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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.3, No.2

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2014-02-28

  1. An Implementation for Conserving Privacy based on Encryption Process to Secured Cloud Computing Environment

    Authors: Paresh D.Sharma; Hitesh Gupta

  2. Influence of Nano Fillers in the Development of Glass Epoxy ?Nano Alumina Hybrid Nano Composite

    Authors: K.Kalyani Radha; Ashok Kumar Reddy.R

  3. Analysis of Performance Matrices of OLSR, AOMDV & ZRP Protocols in the VANET Scenario

    Authors: Sonal Dubey

  4. Stability and Reactive Power Compensation Techniques in Wind Farm

    Authors: Kadam D.P; Kushare B.E.

  5. Analysis of Packets Broadcast over MANET Protocols using UDP Traffic Pattern

    Authors: Sunil Taneja

  6. Analysis and Simulation of Asymmetrical Current Source Multilevel Inverter

    Authors: Himanshu N Chaudhari; Dhrupa M Patel; Maulik A Chaudhari

  7. Analysis of Inventory of an Automobile Dealer using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Sanjay Jain; Kapil Sharma

  8. Classification of Transmission Line Faults Using Wavelet Transformer

    Authors: B. Lakshmana Nayak

  9. Peristaltic Transport of a Herschel-Bulkley Fluid in Contact With a Newtonian Fluid in a Circular Tube

    Authors: h.Badari Narayana; P.Devaki; S.Sreenadh

  10. Memory Optmization In Map Decoding Algorithm Using Trace Forward Technique In Turbo Decoder By Using Of VLSI Implementation

    Authors: R. Mohanraj; S.Saravanan

  11. Memory Optmization In Map Decoding Algorithm Using Trace Forward Technique In Turbo Decoder By Using Of VLSI Implementation

    Authors: R. Mohanraj; S.Saravanan

  12. Evaluation of DTN Routing Protocols

    Authors: Vrunda Gamit; Hardik Patel

  13. Comparative Studies on Performance Parameters and Exhaust Emissions from Two Stroke Copper Coated Spark Ignition Engine with Alcohol Blended Gasoline with Catalytic Converter

    Authors: S. Narasimha Kumar; M.V.S. Murali Krishna; P.V.K. Murthy

  14. A Review on Reconfigurable Fourier and Fermat Transforms for Software Radios

    Authors: Pandit M.D; Godbole B.B; Nikam R.H

  15. Comparison of Different Natural Fiber Reinforced Concrete: Review

    Authors: Shrikant Harle; Vaibhav Dhawale

  16. Design and Engineering of an Innovative Bituminized Jute Paving Fabric for Potential Application in Road Construction

    Authors: Swapan Kumar Ghosh; Rajib Bhattacharyya; Abhishek Mittal; Tapobrata Sanyal

  17. Zig-Bee Based Waste Bin Monitoring System

    Authors: Kanchan Mahajan; Prof.J.S.Chitode

  18. Study on Causes and Issues of Big-Data

    Authors: Balaji Prabhu B V; Arpitha S

  19. Hardware Implementation of Automated Pantry Order System using ZIGBEE

    Authors: Pranit P. Kathale; A. M. Agarkar

  20. Motion Estimation and Video Compression of Low Power H.264

    Authors: Kamatam Sateesh

  21. Motion Estimation and Video Compression of Low Power H.264

    Authors: Kamatam Sateesh

  22. Seawater Desalination Processes

    Authors: Trivedi Hetal K.; D.B. Upadhyay; A.H. Rana

  23. Designing Mobility using Distance Routing Effect Algorithm

    Authors: G.Gokilavani; K.Sathyapriya; S.S.Suganya; K.Hemalatha

  24. A Comparative Study on Hierarchical Clustering in Data Mining

    Authors: K Kiruba; Dr B Rosiline Jeetha

  25. Removal of Colour from Textile Wastewater Using Two- Step Coagulation Process

    Authors: Ria Nanda; Ritu Vyas

  26. Review of Image Classification Techniques Based on LDA, PCA and Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Mukul Yadav; Gajendra Singh Chandel; Ravindra Gupta

  27. Flow of a Jeffrey Fluid between Finite Deformable Porous Layers

    Authors: S.Sreenadh; A.Parandhama; E.Sudhakara; M. Krishna Murthy

  28. Static studies on Piezoelectric/Piezomagnetic Composite Structure under Mechanical and Thermal Loading

    Authors: S. Balu; G.R.Kannan; K. Rajalingam

  29. Improved Round Robin Algorithm for Data Center Selection in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Deepak Kapgate

  30. Surge Detection System for Centrifugal Compressor

    Authors: Mohamed A. Waly; Ibrahim F Tarrad; Mohamed M. Fouad

  31. Removal of Colour and COD from Reactive Green ? 19 Dyeing Wastewater using Ozone

    Authors: Mazhar Y. Multani; Mitali J. Shah

  32. Effect of Jute Fibres on Engineering characteristics of Black Cotton Soil

    Authors: Harshita Bairagi; R.K.Yadav; R.Jain

  33. Design and Implementation of Locally Distributed Web Server Systems using Load Balancer

    Authors: R.Jayabal; R.Mohan Raj

  34. Critical Event Monitoring in WSNS using Level-By-Level Offset Based Wake up Pattern

    Authors: Ravisankar.A; Swetha.G

  35. The Evaluation of a Performance Model for a MOST Network

    Authors: Je Hoon Lee; Yongrak Choi; Sang Choon Kim; Si Byung Nam

  36. Multi-Step Verification Environment for a Chip Design using SoC platform

    Authors: Je Hoon Lee; Duk Gyu Lim

  37. Defend the Locations in WSN from Snoopers

    Authors: Dinesh Kumar V S; Gopinathan B

  38. Environmental Assessment of Gorakhpur Industrial Developmental Authority (GIDA) Project Area

    Authors: Sudha Sippi; Govind Pandey

  39. Biotechnological Approaches as the New Paradigm for Insect Research

    Authors: Diganggana Talukdar

  40. Hardware Implementation of Edge Detection Algorithm-A Review

    Authors: Kavitkar S. G.; Paikrao P. L.

  41. Applicability of Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell for the Electricity Generation Using Waste Water obtained from Biscuit Factory and Potato Processing Factory

    Authors: Amit Prem Khare; Dr.Hemlata Bundela

  42. Electricity Generation by the use of Double Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell: Comparative study of the Voltage Generated by Bread Factory Substrate and Waste Water from Poultry Farm

    Authors: Shikhi Shrivastava; Hemlata Bundela

  43. Fuzzy Logic for Computer Virus Detection

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  44. Study of CFG and System calls for Computer Virus Detection

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  45. Detection of Logic Bombs

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  46. Spyware Detection Techniques

    Authors: Ankur Singh Bist

  47. Review on Dynamic Responses of Vibrating Systems with Uncertain Parameters

    Authors: Imran Ahemad Khan; G. K. Awari

  48. Village Level Protocol

    Authors: Ankur Dumka

  49. One Time Mining by Multi-Core Preprocessing on Generalized Dataset

    Authors: Aviral Kumar Singh; S. R. Tondon; Tarun Dhar Diwan

  50. A Survey on Evolution of Mobile Networks:1G to 4G

    Authors: Pratik Kanani; Dr.Kamal Shah; Vikas Kaul

  51. Reversible Logic Based Arithmetic and Logic Unit

    Authors: Khushboo Ahirwar; Sachin Bandewar; Anand Kumar Singh

  52. Segmentation of Brain Regions Using Statistical Region Merging

    Authors: P.Angalaparameswari; Mrs.P.Rupa Ezhil Arasi

  53. Comparative Studies of NiMgCuZn composite ferrites with Equimolar (NiCuZn+MgCuZn) Nanocomposite ferrite useful for Microinductors Applications

    Authors: N.Varalaxmi; K.V.Sivakumar

  54. A Review on wavelet transform as a substitute to cyclic prefix removal in FFT in OFDM

    Authors: Abhishek Gupta; Prateek Nigam; Vijayshri Chaurasia

  55. Novel Fast Haar Wavelet Transform for Brain Image Compression Using Spiht Algorithm

    Authors: http issues pdf file Archives February .pdf

  56. Power Efficient Design of BILBO using Various Sequential Elements for Low power VLSI Applications (Basic 5T-transistor and 5T- with MTCMOS)

    Authors: P.Nagarajan; K.Nithya

  57. Power Optimization in Domino Circuits using Stacked Transistors

    Authors: P.Karthikeyanz; N.Saravanan

  58. Optical and Physical Properties of SiO2 Nanoparticles and Tetra Ortho Silicate Doped in Polyurethane Foams

    Authors: R. Malekfar; M. Nadafan; Z. Dehghani

  59. Feasibility Study of Electro-Coagulation as a Treatment Method for Textile Industry Wastewater

    Authors: Karishma Chorawala; Mihir Vyas Mehali Mehta

  60. Design of a Photovoltaic Grid-Tied Inverter Employing a Dual-Stage Boost Converter and a Transformer-Less Step-Down Circuit

    Authors: Sameer Ahmed Khan Mojlish

  61. Wide-Band Single Stage Source Coupled CMOS Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) using 0.18 ?m CMOS Technology

    Authors: Rakesh Chaudhari; Arpit Patel; Nilesh Patel; Amisha P. Naik

  62. Comparative Analysis of Analog and Digitized Radio-over-Fiber Systems

    Authors: G.Aarthi; N.Sangeetha

  63. Simple and Cost Effective Environment Monitoring System

    Authors: Kunal Dhodapkar; P. Sathya

  64. Performance Analysis of Two Stroke SI Engine with Methanol Blending

    Authors: Viren N. Patadiya; Vinay Bhatt

  65. Simulation and Review of SAODV NS2 Simulation

    Authors: Er. Kamaljit Kaur; Er. Amanpreet Kaur Chela

  66. DSP Architecture for Wireless Sensor Nodes Using VLSI Technique

    Authors: R.Ragumadhavan

  67. Innovative Method for Saltwater Intrusion Control

    Authors: Z. Payal

  68. The Effect of Additives on Diesel Engine Emissions: An Experimental Investigation

    Authors: M.Santhosh; G.Balaji

  69. An Efficient Approach of Decision Tree for Classifying Brain Tumors

    Authors: Pravin N. Chunarkar

  70. A Review on Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) to Improve Power Quality

    Authors: Yuvraj Jani; Babita Raj; Sagar Savaliya; Chetan Chaudhri; Vipul Solanki

  71. Wideband and Low Power CMOS Analog Multiplier in Deep Submicron Technology

    Authors: Dhrumil Patel; Gireeja Amin

  72. Intuitionistic (α, β)- Fuzzy Hv-Subgroups

    Authors: Arvind Kumar Sinha; Manoj Kumar Dewangan

  73. Power Quality Enhancement in Wind Turbine Fed FSIG under asymmetric faults using SVPWM

    Authors: P. Karthigeyan

  74. Nanotechnology in Green Chemistry- A study

    Authors: Abida Murtaza

  75. Optimizing Design of Spring Using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Atish B. Dighewar

  76. Security Challenge in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Ms Asiya Jaleel

  77. Administration of Information in Higher Education-Role of ICT

    Authors: Ms Asiya Jaleel

  78. Emerging Trends in Wireless Communication over Few Decays

    Authors: Touseef Sumer

  79. Emerging Trends in Wireless Communication over Few Decays

    Authors: Touseef Sumer

  80. Effect of Fly Ash on Fresh and Hardened Properties of Self Compacting Concrete

    Authors: Shriram H. Mahure; V. M. Mohitkar; Dr.K.Ravi

  81. An Adaptive Leaky-Bucket Mechanism for Traffic Management in OBS Networks

    Authors: Mohit Shrivastav; Sandeep Gonnade

  82. Alkaline Treatment Effect on Mechanical Properties of Date palm Wood Fiber

    Authors: M. Tlijani; A. Gouadria; R. Benyounes; JF. Durastanti; A. Mazioud

  83. Design and Implementation of 1kva Uninterrupted Power Supply

    Authors: Oshevire Patrick; Oladimeji Tolulolope; Mmonyi C. Anthony

  84. E-Commerce Applications Security Aspects in Cloud Computing

    Authors: D.Sridhar; V.Ganapriya; M.Srivanitha

  85. Architectural Realm of Bioninformatics

    Authors: K.Suganya; SM.Sugithraa

  86. Zeros of the Sum of Two Polynomials

    Authors: M. H. Gulzar

  87. Secure Symmetric Key Algorithm [SSKA] For Information Exchange Using Modulo 67

    Authors: H.Mohamed Ashik; Mrs.S.Vydehi

  88. Microwave Irradiation on Synthesis of High Quality Graphene Nano Sheets

    Authors: Kashinath Lellala; Y. Hayakawa; G. Ravi

  89. An Exploration of Robotic System

    Authors: A.Rethinavel Subramanian

  90. Analysis of Finite Element Modeling of Magnetic Flux Leakage Technique in Plates with Defect

    Authors: Nagu.S; M.Baskaran

  91. A State of Art Literature Review on Direct Displacement-Based Design for Seismic Structural Analysis

    Authors: Alefiya T. Dohadwala; Rutvik K. Sheth; Indrajit N. Patel

  92. Associators in the Nucleus of Antiflexible Rings

    Authors: D. Bharathi; M. Hema Prasad

  93. Advanced Secure System For Manet

    Authors: Sujitha.R; Dr.Thilagavathy.D

  94. Geomorphological Analysis of Gare Pelma Sector ? III for the Environmental Impact Assessment due to Coal Mining

    Authors: Bhargava K. Iyengar; Ninad Bodhankar

  95. Optical Properties of Er3+-doped K2O ? Nb2O5 ? SiO2 Glasses for Fiber Amplifiers

    Authors: M. Murali Mohan

  96. Reduction of Total Harmonic Distortion Using Filtered SVPWM in Multiphase Voltage Source Inverters

    Authors: P.Raghuram; P.Sadanandam; P.Nagarjuna Reddy

  97. Influence of Pressure Angle in Spur Gear Vibration

    Authors: Rameshbabu Subramanian; Srinivasan K

  98. (3) Measurement of Ferronematic Liquid Crystal Using a Single Beam Method

    Authors: E.SaievarIranizad; Z. Dehghani; M. Nadafan

  99. Study on Wax Deposition of Heavy Crude Oil in Pipelines

    Authors: Abdurahman.HNour; Nadia Eliza NatrahBintiJamaluddin

  100. Real Time Gesture Recognition for Cart Movement

    Authors: Vipin Garg; Suramayam Tayal; Yogendra Singh Bora; S.K. Pawar

  101. A Study on Government Regulation Banning Polythene Gutkha Sachets: Empirical Research on People Perception

    Authors: Amit Kumar; Arpan Shrivastava; Gunjan Anand

  102. Implementation of Android Based Application using GPS

    Authors: Shivam Tundele; Adarsh Pillai; Anshul Maru

  103. Implementation of College Web Portal - An E-Learning System

    Authors: Shivam Tundele; Adarsh Pillai; Anshul Maru

  104. Implementation of College Web Portal - An E-Learning System

    Authors: Shivam Tundele; Adarsh Pillai; Anshul Maru

  105. Implementation of Network Load Balancing System

    Authors: Shivam Tundele; Anshul Maru