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Archived Papers for Journal

Povolzhskaya Arkheologiya (The Volga River Region Archaeology) >>

Vol.1, No.35

Publisher: Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Publishing Date: 2021-03-25

  1. Vyatka-Vetluga Archaeological Culture (Comb-Cord Ceramics) of Ananyino Cultural and Historical Area

    Authors: Chizhevsky A.A.; Orudzhov E.I.

  2. Scythian Burial of the Child with the Sword Model in the Lower Dniester

    Authors: Sinika V.S.; Lysenko S.D.; Razumov S.N.; Telnov N.P.

  3. Early Sarmatian Burial of Mound Group Kenysh 3 in Kazakhstan Tobol River Region

    Authors: Seitov A.M.; Bazarbaeva G.A.; Jumabekova G.S.

  4. Reticulated Ceramics of Umilenie Settlement

    Authors: Novikov A.V.

  5. Boy Hunter Burial from Staroe Kirgizovo Burial Ground of the Pyany Bor Culture

    Authors: Zubov S.E.; Liphanov N.A.; Roslyakova N.V.; Sattarov R.R.

  6. Pyany Bor Culture Weapons According to Materials from Novo-Sasykul Burial Ground

    Authors: Vorobyeva S.L.; Kufterin V.V.

  7. Two Sites of Pyany Bor Culture on the Islands of Nizhnekamsk Reservoir

    Authors: Sattarov R.R.; Bugrov D.G.; Lyganov A.V.; Kaplenko N.M.; Khusnutdinov E.A.

  8. Fibulae of Kartavtsevo – Serensk Type: the Issue оf Local Traditions and Cultural Relations of the Great Migration Period

    Authors: Vorontsov A.M.

  9. Syulgamas of Andreevka-Piseraly Type from Oka-Don Watershed

    Authors: Stolyarov E.V.

  10. The Issue of the Types of Settlements of the Mari Volga Region Population in the Early Iron Age

    Authors: Vorobeva E.E.

  11. Fortification of Multi-Shaft Hillforts in the Perm Urals During the Migration Period: theory and interpretations

    Authors: Mingalev V.V.; Pereskokov M.L.

  12. Housebuilding of the Finno-Ugrians from the Forest Belt of the Middle Volga Region During the 2nd – 1st Millennia BC in the Works of Researchers of the 18th – Early 20th Centuries

    Authors: Yarantseva N.S.; Vorobeva E.E.

  13. Archaeogenomics of Animal Domestication in Eurasia

    Authors: Trifonov V.A.; Shaymuratova D.N.; Asylgaraeva G.Sh.; Monakhov S.P.; Molodtseva A.S.; Askeyev A.O.; Askeyev I.V.; Askeyev O.V.

  14. Zooarchaeology and Ancient DNA, part 1: a brief review of the methods and applications

    Authors: Aurélie Manin; Ophélie Lebrasseur

  15. Zooarchaeology and Ancient DNA, part 2: new substrates and perspectives

    Authors: Ophélie Lebrasseur; Aurélie Manin

  16. Horses from Xiongnu Elite Burial Complex Tsaram

    Authors: Tishkin A.A.; Plasteeva N.A.; Minyaev S.S.

  17. A Zooarchaeological and Molecular Assessment of Ancient Chicken Remains from Russia

    Authors: Lebrasseur O.; Shaymuratova D.; Askeyev A.; Asylgaraeva G.; Frantz L.; Larson G.; Askeyev O.; Askeyev I.

  18. Painted Astragals of the Bronze Age (Kyrykungir burial ground, East Kazakhstan)

    Authors: Umitkaliev U.U.; Mitko O.A.; Lbova L.V.