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Archived Papers for Journal

Medicni perspektivi >>

Vol.26, No.4

Publisher: Dnipro State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2021-12-20

  1. Results of experimental research of wound ballistics of separate types and calibers of modern bullets

    Authors: Tsymbalyuk V.I. Lurin I.A. Usenko O.Yu. Gumeniuk K.V. Krymchuk S.G. Gryshchenko O.V. Lopatuk K.A.

  2. The impact of perindopril and metformin on the markers of endothelial dysfunction in rats with acute intracerebral hemorrhage and type 2 diabetes mellitus

    Authors: Zhyliuk V.I. Lievykh A.E. Shevtsova A.I. Tkachenko V.A Kharchenko Yu.V.

  3. Role of gut microbiota in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus (literature review)

    Authors: Koval S.M. Snihurska I.O.

  4. Аdjustment disorders in students who have suffered psychoemotional stress: systematic review of diagnostics, treatment and preventive care

    Authors: Yuryeva L.M. Sharun A.I.

  5. Possibilities of rehabilitation treatment of children with lymphoblastic leukemia (literary review)

    Authors: Lukashchuk S.V. Lemko O.I.

  6. Clinical and laboratory markers of the new coronavirus disease SARS-CoV-2 COVID-19 in hospitalized patients

    Authors: Shostakovych-Koretskaya L.R. Kireyeva T.V. Shevchenko-Makarenko O.P. Turchin MO. Chumak V.I. Chortok V.O. Drobyshevska O.M.

  7. Efficacy and tolerability of methotrexate at a dose of 15 mg/week and 10 mg/week in patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis

    Authors: Gavrysyuk V.K. Merenkova I.O. Gumeniuk G.L. Pendalchuk N.V. Morska N.D. Vlasova N.A.

  8. Pulmonary comorbidity in chronic lymphoproliferative diseases: realities of the problem in the Dnipro region

    Authors: Gashynova K.Yu. Usenko G.V.

  9. Advanced glycation end products, galectin-3, matrix metalloproteinase-9 activity in men with heart failure and concomitant benign prostatic hyperplasia with androgen deficiency

    Authors: Nedzvetsky V.S. Sirenko O.Yu. Tkachenko V.A. Kuryata O.V.

  10. The state of response of autonomic nervous system in children with mitral valve prolapse

    Authors: Mitiuriaeva-Korniyko І.О. Kuleshov O.V. Medrazhevska Ya.A. Fik L.O. Klets T.D.

  11. Urinary thrombin as a marker of local disseminated intravascular coagulation in patients with chronic kidney disease

    Authors: Mykhaloiko I.S.

  12. Analysis of the dynamics of clinical indicators in patients with allergic rhinitis with sensitization to pollen and household allergens using combined allergen-specific immunotherapy

    Authors: Biletska S.V. Dytyatkovska E.M. Nikolaychuk M.A.

  13. Changing in the profile of a patient with acute coronary syndrome without ST-segment elevation over the years 2015-2020

    Authors: Shchukina O.S.

  14. Peculiarities of changes of psychophysiological functions, state of human adaptive capacity and stress resistance of students of higher medical institutions

    Authors: Kalashchenko S.I.

  15. The influence of parenteral influenza vaccination on local immunity indices and microbiota of oropharyngeal secretion in patients with chronic inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract

    Authors: Zabolotny D.I. Melnikov O.F. Timchenko S.V. Sambur M.B. Rylska O.G. Volosevich L.I. Zayets T.A. Timchenko M.D. Faraon I.V.

  16. Diagnosis and surgical treatment of liver echinococcosis

    Authors: Shaprinskyi V.O. Vorovskyi O.O. Kaminskyi O.A. Pashynskyi Ya.M.

  17. Surgical treatment of patients with descending purulent mediastinitis

    Authors: Shevchuk I.M. Snizhko S.S.

  18. Differentiated approach to surgical treatment of adrenal glands tumors

    Authors: Kutovyi О.B. Zhmurenko E.V.

  19. Assessment of correction effectivenes of psychoemitional state in pregnant women after application of assisted reproductive technologies

    Authors: Beniuk V.O. Ginzburg V.G. Vygivska L.M. Maidannyk I.V. Chorna O.O. Oleshko V.F. Marushchenko Yu.L. Lastovetska L.D.

  20. Nonspecific protective factors in patients with early latent syphilis (report 1)

    Authors: Zakharov S.V. Zakharov V.K.

  21. Use of odontotropic material in treatment of traumatic pulpitis in experiment

    Authors: Kovach I.V. Kopchak O.V. Dychko E.N. Buniatian Kh.A. Khotimska Yu.V. Gargin V.V. Lavreniuk Y.V.

  22. A comparative analysis on safety culture in domestic and foreign health care facilities and enterprises of other activities (message 2)

    Authors: Yavorovsky A.P. Rygan M.M. Naumenko A.N. Skaletsky Yu.N. Gichka S.G. Ivanko A.V. Varyvonchyk D.V. Shkurba A.V. Bugro V.I. Brukhno R.P. Zinchenko T.О. Gorval A.K. Kirichuk I.M.

  23. Hygienic characteristic of the electromagnetic situation created by the electromagnetic radiation of the antennas of mobile base stations in Cherkasy region before and after the introduction of 4G technology

    Authors: Halak S.S. Dumansky V.Yu. Nikitina N.G. Bitkin S.V. Bezverkha A.P.

  24. A look at the problem of exposure of the population caused by X-ray diagnostics: approaches to analysis and forecasting

    Authors: Sevalnev A.I. Kutsak A.V. Sharavara L.P. Volkova Yu.V.

  25. Elemental state of the organism of workers and population as manifestation of adaptation to the technogenic effect of metals: new methodological approaches

    Authors: Andrusyshyna I.М.

  26. Allergic march in children of Ukraine

    Authors: Volosovets О.P. Bolbot Yu.K. Beketova G.V. Berezenko V.S. Umanets T.R. Rechkina O.O. Міtiuriaeva-Korniyko I.O. Volosovets T.М. Churylina A.V.

  27. Organization of stage rehabilitation of servicemen with gunshot defects of soft tissues at the levels of medical care

    Authors: Babov K.D. Khomenko I.P. Tertyshnyi S.V. Babova I.K. Vastianov R.S.

  28. Occupational stress in healthcare workers during a COVID-19 pandemic

    Authors: Pinchuk I.Y. Pishel V.Y. Polyvianaia M.Y. Yachnik Y.V. Virchenko V.V.

  29. Socio-economic substantiation of expediency of seasonal influenza vaccine prophylaxis among medical workers

    Authors: Kyi-Kokarieva V.G. Kriachkova L.V. Padalkо L.I.

  30. Peculiarities of the disease and prevalence of chronic cystitis among the female population of Ukraine in the regional aspect

    Authors: Saidakova N.O. Stus V.P. Havva N.V. Grodzinsky В.І.