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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.21, No.1

Publisher: Dnipro State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2016-03-09

  1. Evoked bioelectrical activity of efferent fibers of the sciatic nerve of white rats in experimental menopause

    Authors: Rodinsky A.G.; Tkachenko S.S.; Guz L.V.

  2. Mechanismsofhematogenous tumor metastasis

    Authors: Desyaterik V.I.; Shevchenko Y.S.

  3. Peculiarities of mental status in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in different phases of the pathological process

    Authors: Pertseva T.O.; Konopkina L.I.; Huba Iu.V.

  4. The characteristics of side effects of different modes of chemotherapy for breast cancer

    Authors: Bondarenko I.M.; Phokhach A.V.

  5. The clinical condition and functional performance of the heart in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation after electrical cardioversion

    Authors: Pysarevska K.О.

  6. Prognostic criteria of chronic myeloid leukemia by changes platelets sizes

    Authors: Shorop Y.V.; Tymchenko A.C.

  7. Optimization of diagnostic and treatment algorhythm of blunt thoracic traumas in patients with combined thoracic and brain trauma

    Authors: Kytovyi A.B.; Pymakhov V.V.

  8. Influence of a complex tratment on serum lipid profile and clinical course of ischemic heart disease inworkers of mining industry

    Authors: Fesenko V.I.;

  9. Experience of endovascular treatment of occlusion-stenotic lesions of cerebral arteries

    Authors: Cherednichenko Yu.V.

  10. Development of complications of gestation in pregnant women with preeclampsia associated with thrombophilia

    Authors: Loskutova T.O.

  11. Clinical characteristics of patients with hepatic steatosis and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis combined with obesity and disorders of the biliary tract, depending on the body mass index

    Authors: Filippova A.Yu.

  12. Airway remodeling in children with asthma, which runs on the background of intracellular infections

    Authors: Chernyshova O.E.; Abaturov A.E.

  13. Gender peculiarities of cardiac performance in children with bronchial asthma

    Authors: Kondratiev V.A.; Reznik A.V.

  14. Microbiologic picture of microflora offemale urogenital organs

    Authors: Dyudyun A.D.; Polion N.M.

  15. The morphological and morphometric study of tissues of dentoalveolar system in children with impaired course of the antenatal period

    Authors: Drogomiretskaya; Ahmad Saleh Khalyaf Salama

  16. General characteristics of dental morbidity in children against orthodontic treatment

    Authors: Kovach I.V.; Lavrenyuk Y.V.

  17. Reproductive health of men of industrial territories: risk factors, pre-nosologic diagnostics, prophylaxis

    Authors: Serdyuk A.M.; Beletskaya E.N.; Stus V.P.; Onul N.M.

  18. Comparative assessment of stability of fungicides triazolopyrimidine, triazole, pyrimidine and morpholine in the soil and prediction of groundwater pollution with them

    Authors: Bіlous S.V.; Omel'chuk S.T.; Vavrіnevich O.P.; Antonenko A.M.

  19. Spatial-temporal characteristics of the diseases as a tool of management of public health formation

    Authors: Berdnyk O.V.; Rudnytska O.P.; Dobrianska O.V.

  20. Analysis of international legislative documents that regulates ambient air quality

    Authors: Petrosian A.A.;

  21. Mortality forecast from gastroduodenal ulcer disease for different gender and age population groups in Ukraine

    Authors: Duzhiy I.D.; Muntyan S.O.; Dubnitskiy V.Yu.; Kharchenko S.V.; Smianov V.A.

  22. Organic hallucinosis at pituitary macroadenoma (case report)

    Authors: Spirina I.D.; Leonov S.F.; Shusterman T.Yo.; Varshavs'kij Ya.S.; Mihal'ova V.A.

  23. Rare clinical case: solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas

    Authors: Karpenko S.I.; Shponka I.S.; Zavizion V.F.; Zavizion E.M.; Skoryk V.R.; Snisar A.V.