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Archived Papers for Journal

Medicni perspektivi >>

Vol.26, No.3

Publisher: Dnipro State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2021-09-30

  1. Histological and histochemical assessment of short-term events in peri-implant bone for osteoinductivity evaluation of functional-protective implant coatings

    Authors: Loskutov O.Ye. Shponka I.S. Bondarenko O.O. Bondarenko N.S. Bozhko A.G.

  2. Risk factors of atrial fibrillation and their modification: a new look at a long-term problem

    Authors: Babkina T.M. Smyrnova H.S. Hladka L.Yu. Polishchuk O.V.

  3. Hygienic evaluation of the most common methods of agricultural crops treatment with chemical protection products (literature review)

    Authors: Borysenko А.А. Antonenko А.М. Shpak B.I. Omelchuk S.Т. Bardov V.G.

  4. Features of eating behavior in children with different forms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    Authors: Stepanov Yu.M. Zavhorodnia N.Yu. Zavhorodnia O.Yu.

  5. Electromyographic features of the perineum and pelvic floor in patients with an artificial bladder

    Authors: Savchuk R.V. Kostyev F.I. Golovko S.V. Dekhtiar Y.M. Zalyva K.A.

  6. The role of cutaneous T-cell attracting chemokine in the development of different phenotypes of atopic dermatitis in children

    Authors: Dytiatkovsky V.O. Abaturov O.Ye. Naumenko N.V. Alifirenko O.O. Filatova I.A. Taran S.M.

  7. Effectiveness of treatment of patients with systemic autoimmune diseases on the background of reactivation of persistent Epstein-Barr virus infection

    Authors: Lishchuk-Yakymovych K.O. Haiduchok I.H. Ischeykin K.E. Chopyak V.V.

  8. The role of epidural steroid injections in the treatment of pain in patients with degenerative changes in the lumbar spine

    Authors: Fishchenko Ia.V. Roy I.V. Kravchuk L.D.

  9. The prognostic value of diagnostic tools in patients with seropositive myasthenia gravis: a retrospective study of 31 cases

    Authors: Gryb V.A. Tretyakova A.I. Titov I.I. Chudovska L.D. Nasonova T.I. Slobodin T.M. Doroshenko O.O.

  10. Hemodynamic load on the intracranial arterial system in subjects who have suffered a hemorrhagic stroke as a complication of essential arterial hypertension

    Authors: Netiazhenko V.Z. Tkachyshyn O.V.

  11. Comparative analysis of surgical interventions for postoperative ventral hernia in obese patients

    Authors: Kravchenko B.S. Klimenko A.V. Klimenko V.N. Sergееva L.N.

  12. Treatment and prophylaxis of moderate and severe bronchopulmonary dysplasia in premature neonates

    Authors: Bolonska A.V. Sorokina O.Yu.

  13. Formation of initial changes in hemodynamics and fluid compartments in high surgical risk patients under the influence of acute abdominal pathology

    Authors: Kravets O.V. Yekhalov V.V. Krishtafor D.A. Zozulia O.O. Volkov O.O. Vlasov O.O.

  14. Clinical features of sleep disturbances in anxiety disorders of neurotic and organic genesis

    Authors: Liashchenko Yu.V. Yuryeva L.M.

  15. Features of biochemical indices and content of enzymes in the serum of syphilis patients with viral hepatites B and C in the course of treatment

    Authors: Zakharov S.V. Zakharov V.K. Gorbuntsov V.V.

  16. Nosomorphosis of diseases caused by urogenital infections

    Authors: Diudiun A.D. Polion M.Y. Polion N.N.

  17. Features of noninvasive cerebral oximetry and central hemodynamics in young children with hydrocephalus

    Authors: Pavlysh O.S. Snisar V.I.

  18. Domestic and school violence in short stature children with growth hormone deficiency

    Authors: Aryayev M.L. Senkivska L.I.

  19. Microbiological features of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in children with Cystic Fibrosis

    Authors: Ishchenko O.V. Stepanskiy D.O.

  20. Therapy of delayed consolidation of mandible fractures

    Authors: Idashkina N.H. Gudarian O.O. Samoilenko I.A. Shandyba S.I.

  21. Microbial landscape and immune status in maxillary sinusitis of stomatogenic origin

    Authors: Kovach I.V. Varzhapetian S.D. Bunyatyan Kh.A. Reyzvikh O.E. Babenya A.A. Strogonova T.V.

  22. Prevalence of premature birth in conditions of global warming

    Authors: Tsymbaliuk V.I. Vadziuk S.N. Tolokova T.I. Tabas P.S.

  23. Applying of informational model of nutrition ration calculation for compensation of energy losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces servicemen

    Authors: Deputat Yu.M. Gulich M.P. Savytskyi V.L. Ivanko O.M. Levit Yo.R. Bogomolets O.V.

  24. Environmental determinants of thyroid pathology

    Authors: Ryabukha O.I. Fedorenko V.I.

  25. Patient safety culture in health care facilities in Ukraine (message 1)

    Authors: Yavorovsky A.P. Rygan M.M. Naumenko A.N. Skaletsky Yu.N. Gichka S.G. Ivanko A.V. Brukhno R.P. Gorval A.K.

  26. Allergic and non-allergic skin diseases in children of Ukraine: a retrospective study of the prevalence and incidence over the past 24 years

    Authors: Volosovets O.P. Bolbot Yu.K. Beketova G.V. Berezenko V.S. Umanets T.R. Rechkina O.O. Міtiuriaeva-Korniyko I.O. Volosovets T.М. Pochinok T.V.

  27. Evolution of the health-related activity of the trade unions of Galicia in the early-XIX XX centuries

    Authors: Berest I.R. Berest R.Ya. Pasichnyk Pasichnyk S.M. Savchuk H.M. Strelbytska S.M.

  28. Postcovid syndrome: regarding the risks of developing thrombotic complications in patients with ischemic limb lesions (clinical cases)

    Authors: Vysochyna I.L. Nikolaenko-Kamyshova T.P. Biesiedin O.M.

  29. Аutosomal recessive limb-girdle muscular dystrophy type 2A: two cases in Ukraine with different age of onset

    Authors: Antipkin Yu.H. Kyrylova L.H. Miroshnykov O.O. Yuzva O.O. Orzheshkovskyi V.V. Nechay A.F.

  30. Heart injury in juvenile systemic sclerodermy (clinical case)

    Authors: Omelchenko L.I. Mukvich O.N. Belska O.A. Dudka I.V. Klymyshyn Y.I. Rudenko N.M. Kalashnikova R.V. Ismakaieva D.L. Vdovina N.M. Liudvik T.A.