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Archived Papers for Journal

Medicni perspektivi >>

Vol.21, No.4

Publisher: Dnipro State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2016-12-22


    Authors: SE Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine

  2. The correlation between individual biochemical parameters of functional state of the liver in experimental obstructive jaundice and course administration of L-lysine escinate and glutargine

    Authors: Desjateryk V.I.; Mamchur D.V.; Kotov O.V.; Dronov S.M.; Zhyliuk V.I.

  3. Experimental evaluation of gonadotoxical action of diazolin

    Authors: Breydak O.A.

  4. Pharyngalgia: self-treatment or the qualified help of the family doctor?

    Authors: Podpletnia O.A.; Potapova T.M.

  5. Identification of special competences for Master degree in dentistry: draft

    Authors: Kulbashna Ya.A.; Gudaryan O.O.; Nikonov V.V.; Idashkina N.G.

  6. The mixed impact of chemical and physical factors on reproductive system of rats in conditions of cold stress

    Authors: Zavgorodnii I.V.; Bachіnskyi R.O.; Pertsev D.P.; Litovchenko O.L.; Gorgol N.I.

  7. The genom of enteroviruses in the blood serum of patients with acute stroke

    Authors: Andryushkova N.G.; Turchin N.S.; Dolinchuk L.V.; Ponyatovskyy V.A.; Melnik V.V.; Shyrobokov V.P.; Trepet L.N.

  8. Risk factors of perinatal and obstetric pathology depending on cytokines and oxidative status of a pregnant

    Authors: Spiridonava Ye.V.; Kovalyov Ye.V.

  9. Сatamnesis of organic hallucinosis case at pituitary macroadenoma

    Authors: Yur'yeva L.N.; Shusterman T.Y.; Leonov S.F.; Varshavskij Ya.S.

  10. Efficiency of lachrymal sac drainage in newborns with dacryocystocele

    Authors: Sakovich V.N.; Serdyuk V.N.; Klopotskaya N.G.; Tarnopol'skaya I.N.

  11. The interaction between nonalcoholic steatosis, anthropometric indicators and disturbance of lipid peroxidation and antioxidant defense in patients with signs of obesity

    Authors: Filippova A.Yu.

  12. Chronic paraprosthesis infection after allohernioplasty

    Authors: Kalish Yu.I.; Ametov L.Z.; Shayusupov A.R.; Yigitaliev S.Kh.; Kabulov M.K.

  13. Homo- and heteroadhesion activity of autosymbionts of Aerococcus Viridans strains

    Authors: Stepansky D.A.; Kremenchutsky G.N.; Koshevaya I.P.; Velychko Ye.A.

  14. Tactics of staged treatmentofexacerbated chronic generalized catarrhal gingivitis

    Authors: Mashchenko I.S.; Kuznyak N.B.; Shostenko AA.

  15. Features of direct implantation in chronic foci of odontogenic infection

    Authors: Gudaryan А.А.; Drobyazgo M.G.; Shamrai A.N.

  16. Microbiological and immunological diagnostic criteria for initial degree of generalized periodontitis at the stage of pre X-ray manifestations

    Authors: Mashchenko I.S.; Struk V.I.; Vatamanyuk N.V.

  17. Clinical, microbiological, immunological and metabolic features of purulent process occurrence in the periodontium in patients with chronic generalized periodontitis

    Authors: Gudaryan А.А.; Kuznyak N.B.; Dronik I.I.

  18. Injuries of deciduous and permanent teeth in children (diagnostic measures, medical tactics)

    Authors: Yakovenko L.N.; Iefymenko V.P.; Makarevich A.Yu.; Kovtun T.A.

  19. Dynamics of physical development of young schoolchildren in Lviv

    Authors: Fedorenko V.I; Ryza L.V.; Kozak L.P.; Кitsula L.M.

  20. Comparative evaluation of bioprotective action of zinc in organic and inorganicform on osteotropism of lead in experimental conditions

    Authors: Biletska E.M.; Onul N.M.; Kalinichevа V.V.

  21. Hygienic assessment of professional risk for worker, involved in application of pesticides and tank mixtures in chemical protection of strawberry

    Authors: Zinchenko T.I; Pelo I.M.; Omelchuk S.T.; Vavrinevych O.P.

  22. Peculiarities of toxicodynamics and hazard assessment of pymetrozine,a new insecticide

    Authors: Korshun M.M.; Ruda T.V.; Blagaia А.V; Antonenko A.M.

  23. Hygienic bases of professiographic assessment of dental specialties and prospects of its use in the practice of modern preventive medicine

    Authors: Panchuk O.Y.; Serheta I.V.

  24. Physical development of children of the city Dnipro, patientswith cystic fibrosis

    Authors: Kramarenko N.N.; Ivanus S.H.

  25. Morbidity of children in Ukraine: approaches toanalysis and prognostication

    Authors: Schudro S.А.

  26. Clinical case of duodenal ulcer with perforation in a woman after a planned cesarean section

    Authors: Chekan M.K.; Loskutova T.A.; Fomicheva Ye.V.

  27. Significance of Mechnikov’s scientific inheritance for development of medicine

    Authors: Semenova L.S.; Nykolaeva E.V.

  28. Professor Mykola Mykhailovych Paranko (to 85-th birthday)

    Authors: SE Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine

  29. Mokiya-Serbina Svitlana Oleksiivna

    Authors: SE Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine

  30. From the history of preventive medicine

    Authors: Savyna R.V.

  31. Review on textbook ?Medical microbiology, virology and immunology?. Textbook for the students of higher medical educational establishments / edited by V.P. Shyrobokov.?

    Authors: Vinnikov A.I.

  32. Syahailo Petro Trokhymovych To commemoration of a talented scientist is devoted (to 80-th birthday)

    Authors: SE Dnipropetrovsk medical academy of Health Ministry of Ukraine

  33. Analysis of p53- immunoreactivity in astrocytic brain tumors

    Authors: Shinkarenko T.V.; Shpon‘ka I.S.

  34. Analysis of p53- immunoreactivity in astrocytic brain tumors

    Authors: Shinkarenko T.V.; Shpon‘ka I.S.