation: A Software and Hardware Validation & Analysis

    Authors: Smt. Maya. V. Lakha; K. Chennakesava Reddy

  63. Thermodynamic Analysis For Performance Improvement of Power Plant By Flue Gas Heat Recovery System

    Authors: Ritesh Kumar Chaurasiya Priyash Agarwal Anirudh Chawla; Shubham Sharma

  64. A Review of Machining Characteristics in Mechanical Drilling of Super Alloys

    Authors: M. Nagaraj C. Ezilarasan A. John Persin Kumar; A. Velayudham

  65. Concept of Logical Sort for Idle Time Minimization of Rental/Critical Machine in Flowshop

    Authors: Vennila Shree. S Pugazhenthi. R Franklin Issac. R; Parthiban. A

  66. Analysis of and Modeling for Emergency Medical Services Facility Location for Road Accidents on Highway

    Authors: Ramkrishna S. Bharsakade Onkar S. Kulkarni Aditya S. Afle; Maitreyee S. Kulkarni

  67. Heat Transfer Analysis of Second Grade Fluid Over a Stretching Sheet Through Porous Medium Under the Influence of Chemical Reaction Parameter

    Authors: K. V. Chandra Sekhar

  68. Surface Damages Caused by Cavitations at Hood of Howell Bunger Valve and Redesign to Avoid Them

    Authors: Dimitri Kozinakov Valentino Stojkovski; Zvonimir Kostikj

  69. Building QFD Model For Technical Education: Students as Stakeholders

    Authors: Somadatta karanjekar Ramesh R. Lakhe; Vishwas S. Deshpande

  70. Fabrication of Aluminium 6061- SiC-Al2O3 MMC and HMMC by Strir Casting Technique and Comparing the Mechanical Properties

    Authors: S. Sathyaraj K. Venkatesan; J. Srikanth

  71. Volume Creep Testing Machine

    Authors: Abbas Aghajanikalkhouran

  72. Comparative Performance Analysis of Different Twisted Tape Inserts in the Absorber Tube of Parabolic Trough Collector

    Authors: Atwari Rawani S. P. Sharma; K. D. P. Singh

  73. Effects of Water Diesel Emulsion on Diesel Engine

    Authors: Datta Sai K Radha Krishna Gopidesi Premkartikkumar SR; Nagarjuna K

  74. A Restart Scheme Based Meta Heuristic for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling

    Authors: Rajan; Vineet Kumar

  75. Comparative Study of SAE 1141 Carbon Steel, T651-7075 Aluminum Alloy & 4340 Billet Steel Material for Connecting Rod using ANSYS 16

    Authors: Gurpreet Singh Matharou Sunny Bhatia Mohd. Tanzeel Piyush Virmani; Sangram Biswas

  76. Efficiency Evaluation and Comparison of Different Turbulator Shapes in Solar Water Heating Collector System

    Authors: Rohit Khargotra Sunil Dhingra Ranchan Chauhan Deepak Batra; Mayank Bhardwaj

  77. Experimental Investigations of Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting with Turbulent Flow

    Authors: Sanchita Abrol; Deepak Chhabra

  78. Multiresponse Optimization of Process Variables of Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Machining on Inconel-600 Using Taguchi Methodology

    Authors: Satish Kumar; Ashwani Kumar Dhingra

  79. Optimisation of WEDM Parameters Using Taguchi Method and Fuzzy Logic Technique for Al-6351

    Authors: Deepak Bhardwaj; Ankit Saxena

  80. Static, Dynamic and Impact Stress Analysis of a Bus Body Structure Using Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: Satish Kumar Arun Kumar Gupta; Pankaj Chandna

  81. Buckling Analysis of Stiffened Composite Panels for Different Ply Orientations

    Authors: N Madhavi K. Sreelakshmi; Sudhakar Atchyutuni

  82. Design and Analysis of Crane Hook with Different Material

    Authors: K. Dinesh

  83. Design and Analysis of Steam Turbine Blade

    Authors: A. Ponshanmugakumar; R. Rajavel

  84. Design and Analysis of Vehicle Front Axle

    Authors: Ponshanmugakumar A; Rajavel R

  85. Hydrofracture Properties via Signals from Hydraulic Pumps: an Overview

    Authors: B. Antony Fayaz; S. Govind

  86. CFD Analysis of Pelton Bucket

    Authors: R. Praveen Kumar

  87. A Fiber-Chip-Fiber Opto-Mechanical Framework of all-Optical Switch with Ultra High Annihilation Proportion

    Authors: N. Jaya Kumar

  88. A High Step-UP DC/DC Converter for Marine Applications

    Authors: J.S. Ashwin; N. Manoharan

  89. A New Model for Consistency Centered Maintenance in Petroleum Refinery

    Authors: A.Balasubramanian

  90. Analysis of L-Histidinium Maleate (LHM) Characterization and Identification of Structural Arrangement

    Authors: J.A. Prince

  91. Analysis of Mechanical Strength for Nanosized Scandia Doped Dispenser Cathodes

    Authors: K. Dinesh

  92. Application of Marine Control and Monitoring Systems

    Authors: Dafny; S.V. Saravanan

  93. Design and Analysis of Wheel Hub for Student Formula Car

    Authors: Ponshanmugakumar; R. Rajavel

  94. Enhancement of a Boil-off Gas Re-liquefaction System with Cascade Cycle

    Authors: Yeshwanth Raj

  95. A Design of wide Band Antenna for Automotive Application

    Authors: Dhanya. T

  96. Fast Timing in Detectors of Ionizing Emission to Identifying Fabrics as a Possibility of Non-linear Optical Phenomena

    Authors: Biswa Ranjan Barik; A. Kalirasu

  97. Implementation of Low-Powered Multi-Sensor Buoy System for Coastal Environments

    Authors: J.S. Ashwin

  98. Motion Analysis of Swath Vessel Using Strip Theory Based Program (Sedos) With Experimental Validation

    Authors: Ranjeet Kumar Verma; Momin Azharuddin S

  99. New Control Methods in Stimulating Drive for Power Generation in Marine Application

    Authors: R. Sundar

  100. Automatic Oil Leak Detection Conveyed Over GSM

    Authors: C. Chennakesavan

  101. Prioritization of the VIQ Things Inside Sire Program for An Oil Tanker Transport

    Authors: R. Sundara Raman; G. Shankaranarayanan

  102. Transformer Oils and Remedial Procedures on Corrosive Sulfur Effects

    Authors: Karthikeyan

  103. Utilizing High Weight Cooling States to Examine the Machining Execution of Inconel 718

    Authors: J.A. Prince

  104. Cooling System For Marine Ship Fuel Engines

    Authors: Rajendr Prasad.R

  105. Real-Time Generator Fuel Level Measurement Meter With Ultrasound Sensor and Data Acquisition System

    Authors: T. Dhanya

  106. Renewable Energy Based Micro-Grid System for Power Quality Improvement

    Authors: J.S. Ashwin; N.Manoharan

  107. Automation: Petrol Depths Status Via Level Sensor and Wireless Sensor

    Authors: A. Balasubramaniyam

  108. Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Hybrid Composites

    Authors: M. Vinoth Kumar

  109. Experimental Investigation of a Combined Solar Parabolic Dish and Trough Collector for Wax Melting Application

    Authors: Saikrishnan V Karthikeyan A; Laksmisankar S

  110. Experimental Investigation of Plasma ARC Cutting for Stainless Steel Sheet

    Authors: A Parthiban J. P. Prasath P. Vivek; R. Pugazhenthi

  111. Investigation of Production Output for Improvement

    Authors: Salawu Enesi Yekini Okokpujie Imhade P S. A Afolalu Ajayi O.O; Azeta Joseph

  112. Compare the Experimental Performance of V-shaped Black Cotton and Jute Cloth Floating Wicks Solar Stills in Indian Climatic Condition

    Authors: Abhay Agrawal; R. S. Rana

  113. Design Optimisation of a Disc and Pressure Drop Behavior of a Piston Check Valve

    Authors: Jvs Praveen; Mehboob Pathan

  114. A Broad Review on Various VLSI CAD Algorithms for Circuit Partitioning Problems

    Authors: R. Manikandan K. R. Sekar; K. Hariharan

  115. Productivity Improvement through Quality Circle: A Case Study at Calderys Nagpur

    Authors: Shantanu Kulkarni Shantanu Welekar; Arun Kedar

  116. Study on Lean Tools Implementation in Various Indian Small and Medium Scale Manufacturing Industries

    Authors: V. Ramakrishnan S. Nallusamy; M. Rajaram Narayanan

  117. Search of the Molding Form Connector Plane on the Approximation Basis By the Many- Sided Surface With Use of the Convex Sets Theory

    Authors: Rami Matarneh Svitlana Sotnik; Vyacheslav Lyashenko

  118. The Impact of Various Compression Ratio and Influence of Bio Additive With Jatropha Methyl Ester Biodiesel in DI Diesel Engine

    Authors: S. Sivaganesan C. Dhanasekaran M. Chandrasekaran; A. Parthiban

  119. “Application of TQM Practices and Sectorial Implications in Industry- A Case Study on Brewing Industry”

    Authors: S. Ranjith Kumar; P. Nandgopal

  120. Development and Optimization of Experimental Data based Models for Bamboo Sliver Cutting by using Human Powered Flywheel Motor

    Authors: Siddharth K. Undirwade

  121. Effect of Alkali Treatment on Tensile/Chemical Properties and Dielectric Strength of Bamboo and Grass Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composites

    Authors: H. Raghavendra Rao G. Suresh Kumar P. Hari Sankar D. Mohana Krishnudu; P. Venkateshwar Reddy

  122. Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance to Enhance the Overall Equipment Effectiveness in Medium Scale Industries

    Authors: S. Nallusamy Vijay Kumar Vivek Yadav Uday Kumar Prasad; S K Suman

  123. Energy and Exergy Analysis of Diesel Engine Run on Different Second Generation Biodiesels

    Authors: P. Chetan Reddy T. Krishna Vamsi Ramesh S P. Masthan Reddy; Leela Mohan Kumar

  124. Experimental Study of Mechanical and Metallurgical Properties of Friction Stir Welded Dissimilar Aluminum Alloys

    Authors: G. Swaminathan; S. Sathiyamurthy

  125. Investigation of Effect of Friction Stir Drilling Parameters on Elastoplastic Behaviour of Al Alloy

    Authors: Vishwanath K. C; Thirthaprasada H. P.

  126. Mechanical and Wear Behaviour of Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced with Dissipate Material-a Review

    Authors: Subba Rao K. Vijayabhaskar K. Ravindra; Z. Rameshbabu

  127. Study on Effect of Chennai Metro Rail Limited Routing System and its Future Growth

    Authors: K. Elangovan C. B. Senthil Kumar; S. Nallusamy

  128. Current Order and Inventory Models in Manufacturing Environments: A Review from 2008 to 2018

    Authors: Zohreh Momeni; Amir Azizi

  129. Development of a Decision Support System for Solar Panel Selection Using Integrated Analytic Hierarchy Process and Grey Relational Analysis

    Authors: Sasikumar Gnanasekaran; Sivasangari Ayyappan

  130. Ranking of Lean Tools using Weighted Scoring Method

    Authors: S. Muthu Baskaran

  131. An Ant Colony Approach to Solve a Vehicle Routing Problem in a FMCG Company

    Authors: Srinivas Rao T; Prakash Marimuthu K

  132. Design and Simulation of Connecting Rods with Several Test Casesusing Al Alloys and High Tensile Steel

    Authors: T. Sathish; A. Muthulakshmanan

  133. Development of Different Renewable Energy Based Cold Storage Units for Jammu and Kashmir State

    Authors: Nasirulrasheed Rather; Asgar Samoon

  134. Effective Time Domain Features for Identification of Bearing Fault using LDA and NB Classifiers

    Authors: B R Nayana; P Geethanjali

  135. Fabrication and Properties Evaluation of CNT Polymer Composites

    Authors: N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy; B. Anjaneya Prasad

  136. Mechanical and Thermomechanical Properties of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastic Composite Fabricated Using Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) Method: a Review

    Authors: Vinayak Chandrakant Gavali Pravin R. Kubade; Hrushikesh B. Kulkarni

  137. Second Generation Coconut Biodiesel: the Best Biodiesel Alternative to Diesel as a Fuel in a Compression Ignition Engine

    Authors: T. Krishna Vamsi Prasad Kanasani D. Srivatsava Narasimha; Avinash Nidamanuri

  138. An Approach For Rational Design and Structural Analysis of a Hexa-Copter

    Authors: Likitha Thimmaraju Girijadevi Bino Prince Raja D; Antony Samuel Prabhu

  139. Execution of Selection Process in Regular Area of Industrial Application with its Current Features for Manufacturing Enhancement in SMEs

    Authors: K. M. Ayshath Zaheera C. B. Senthilkumar; S. Nallusamy

  140. Energy Absorption and Ballistic Impact Behaviour of Kevlar Woven Fabrics

    Authors: V. Anand A. Edwin D. Justus Reymond K. Prasanna S. Ramesh; Sija Arun

  141. Technical and Soft Skill Competencies Mapping at the Entry Level of Diploma Holders in Mechanical and Automobile Engineering for Auto and Auto Components Industries

    Authors: A. Ayyakkannu

  142. Investigation Study on Effective Tools for Conscription of Various Industrial Applications

    Authors: K. M. Ayshath Zaheera C. B. Senthilkumar; S. Nallusamy

  143. Design and Fabrication of Overhead Travelling Cargo Handling Machine for Warehouse

    Authors: B. Subba Rao; M. Devaiah

  144. Study on Environmental Impact Through Analysis of Big Data for Sustainable and Green Supply Chain Management

    Authors: A. Kaleel Ahmed C. B. Senthil Kumar; S. Nallusamy

  145. Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Solar PV Powered BLDC Hub Motor Driven Electric Car

    Authors: M. Premkumar JSV. Sivakumar R. Vijaya Krishna; R. Sowmya

  146. Stand up India Programme – an Address to Financial Problems of Micro and Small Scale Manufacturing and Production Units

    Authors: Ravi Kumar

  147. Study on Amalgamation of Internet of Things in Industrial Applications

    Authors: A. Kaleel Ahmed C. B. Senthilkumar; S. Nallusamy

  148. Investigation of Effect of Injection Pressure on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Composite Oil Biodiesel on DI CI Engine

    Authors: Tilak. S. R K. Chandrashekara H. Yogish; A. M. Mahesha

  149. Buckling Analysis of Stiffened Panel for Aircraft Fuselage

    Authors: Uday Deepika. A; K. Veeranjaneyulu

  150. Design and Optimal Synthesis of Compliant Mechanisms– an Optimality Criteria Approach

    Authors: G. Arunkumar S. Lakshmi Sankar; S. Padmagirisan

  151. Design and Fabrication of Black Box Ejection System for a Civil Transport Aircraft

    Authors: Kalavagunta Veeranjaneyulu; Uday Deepika. A

  152. Effect of Crumb Rubber Aggregates on the Characteristics of Cement Concrete as Partial Replacement

    Authors: Mohammed Ali. Mutar Thulfiqar Salim Hussein; Samer Hamed Malik