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Archived Papers for Journal

Medicni perspektivi >>

Vol.27, No.2

Publisher: Dnipro State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2022-06-28

  1. Directed search for diuretics among 6-substituted pteridine-2,4,7(1H,3H,8H)-triones

    Authors: Sokolova K.V. Stavytskyi V.V. Kovalenko S.I. Podpletnya O.A.

  2. Mineral density and chemical composition of the rats’ mandibles in experimental models of generalized periodontitis

    Authors: Matvieienko L.M.

  3. Blood erythrocyte indices in rats under conditions of acetaminophen-induced toxic injury against the background of alimentary protein deficiency

    Authors: Kopylchuk H.P. Nykolaichuk I.M.

  4. Pleiotropic effects of statins in treatment of generalized periodontitis in patients with coronary artery disease: clinical and experimental study (literature review)

    Authors: Martovlos Hodovana O.I. Skybchyk O.V. Solomenchuk T.M.

  5. Assessing survival and prescription of injury establishment in forensic medical practice (literature review)

    Authors: Erhard N.M. Biliakov A.M. Volobuiev O.E.

  6. Respiratory support in severe traumatic brain injury (literature review)

    Authors: Krishtafor D.A. Klygunenko O.M. Kravets O.V. Yekhalov V.V. Krishtafor A.A.

  7. Relevance of research of the pharmacological properties of salvia (Salvia officinalis) (literature review)

    Authors: Zalyhina Ye.V.

  8. Ventilation function of the lungs in patients after pneumonia associated with coronavirus disease (COVID-19): diagnostic significance of indicators

    Authors: Konopkina L.I. Botvinikova L.A. Bielosludtseva K.O. Shchudro O.O.

  9. Doppler and clinical characteristic of cephalgia in patients with arterial hypertension during intermittent fasting

    Authors: Chun Liu Pohorielov O.V. Baranenko O.M.

  10. Calcification of heart structures in patients with suspected coronary heart disease depending on renal function

    Authors: Kuryata O.V. Karavanska I.L. Semenov V.V. Nikutova A.M.

  11. Specifics of using thoracic bandage after cardiac surgery via sternotomy and its impact on reducing pain during therapeutic exercises

    Authors: Vitomsky V.V. Vitomska M.V. Lazarieva O.B.

  12. The effect of yoga practice on lipid profiles in patients with chronic heart failure

    Authors: Babkina T.M. Smyrnova G.S. Mykhailenko L.A. Kozarenko T.M. Globa M.V. Kundina V.V.

  13. Adding dexamethasone to intrathecal bupivacaine 0.5%; comparing the anesthetic ability with bupivacaine 0.5% alone among cesarean section patients

    Authors: Seyed Mohammad Nasirodin Tabatabaei Alireza Rahat-Dahmarde Jamshid Ordoni Avval Hossein Ali Khazaie

  14. Clinical-psychopathological and psychometric features of maladaptive disorders which are a characteristic of students who have experienced psycho-emotional stress

    Authors: Sharun A.I. Yuryeva L.M.

  15. Experience of pancreaticodigestive anastomosis performing in pancreaticoduodenectomy

    Authors: Kutovyi O.B. Denysova K.O.

  16. Long-term results of pathogenetically-grounded methods of treatment of patients with postthrombotic syndrome of the lower extremities according to three-year follow-up

    Authors: Orynchak V.A. Gudz O.I.

  17. Monitoring of Enterobacteria strains with producing β-lactamases in males with infectious-inflammatory diseases of urogenital tract

    Authors: Sklyar T.V. Lavrentievа K.V. Kurahina N.V. Lykholat T.Yu. Papiashvili M.G. Lykholat O.A. Stepanskyi D.O.

  18. Triple-negative transformation of the endometrium, cervix and mammary gland on the background of immunodeficiency

    Authors: Lytvynenko M.V. Gargin V.V.

  19. Severity of endothelial dysfunction manifestations in response tо thеrареutіс аnd рrорhylасtіс соmрlеx аіmеd аt рrеvеntіng рrеесlаmрsіа іn wоmеn wіth соnсоmіtаnt оbеsіty

    Authors: Zelinka-Khobzey М.М. Tarasenko К.V.

  20. Clinical course of herpes virus skin diseases on the background of HIV

    Authors: Liadova T.I. Dorosh D.M. Volobuieva O.V. Popov М.М. Martynenko O.V. Kadyhrob I.V. Sorokina O.G.

  21. Аssociation between incidence of caries of temporary teeth and pathology of the musculoskeletal system in preschool children, considering biochemical markers of connective tissue metabolism

    Authors: Bodnaruk N.I. Smolyar N.I. Chukhray N.L. Mashkarinets O.O. Gan I.V.

  22. Optimization of surgical treatment of mandibular fracture in children with a variable bite

    Authors: Kovach I.V. Zub H.E. Kriachkova L.V. Kucherenko O.M. Khotimska Yu.V. Lavreniuk Ya.V. Vlad M.I.

  23. Optimization of prevention of dental diseases in pregnant women

    Authors: Gadzhula N.G. Cherepakha O.L.

  24. Sanitary and hygienic characteristics of potassium stearate as a source of anthropogenic pollution of water reservoirs

    Authors: Lototska O.V. Krytska H.A. Kucher S.V.

  25. Strategy for the development of the public health system of Ukraine in line with modern changes in society

    Authors: Khomenko I.M. Ivakhno O.P. Pershehuba Ya.V. Zakladna N.V.

  26. Study of the seasonal dynamics tendencies of sales of substitution therapy medications for dry-eye syndrome treatment in Ukraine

    Authors: Tomashevska Yu.O. Kryvoviaz O.V. Makarenko O.V. Koval V.M.

  27. Lymphatic therapy by Godoy method in the treatment of dyspnea after COVID- 19: case report

    Authors: Jose Maria Pereira de Godoy Livia Maria Pereira de Godoy

  28. Peculiarities of diagnostics of atypical course of perforated duodenal ulcer (clinical case)

    Authors: Liesnyi V.V. Filonenko V.O. Liesna A.S.