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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.1, No.85

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2018-06-01

  1. The problems of delineation of crimes provided for in articles 285 and 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Shornikova Olga Anatolevna

  2. Problems and prospects of financial support of the main objects of the world Cup 2018 in Volgograd

    Authors: Galitsyn Igor Igorevich; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  3. Unemployment among young people in Russia and the ways of its solution

    Authors: Lyamin Aleksandr Vladimirovich; Rasseykin Aleksey Andreevich; Sayfidinov Burkhonidin

  4. The Problem Of Drinking Alcohol Among Penza State University Studients

    Authors: Bazarova Kseniya Aleksandrovna; Zlatogorskaya Veronika Sergeevna

  5. Problems use threats and other methods of psychological pressure — the most common way of committing rape by group of juveniles

    Authors: Razgadova Yuliya Vyacheslavovna

  6. Assessment of competitiveness in the sphere of housing and communal services

    Authors: Nemtseva Tatyana Aleksandrovna; Kholodov Aleksey Andreeviya

  7. The essence and mechanisms of consumer loyalty

    Authors: Popova Keskileene Vladimirovna

  8. Evolution of road transport at the turn of the XIX century

    Authors: Yakovlev Vadim Fridrikhovich

  9. The features which lead to improve speaking skill

    Authors: Khusanova Shokhsanam Erkinovna

  10. Phraseological units without equivalents expressing intellectual human abilities in english and russian languages and methods of their translation

    Authors: Tursunova Gulcheҳra Norboboevna

  11. Injuries in skiing

    Authors: Kurkov Dmitriy Olegovich; Shamsutdinov Shamil Abdullovich

  12. Ethnic stereotypes trap

    Authors: Gavrilina Anastasiya Andreevna

  13. Experimental model for evaluation of the aerodynamic tract influence

    Authors: Minina Tatyana Sergeevna

  14. Rights and obligations of the defender in the criminal process

    Authors: Galimov Emil Raisovich; Shagaeva Alina Aydarovna

  15. Ways of increase competitiveness of the enterprise

    Authors: Karkova Darya Vladimirovna; Sayfidinov Burkhonidin

  16. Means of improving the reliability of stator’s winding for high temperature–generator integrated in the turbine engine

    Authors: Ismagilov Flyur Rashitovich; Shirkov Aleksey Anatolevich

  17. Design calculation of drying installation with APM WinMachine application

    Authors: Galimov Zagit Ishdavletovich; Ibatullin Arsen Ildarovich

  18. Negative emotional States of employees of the protection Department in the performance of duty with guns

    Authors: Ilicheva Mariya Andreevna

  19. Personal changes of convicts with borderline mental states

    Authors: Moiseeva Natalya Ivanovna

  20. Features of taxation in the Russian education sector

    Authors: Bisengulova Alfiya Rashitovna; Loginova Kseniya Gennadevna

  21. Сlassification of colour names

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  22. The problem of physical development of students EIKFU

    Authors: Bekmansurov Rail Khadiyarovich; Nazipova Alfiya Khalitovna

  23. Concept of participants of the final stage of the criminal process

    Authors: Korkina Viktoriya Vadimovna

  24. Licensing requirements for the license applicant and the licensee in the implementation of educational activities

    Authors: Koleber Olga Sergeevna

  25. Legal support of the procedure of obtaining a license for the right to carry out educational activities by pre-school educational organizations

    Authors: Koleber Olga Sergeevna

  26. Improvement of the system of indicators of economic security of the banking system based on the Bank of Russia

    Authors: Solovev Anton Andreevich

  27. The distinctive features of inquiry from the preliminary investigation

    Authors: Nurgaliev Danis Rifkatovich

  28. Characteristics of physical health of students of the Faculty of Economics of the SF BSU

    Authors: Evdokimov Aleksey Ivanovich; Ermolaev Aleksandr Petrovich

  29. Identifying the psychological characteristics of male convicts prone to autoaggressive behavior

    Authors: Afanaseva Polina Andreevna

  30. Movement time as one of key indicators of efficiency of functioning of the city transport systems

    Authors: Merkulov Yuriy Arkadevich; Umnova Nadezhda Anatolevna

  31. Football. The rules and requirements of the game

    Authors: Zvereva Darya Sergeevna; Shaymardanova Lyutsiya Sharifzyanovna

  32. Massage as a means of physical rehabilitation in scoliosis

    Authors: Knyazeva Ekaterina Andreevna; Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  33. Communicative approach in teaching vocabulary

    Authors: Khusanova Shokhsanam Erkinovna

  34. Ways of determining the vocabulary comprehension and remembering

    Authors: Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  35. Formation and development of leasing in Russia

    Authors: Matveeva Ekaterina Igorevna; Chekhovskaya Irina Aleksandrovna

  36. Analysis of financial and economic performance of the enterprise

    Authors: Matveeva Ekaterina Igorevna; Chekhovskaya Irina Aleksandrovna

  37. Development of a web-oriented electronic portfolio system

    Authors: Nazarenko Anton Aleksandrovich; Rybanov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  38. Features of accounting in construction companies

    Authors: Tiunova Elena Aleseevna

  39. Non-fulfillment of duties on education of a minor: problems of qualification

    Authors: Mayer Olesya Sergeevna

  40. Ways of increase competitiveness of the enterprise

    Authors: Lepinskikh Nataliya Arkadevna

  41. Distinctive features of accounting in construction organizations

    Authors: Tiunova Elena Alekseevna

  42. Development of information system to support the implementation of the final qualifying work

    Authors: Kazakov Dmitriy Igorevich; Rybanov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  43. Key strategies in teaching vocabulary

    Authors: Akhmedova Nadira Dzhavadullaevna

  44. The principle of listening

    Authors: Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  45. Plating as a method of reconstruction of surfaces of machine parts

    Authors: Legkova Irina Anatolevna

  46. Automation of the evaluation process of graduation qualification works on the basis of a competency approach

    Authors: Kashaev Ildar Ilyasovich; Rybanov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  47. The main problems of development of the securities market in Russia

    Authors: Avetyan Nelli Vardanovna; Mustafaeva Sevda Nazim kyzy

  48. Experimental determination of the influence of infrared radiation on the formation of barley grain

    Authors: Ibatullin Arsen Ildarovich; Karimova Albina Ilshatovna

  49. Development of web-oriented and mobile application of the accounting system and analysis of interaction of higher education with potential entities

    Authors: Borodavchenko Denis Viktorovich; Rybanov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  50. Features of innovative activity of higher educational institutions in Russia

    Authors: Bisengulova Alfiya Rashitovna; Loginova Kseniya Gennadevna

  51. Comorbidity — as a problem of the XXI century: cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus

    Authors: Sukonchik Anna Olegovna; Usacheva Elena Vladimirovna

  52. Planning of socio-economic development of the enterprise in modern economic conditions

    Authors: Denisova Dariya Aleksandrovna; Cherednichenko Irina Askerbievna

  53. “E-mailing” as a base for improving writing skills

    Authors: Polvanova Makhzuna Farkhadovna

  54. Promotion of healthy lifestyle among students

    Authors: Permyakov Oleg Mikhaylovich

  55. Problems of the establishment of the Institute of the Childrens Ombudsman in the Russian Federation on the example of the Omsk Region

    Authors: Danilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  56. Positive and negative factors of competitiveness of higher educational institution

    Authors: Blagodareva Tatyana Aleksandrovna; Korzina Yuliya Vladimirovna

  57. Legal aspects of attracting to work convics that are serving sentences in institution of confinement

    Authors: Khudyakova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

  58. Mass media as a factor of socialization of youth

    Authors: Khudyakova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

  59. Theoretical foundations of demand management in tourism

    Authors: Korotkova Anastasiya Petrovna

  60. The analysis from the management in the field of a quality management system

    Authors: Sivakonov Evgeniy Yurevich

  61. Cultural approach in teaching foreign language

    Authors: Inamova Gullola Akhmadzhanovna

  62. What is culture and what culture to teach?

    Authors: Inamova Gullola Akhmadzhanovna

  63. The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education

    Authors: Azimzhonov Ulugbek Abdumalik ugli