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Archived Papers for Journal

Povolzhskaya Arkheologiya (The Volga River Region Archaeology) >>

Vol.1, No.19

Publisher: Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Publishing Date: 2017-03-20

  1. On the Turn of Two Millennia (60 Years of the Mari Archaeological Expedition)

    Authors: Nikitin V.V. Yoshkar-Ola; Russian Federation

  2. New Evidence of Serpentinite Raw Material Exploitation in the Kapova Cave (The Southern Urals)

    Authors: Zhitenev V.S. Moscow; Russian Federation

  3. Antler Sleeves from the Neolithic Lake-Dwelling Sites of Switzerland (the “Swiss Collection” of the National Museum of Tatarstan Republic, Kazan)

    Authors: Bugrov D.G.; Galimova M.Sh. Kazan; Russian Federation

  4. Controversial Questions of the Early Neolithic Studies in the Mari Volga Region

    Authors: Vybornov A.A. Samara; Russian Federation

  5. Study Results on Kaen-Tube Island Site in 2004

    Authors: Chizhevsky A.A.; Shipilov A.V. Kazan; Russian Federation; Kaplenko N.M. N. Chelny; Russian Federation

  6. Lebyazhinka VI Settlement: Eneolithic Site in the Forest-Steppe Volga Region

    Authors: Korolyov A.I.; Shalapinin A.A. Samara; Russian Federation

  7. On the Southern Border of the Forest and Forest-Steppe Cultures in the Urals in the Ist Millennium BC

    Authors: Patrushev V.S. Kazan; Russian Federation

  8. On the Southern Border of the Forest and Forest-Steppe Cultures in the Urals in the Ist Millennium BC

    Authors: Savelev N.S. Ufa; Russian Federation

  9. Early Iron Age and Medieval Sites in the Southern Ural Region: Context of Sources (Forest and Forest-Steppe)

    Authors: Ivanov V.A. Ufa; Russian Federation

  10. Reconstruction of Female Costume From the Elite Burial Ground Taksay-I: a View of the Archaeologist

    Authors: Lukpanova Ya.A. Ural'sk; Kazakhstan

  11. Experience of a Reconstruction of "Archaeological" Costume

    Authors: Altynbekov K.; Dosayeva D. Astana; Kazakhstan

  12. Chronology of 3rd–5th Centuries Male Graves from the Tarasovo Burial Ground

    Authors: Goldina R.D.; Bernts V.A. Izhevsk; Russian Federation

  13. Mordovian Cemeteries of 3rd–5th Centuries and the Unity of Their Early Culture

    Authors: Vikhljaev V.I. Saransk; Russian Federation

  14. Female Headdress from Dubrovskiy Burial Ground of 4th–5th Centuries

    Authors: Krasnopeоrov A.A.; Chernykh E.M. Izhevsk; Russian Federation

  15. Beads of the Dubrovskiy Burial Ground (4th–5th Centuries A.D.) in the Middle Kama Region: Classifi cation and Use

    Authors: Goldina E.V.; Chernykh E.M. Izhevsk; Russian Federation

  16. The Seventh Century Composite Belts from Kuzebaevo Hoard

    Authors: Ostanina T.I. Izhevsk; Russian Federation

  17. Progress of Mari Archaeological Expedition in Study of Medieval Antiquities of Vetluga Region

    Authors: Nikitina T.B. Yoshkar-Ola; Russian Federation

  18. Ancient Russian Materials in the Perm Cis-Urals During the 10th–11th Centuries

    Authors: Belavin A.M.; Krylasova N.B. Perm; Russian Federation

  19. Change of Grave Goods in the Middle 11th–13th Centuries in the Burial Grounds in the Lower Vetluga Area

    Authors: Akilbaev A.V. Yoshkar-Ola; Russian Federation

  20. Delineating Sites of Archaeological Heritage: Methodology Based on Endeavours of the Mari Archaeological Expedition

    Authors: Mikheev A.V. Yoshkar-Ola; Russian Federation

  21. Mari Archaeological Expedition: People and Destinies

    Authors: Kuzminykh S.V. Moscow; Russian Federation

  22. Review of the Monograph: Mordvinia’s Tribes on the Eve of the Great Migration (Ust-Uzinsky Burial 3rd–4th Cent.): Monograph / V.V. Grishakov, S.D. Davidov, O.V. Syedyshev, A.N. Somkina. Saransk, 2016. 195 P

    Authors: Stavitsky V.V. Penza; Russian Federation

  23. Scientifi c Conference ‘Ananyino World: Cultural Space, Connections, Traditions and Innovations’

    Authors: Chizhevsky A.A. Kazan; Russian Federation; Kuzminykh S.V. Moscow; Russian Federation

  24. On Proceedings of the Inter-Regional Scientifi c Conference on Conservation and Popularization of Archaeological Heritage

    Authors: Nikitina T.B.; Nikitin V.V. Yoshkar-Ola; Russian Federation