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Archived Papers for Journal

Medicni perspektivi >>

Vol.26, No.2

Publisher: Dnipro State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2021-06-21

  1. Modern vector in treatment of patients with lung cancer: tyrosine kinase inhibitors in epidermal growth factor receptor mutations (literature review)

    Authors: Smorodska O.M. Moskalenko Yu.V. Vynnychenko I.O. Vynnychenko O.I. Kostuchenko V.V.

  2. Levels of Hsp60 in periodontal tissue of rats: influence of injections of hyaluronic acid

    Authors: Kopchak O.V. Yakovenko L.F. Marchenko N.S. Кovach I.V. Pavlenko E.M. Nimenko O.A. Kroupskaya I.V. Filonenko V.V.

  3. Non-obvious effects of montelukast – leukotriene receptor blocker: frigoprotective and anticonvulsant properties

    Authors: Shtrygol S.Yu. Kapelka I.G. Mishchenko M.V. Mishchenko O.Ya.

  4. State of collagenolysis in experimental periodontitis of bacterial-immune genesis and its correction with flavonol

    Authors: Demkovych A.Ye. Bondarenko Yu.I. Fastovets O.O. Hrad A.O. Hasiuk P.A. Denefil O.V.

  5. The phenomenon of rosacea-rushes (theoretical aspects)

    Authors: Bocharov V.A. Bocharova V.V. Lebediuk M.M. Sarayreh A.A.S. Kuts L.V.

  6. Immune-histochemical indicators of the morpho-functional state of the thyroid gland in norm and after prenatal antigenic exposure

    Authors: Fedosieieva O.V.

  7. Experience in introducing a new interactive format of lectures at clinical departments and the attitude of students towards them

    Authors: Yaremenko O.B. Dobrianskyi D.V. Tarchenko I.P. Meliksetian A.V. Fedkov D.V.

  8. Determining hemodynamic significance of patent ductus arteriosus using echocardiographic data prognostic tables

    Authors: Kulikova D.A. Safonova I.N. Chumak L.I. Poddubnaya I.N. Protsenko O.S. Dotsenko D.G.

  9. Predictors of cardiovascular disease in patients with chronic kidney disease VD stage treated with hemodialysis

    Authors: Shifris I.M. Dudar I.O. Krasiuk Е.К. Shymova А.Yu.

  10. Influence of ICG-technology on the results of surgical treatment of early forms of breast cancer

    Authors: Masia J. Savenkov O.Y.

  11. Problems of diagnosis and treatment of chronic ischaemic heart disease combined with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease according to retrospective analysis

    Authors: Potabashnii V.A. Kniazieva O.V. Markova O.Ya.

  12. The role of immunocytochemical biomarkers in diagnostics of precancerous pathology of cervix

    Authors: Gladchuk I.Z. Rozhkovska N.M. Kashtalian N.M.

  13. The impact of obesity on the development of certain cancers in patients with type 2 diabetes. Mechanisms of association

    Authors: Vatseba T.S. Sokolova L.K. Tronko M.D. Churpiy I.K. Vatseba M.O. Derpak V.V.

  14. Changes of structural organization of human olfactory bulbs under conditions of severe forms of pneumonia and cerebrovascular pathology

    Authors: Shkodina A.D. Grinko R.M. Starchenko I.I. Vynnyk N.I. Sovhyria S.M. Kyslyi V.F.

  15. Orthodontic treatment of secondary deformations in adult patients with defects of dentition

    Authors: Mirchuk B.M. Maksymov Y.V.

  16. The association of sarcopenia and osteoporosis and their role in falls and fractures (literature review)

    Authors: Povoroznyuk V.V. Dedukh N.V. Bystrytska M.A. Dzerovych N.I. Shapovalov V.S.

  17. Algorithm of diagnostics of erectile dysfunction in patients with arterial hypertension and dynamics of arterial blood pressure against the background of androgenic deficiency

    Authors: Vintoniv O.R. Popadynets I.R. Hrodzinskyy V.I. Melnyk S.V. Herych P.R. Halipchak I.M.

  18. Hepatic fibrosis as an additional risk factor for the development of cardiovascular disorders in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    Authors: Bilovol O.M. Kniazkova I.I. Zemlianitsyna O.V. Dunaeva I.P. Romanova I.P. Kurilo O.D. Sinaiko V.M. Kravchun N.O.

  19. Clinical significance of high grade and low grade prostate intraepithelial neoplasia

    Authors: Melnychuk M.P.

  20. Prospects for healthcare personnel training in the public health system of Ukraine

    Authors: Khomenko I.M. Ivakhno O.P. Pershehuba Ya.V. Piven N.V.

  21. The impact of summer holidays on the physical development of school-age children

    Authors: Danylenko H.M. Cherniakova G.M. Merkulova T.V. Avdiievska O.H.

  22. Evaluation of efficiency of individual complex rehabilitation of patients based on the international classification of functioning

    Authors: Ipatov A.V. Sanina N.A. Khanyukova I.Y.

  23. Performance results of the improved working classification of superficial mycoses of the skin in carrying out their clinical and epidemiological monitoring

    Authors: Ahmedova S.

  24. Evaluation of the quality of medical care in cases of death from acute blood loss (according to data of forensic-medical examinations)

    Authors: Pletenetska A.O. Demchenko I.S. Ergard N.M.

  25. Bladder cancer: features of epidemiology and indicators of specialized care delivery

    Authors: Saidakova N.O. Yatsina О.І. Grodzinsky V.I. Stus V.P. Polion M.Y. Shiloh V.M. Коnonova G.E.

  26. Comparative assessment of changes in the incidence of type I diabetes mellitus in the regions with its high and low incidence

    Authors: Aliyeva I.J.

  27. Attitude of health care workers in the field of mental health to their health

    Authors: Chorna V.V. Makhniuk V.M. Khliestova S.S. Gumeniuk N.I. Chaika H.V.

  28. Genetic testing for thrombophilia in case of unprovoked episode of pulmonary embolism

    Authors: Kirieieva T.V. Pertseva T.A. Kravchenko N.K. Basina B.O.

  29. A clinical case of physical therapy of a child with multiple sulfatase deficiency

    Authors: Grygus I.M. Nagorna O.B. Nesterchuk N.E. Nogas A.O. Podoliaka P.S. Gamma T.V.