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Archived Papers for Journal

Medicni perspektivi >>

Vol.28, No.1

Publisher: Dnipro State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2023-03-30

  1. Study of the expression of oncoprotein p53, EGFR in colorectal carcinomas with different proliferative activity

    Authors: Shponka I.S. Kharkhalis I.K. Poslavska O.V.

  2. Experimental evaluation of the effect of supplementary nutrition and glutargine on regenerative properties

    Authors: Kushta A.A. Shuvalov S.M.

  3. Quantitative morphological analysis of features of remodeling of the synovial membrane vasculature of the temporomandibular joint in hyperglycemia

    Authors: Shulgai A.H. Hnatiuk Tatarchuk L.V. Monastyrska N.Ya.

  4. Morphological changes of liver and spleen under the impact of dextran-polyacrylamide polymers and their effects as carriers of silver and gold nanoparticles

    Authors: Kaleinikova О.М. Kurovska V.О. Byelinska І.V. Kutsevol N.V. Blashkiv Т.V.

  5. Modeling of wound ballistics in biological tissues simulators

    Authors: Tsymbaliuk V. Lurin I. Gumeniuk K. Herasymenko O. Furkalo S. Oklei D. Negoduyko V. Gorobeiko M. Dinets A.

  6. The benefits of coordinated rehabilitation in the treatment of stroke patients: A literature review

    Authors: Shuranova L. Vacková J. Míková M.

  7. Pharmacogenetic substantiation of personalized prescription of oral anticoagulants in clinical practice

    Authors: Bentsionova K.I. Rossokha Z.I. Ievseienkova O.G. Gorovenko N.G.

  8. Problems of physical rehabilitation of movement disorders in the pathology of the hip joint in patients with the consequences of a cerebral stroke

    Authors: Shkurupіi О.І. Olexenko І.М. Smirnova О.L. Gryshunina N.Y. Yaroshenko K.O.

  9. Diagnostics of anemia and iron deficiency in patients with chronic heart failure

    Authors: Khanyukov O.O. Pesotskaya L.A. Sapozhnychenko L.V. Pampukha O.O.

  10. Vascular cell adhesion molecule‑1 levels in patients with coronary artery disease with type 2 diabetes mellitus

    Authors: Serik S.A. Mavrycheva N.R.

  11. Algorithm of surgical tactics for the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

    Authors: Rushay A.K. Lisaychuk Yu.S. Voyennyy I.V.

  12. Application of the infrared thermography method in diagnosis of Raynaud`s phenomenon

    Authors: Zabolotnyi D.I. Loboda T.V. Dunaievskyi V.I. Kotovskyi V.Y. Timofeiev V.I. Nazarchuk S.S.

  13. Modern approach to infusion therapy of pregnant women with gestational hypertension

    Authors: Vaskiv O.V. Grigorenko A.P. Gorbatyuk O.G. Shatkovska A.S. Binkovska A.M. Priymak I.A.

  14. The significance of assessment the relationship between the level of 25-(OH) vitamin D and excessive body weight in women on preconceptional period and during pregnancy

    Authors: Maksymenko L.R. Perkhulyn O.M. Drohomyretska N.V. Henyk N.I.

  15. Hormonal status in women of reproductive age with nonspecific vaginitis

    Authors: Ryazanova O.D.

  16. Correlation between resilience and cognitive functioning in veterans with traumatic brain injury

    Authors: Assonov D.O.

  17. Assessment of comorbid profile, quality of life and social functioning in patients with schizophrenia and schizotypal disorders

    Authors: Romash I.R.

  18. Radioisotopic evaluation of reparative osteogenesis in various forms of osteomyelitis of the mandible

    Authors: Komskyi M.P. Romanenko Ye.G. Lisova I.G. Titov G.I. Trushenko O. S. Lavreniuk Ya.V.

  19. Comprehensive analysis of pain syndrome in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

    Authors: Grygus I.M. Nogas A.O.

  20. Medico-social conditions of educational activity, quality of life and aspects of psychophysiological adaptation of modern pupils and students: features of interrelation and their hygienic assessment

    Authors: Tymoshchuk O.V. Serheta I.V. Malyshevska O.S. Melnyk V.I. Motriuk V.B.

  21. Assessment of correlation relationships between the level of mortality of the population of Zhytomyr region of Ukraine from non-infectious diseases and sanitary-chemical indicators of safety and quality of drinking water

    Authors: Zablotska O.S. Kyrychuk I.M. Shcherba N.S. Nikolaieva I.M.

  22. Assessment of potential hazard for humans when eating apples and grapes treated with insecticide based on spiromesifen

    Authors: Tkachenko I.V. Antonenko A.M. Bardov V.G. Omelchuk S.T.

  23. Features of distribution of titanium and silver in the internal organs of laboratory rats and mice exposed to high doses of titanium dioxide nanoparticles and its composite with nanosilver

    Authors: Yavorovsky O.P. Andrusyshyna I.М. Riabovol V.M.

  24. Evaluation of the main parameters of the compartmental model of the epidemic development based on the example of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Chernivtsi region

    Authors: Nahirniak V.M.

  25. Medico-social substantiation of the issue of quality of life in patients with breast cancer and finding ways to improve it

    Authors: Zub V.O.

  26. Statistical model of seasonal forecasting the completed suicides number in the regions of Ukraine

    Authors: Chaban O.S. Khaustova O.O. Omelyanovich V.O. Sukhoviy O.O.

  27. Clinical case severe course of coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in a child

    Authors: Mateiko H.B. Matvisiv M.V. Pylyuk I.I. Nesterova T.V. Glushko U.A.

  28. Clinical case of severe visceral complications with atypical localization in a patient with gout

    Authors: Kuzmina G.P. Markova O.Ya. Lazarenko O.M.

  29. Clinical case of a pelvic fracture with massive retroperitoneal hematoma

    Authors: Krishtafor D.A. Krishtafor A.A. Tsarev A.V. Balyk D.V. Halushchak A.Y. Pelekh V.A.