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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.2, No.9

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2013-09-30

  1. Consumpton Comparison of Different Modes of Operation of a Hybrid Vehicle

    Authors: Mukhtar M. A. Murad; Jasem Alrajhi

  2. Modeling and Analysis of PI Controller Based Speed Control of Brushless DC Motor Drive

    Authors: P.Nagasekhar Reddy

  3. Constant Stress Accelerated Life Testing Using Rayleigh Geometric Process Model

    Authors: S. Saxena; Arif-Ul-Islam

  4. Ψ- Dichotomy for Linear Dynamic Systems on Time Scales

    Authors: B.V.Appa Rao; N.Murty; K.A.S.N.V Prasad

  5. Design of Wallace Tree Multiplier using Compressors

    Authors: K.Gopi Krishna; B.Santhosh; V.Sridhar

  6. A Review on Software Reliability

    Authors: Damanjit Kaur; Inderpal Singh

  7. Comparative Analysis of MRAFC Controller MRAC Controller

    Authors: Swati Mohore; Shailja Shukla

  8. A Survey on the Defense Mechanisms of Jamming Attacks in Wireless Networks

    Authors: T.Ramesh; S.S.Meenatchi

  9. Convective Flow under Rotating Force

    Authors: Meenu Hooda

  10. Convective Flow under Rotating Force

    Authors: Meenu Hooda

  11. Design of Prototypic Army BOT for Landmine Detection and Control Using Hand Gestures and PC

    Authors: Bia Roshini Sk; Rv.Krishnaiah

  12. Noval Wavelet Coefficient for Fusion of Multi Modality Images and Preserving Edge Features in Medical Applications

    Authors: Sampath Kumar Dara; Kaparthi Uday

  13. Design and Construction of Solar Power-Based Lighting System

    Authors: Oke A. O.; Adigun A. A.; Fenwa O. D.

  14. FCM Algorithm for Medical Image Segmentation Using HMRF

    Authors: Rajeev V R; Dr Sreeja Mole S S

  15. Study on MEMS Fabrication Techniques and Applications

    Authors: S. Madhava Reddy; A. Anudeep Kumar

  16. A Survey on Intrusion Detection System in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

    Authors: T. Ramesh; S. Kavipriya

  17. An Implementation of Text Dependent Speaker Independent Isolated Word Speech Recognition Using HMM

    Authors: Rupali S Chavan; Ganesh S. Sable

  18. Quality Improvement in the Production Process of Grinding Balls

    Authors: Andrew Muzinda; Rumbidzai Muvunzi

  19. On Regular Difilters in Ditopological Texture Spaces

    Authors: I.Arockia Rani

  20. A Study of Techno Economic Feasibility for safe

    Authors: Rahul Oza

  21. Estimation of Weibull Parameters In Accelerated Life Testing Using Geometric Process With Type-Ii Censored Data

    Authors: Mustafa Kamal

  22. A Retrospective Survey on Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: P.Anbumani; D.Arockia Nancy

  23. Avoiding Unbeneficial Handoff and Reducing Handoff Latency in Wlans Based on Network Condition

    Authors: V.Saravanan; A.Sumathi

  24. Constrained Three Dimensional Job Assignment Model

    Authors: P. Madhu Mohan Reddy; C. Suresh Babu

  25. An Approach to Glaucoma using Image Segmentation Techniques

    Authors: Mrs Preeti Kailas Suryawanshi

  26. Cost Benefit Analysis of an Eco-Friendly Auditorium over a Normal Auditorium

    Authors: P.Samatha Chowdary; J.Usha Kranti

  27. Application of Loss Sensitivity Factor and Genetic Algorithm for Capacitor Placement for Minimum Loss in radial Distribution System

    Authors: Dinakara Prasad Reddy P

  28. Implementation of the Atm Security System by Using ZIGBEE

    Authors: V.Prashanthi; B.Suresh Ram; Abdul Subani Shaik

  29. A Technical Review on Web Application Security Vulnerabilities

    Authors: Chandan Singh

  30. Investigating the Hydrological Characteristics of Kaduna River Basin

    Authors: A Saminu; I Abdullahi

  31. Evaluation for Corrosion Resistance of Nano-Cluster Layer and Biofilm Formation

    Authors: Hideyuki Kanematsu; Takehiko Hihara; Tomoyuki Ishihara; Kyoki Imura; Takeshi Kogo

  32. Design Analysis and Circuit Enhancements of SR-Flip Flops

    Authors: Olawale J. Omotosho

  33. An Enhanced Paillier’s Algorithm Using Homomorphic Encryption

    Authors: Rahul Yogi; Pushpa.G

  34. Health Monitoring System Using Wi-Fi as a Communication Medium on ARM7

    Authors: G.Vijaya Lakshmi; B.Suresh Ram; T.Ramakrishna

  35. Automated Toll Gate Collection with Complex Security System

    Authors: Saritha.M; M.Veda Chary

  36. ZIGBEE Based Agriculture Management System

    Authors: J.Swetha; P.Raveendra Babu

  37. Utilization of Reinforced Concrete Flexural (Shear) Walls in Multistorey Buildings with Effect of Lateral Loads under Flat Terrain

    Authors: Venkata Sairam Kumar.N; P.V.S.Maruthi Krishna

  38. Design and Performance analysis of Low power CMOS Op-Amp

    Authors: Anand Kumar Singh; Anuradha

  39. Effect of Clipping Ratio on Bit Error Rate Performance of Clipped and Filtered OFDM Signal

    Authors: Namrata Chopra; Baljit Kaur

  40. A Survey on Blackhole Attack Detection Methods in Manet

    Authors: T.Ramesh; T.Jothimani

  41. Design and Implementation of BISR for 3d Multiple SRAMS with Redundancies in a SOC

    Authors: C.V.Keerthi Latha; R.Hema latha

  42. Studies on Effect of Doping Alumina Nanoparticles in ION Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites

    Authors: Ritu Tomar; Chirag R Sharma

  43. Video Inpainting for Moving Object Removal Using Patch Sparsity

    Authors: Meenal R. Dusane; G. S. Sable

  44. Theoretical Analysis of Regenerator for Reversed Stirling Cycle Review

    Authors: Vikram Patel; Amitesh Poul; Dr.G.R.Selokar; Priyanka Jhavar

  45. Evaluation of MicroAddress Recorder for Location Tracking

    Authors: Shaveta Bhatia; SabaHilal

  46. Handwritten Devnagari Special Characters and Words Recognition Using Neural Network

    Authors: Vaibhav Dedhe; Sandeep Patil

  47. Multi Level Anti Theft Security System using GSM Technology

    Authors: Y. Prashanthi; Y. Aruna suhasini

  48. Micro-Level Landslide Hazard Zonation of Saitual Town, Mizoram, India Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

    Authors: R.K.Lallianthanga; F. Lalbiakmawia

  49. Microcontroller Based Weather Data Logger

    Authors: Khatheja SK; Dr.M.B.R.Murthy

  50. Bike Side Stand Unfolded Ride Lock Link

    Authors: Sanjeev N K

  51. An Elegant Approach for Diagnosis of Parkinson's disease on MRI Brain Images by Means of a Neural Network

    Authors: Aprajita Sharma; Ram Nivas Giri

  52. Gear Oil Drainage from End-Of-Life Vehicles (Elvs): Statistical Results

    Authors: Mohit Garg; Sumeet Sharma

  53. Comparison of Electricity Generation and Direct use of Geothermal Energy

    Authors: R.K. Pal

  54. Comparison between Serial Adder and Parallel Adder

    Authors: Ashivani Dubey; Jagdish Nagar

  55. Algorithm for Ordering of Message in Mobile Computing Environment

    Authors: Jayanta Loha

  56. Custom Web Scrapping For Content Aggregation From E-Commerce Websites

    Authors: Bhushan J; Nijagunarya

  57. A study of Livestock Ration Formulation using Goal programming

    Authors: Radha Gupta; Jothi Lakshmi

  58. An Efficient Routing of TORA Protocol with Clustering Technique in MANET

    Authors: Abdul Mannan; Hitesh Gupta

  59. A Survey on Sensor Usage and Training with Realtime Application

    Authors: Sasikumar M; Narendran M

  60. Analysis and Design of Different Flip Flops, Extensions of Conventional JK-Flip Flops

    Authors: Olawale J. Omotosho; Engr. Samson O. Ogunlere