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Archived Papers for Journal

Povolzhskaya Arkheologiya (The Volga River Region Archaeology) >>

Vol.3, No.13

Publisher: Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

Publishing Date: 2015-09-25

  1. The peculiarities of archaeological textile materials and the methods of their attribution

    Authors: Glushkova T.N. Surgut; Russian Federation

  2. Issues of reconstruction the clothes based on results of archaeological textile research

    Authors: Orfinskaya O.V. Moscow; Russian Federation

  3. Conservation and restoration of archaeological textiles from the disturbed Altai burial mounds of the early Iron age

    Authors: Altynbekovа D.K. Almaty; Kazakhstan

  4. Ceremonial dress of the Achaemenid nobility of the VI? V centuries BC (according to findings from the fifth Pazyryk kurgan and synchronous iconic monuments of the Achaemenid time)

    Authors: Tsareva E.G. Saint- Petersburg; Russian Federation

  5. Restoration and research of the archaeological fabric from burial of the bulgarian woman of the Golden Horde period (the end of the XIV century)

    Authors: Fedotova Yu.V.Kazan; Russian Federation; Sinitsyna N.P. Moscow; Russian Federation; Orfinskaya O.V. Moscow; Russian Federation; Vizgalova M.Yu. Kazan; Russian Federation

  6. Gold-metallic textile and gold-silver lace in women’s headwear of the XVIII century: results of research in the archaeological textile from Nizhniy Novgorod

    Authors: Orfinskaya О.V.; Shapiro B.L. Moscow; Russian Federation

  7. The medieval Bolgar population according to craniology data. Preliminary results according to the materials of 2010? 2013 excavations

    Authors: Gazimzyanov I.R. Kazan; Russian Federation

  8. The technique of reconstruction the settlements fortifications of X?XVI centuries in the Middle Volga

    Authors: Gubaidullin A.M. Kazan; Russian Federation

  9. Geophysical investigations in the territory of Bolgar state historical and architectural museum-reserve in 2014

    Authors: Brednikov K.I.; Khasanov D.I.; Utemov E.V.; Nasyrtdinov B.M. Kazan; Russian Federation

  10. Archaeological and numismatical findings from the vicinitie of Bolshiye Atrjasi village (Tetjushy district of Tatarstan Republic)

    Authors: Rudenko K.A.; Bugarchyov A.I.

  11. Archaeometry research of silver coins of the Хth century from Volga Bulgaria (preliminary results)

    Authors: Khramchenkova R.Kh.; Shaykhutdinova; E.F.; Begovatov E.A.; Sitdikov A.G Kazan; Russian Federation

  12. Following the pages of V.A. Gorodtsov report ?Hidden energy of archaeological monuments?

    Authors: Kuzminykh S.V.; Belozerova I.V. Moscow; Russian Federation

  13. Classification of burial rituals of the cemeteries without burial mounds in regions of the Tsarevskoe ancient settlement

    Authors: Nedashkovsky L.F. Kazan; Russian Federation

  14. Glazed pottery of the South-Eastern Crimea from the excavations of the Tsarev settlement

    Authors: Iudin N.I. Azov; Russian Federation

  15. Tatar encyclopaedic study: tendencies and prospects

    Authors: Shaydullin R.V.; Salakhiyev R.R.; Galimullina G.H.; Sitdikov A.G.; Abdullin H.M.; Valiev R.R. Kazan; Russian Federation

  16. Encyclopaedic dictionary on archaeology of Tatarstan:conceptual problems

    Authors: Abdullin Kh.M.; Izmailov I.L.; Sitdikov A.G.; Khuzin F.Sh. Kazan; Russian Federation

  17. Book Review: A.N. Sarapulov. The medieval agriculture in the Perm’ Cis-Urals according to the archaeological data. Editor Prof. A.M. Belavin, Perm, 2015, p. 170

    Authors: Khuzin F.Sh. Kazan; Russian Federation

  18. 10 years of the Archaeology Museum of Tatarstan Republic of Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences

    Authors: Abdullin Kh.M.; Baranov V.S.; Drozdova G.I.; Mukhametshina A.S.; Sitdikov A.G.

  19. Concerning the work of the II international field archaeological school

    Authors: Sitdikov A.G.; Vyazov L.A.; Makarova E.M. Kazan; Russian Federation

  20. Сongratulatory word of the jubilijar (the 65th anniversary of R.F. Sharifullin)

    Authors: Khuzin F.Sh.; Izmaylov I.L. Kazan; Russian Federation; ismail