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Archived Papers for Journal

Science Journal "NovaInfo" >>

Vol.1, No.89

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2018-09-16

  1. Doll therapy in correctional work with children with psycho-speech disorders

    Authors: Savinkov Stanislav Nikolaevich

  2. Personal participation of a mental case in criminal proceedings

    Authors: Moklyak Vadim Sergeevich

  3. Development of domestic criminal legislation to protect the right to freedom of conscience and religion

    Authors: Gmyzin Oleg Viktorovich

  4. Public danger of violation of the right to freedom of conscience and religion

    Authors: Gmyzin Oleg Viktorovich

  5. Visual representation of statistical data with the use of the bubble diagram

    Authors: Egorova Nadezhda Evgenevna; Zavodova Viktoriya Vladimirovna

  6. Legal Department in the administrations of Russia and its functioning

    Authors: Shumkov Gleb Valerevich

  7. Analysis of the real estate market of the city of Arkhangelsk using geographic information system MapInfo Professional

    Authors: Kolobova Kira Alekseevna; Yakovlev Vladimir Nikolaevich

  8. Management of state and municipal debt

    Authors: Akhmerov Danis Khasanovich

  9. Monistic object theory

    Authors: Tumilovich Igor Eduardovich

  10. State regulation of migration processes

    Authors: Yunusbaeva Ilsiya Faritovna

  11. Development of control and evaluation material on the topic "Relay protection"

    Authors: Makarova Natalya Vladimirovna; Matveeva Anastasiya Evgenevna; Surzhikova Oksana Vyacheslavovna

  12. Human resource development as a key factor in ensuring economic security of the enterprise

    Authors: Milguy Tatyana Petrovna

  13. Efficiency of human resources management in the system of economic security

    Authors: Milguy Tatyana Petrovna

  14. The use of information technology in the learning process

    Authors: Makarova Natalya Vladimirovna; Matveeva Anastasiya Evgenevna; Surzhikova Oksana Vyacheslavovna

  15. Values of national and spiritual wealth in education of young generation

    Authors: Mukhitdinova Firyuza Abdurashidovna

  16. Extremism on the Internet

    Authors: Grigoryan Vanik Arsenovich; Minchenko Andrey Andreevich

  17. Practice anti-corruption activities: a comparative analysis of domestic and foreign experience

    Authors: Shamsutdinova Rozalina Rinatovna

  18. Federal and regional data bank on children-orphans and children left without parental care

    Authors: Zinnatullina Elina Vinerovna

  19. Teaching technical terms at practical english lessons

    Authors: Tukhtaeva Shakhnozakhon

  20. Cognitive aspects of gender-marked vocabulary

    Authors: Abdullaeva Guzal Ergashevna

  21. Agribusiness development in agriculture of the municipal formation

    Authors: Alekseeva Kristina Igorevna; Luchuk Vladislav Nikolaevich

  22. Technical maintenance of automotive engineering, as a guarantee of its reliability

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  23. Development of combined lubricant composition for friction facilities of fire machinery

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  24. To the question of the calculation of steel beams for bending

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  25. Prevalence of hereditary and congenital nephropates among the children of the Andijan region and the algorithm of their diagnostics

    Authors: Boltaboeva Mukaddas Mashrabovna; Ganieva Marifat Shakirovna; Madzhidova Nilufar Mansuralievna; Ubaydullaeva Sanobar Fazylovna; Khamdamov Nodir Nazirovich

  26. Foundations of cognitive interpretation of metaphor

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  27. Algerian-Libyan relations in the era of Gaddafi

    Authors: Ryzhov Igor Valerevich; Khimmi Yalub

  28. The role of the Presidency of the Republic in Algeria in the manufacture of foreign policy

    Authors: Ryzhov Igor Valerevich; Khimmi Yalub

  29. Development of technology for processing of organic waste disposal of animals and birds in fuel

    Authors: Akhmadiev Gabdulakhat Malikovich

  30. The study of semantic fields of a pink, brown, blue and gray colors

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  31. Evaluation of genetic parameters of lines of maize on the basis of "plant height"

    Authors: Babugoeva Liliya Khasanovna; Kilova Roksana Mukharbievna; Paritov Anzor Yurevich

  32. An overview of how to repair the cooling system of the internal combustion engine fire engines

    Authors: Ivanov Vitaliy Evgenevich

  33. Interrelation of mental states, reflection, cognitive processes in students

    Authors: Zibrova Alena Igorevna

  34. The selection of mnogopotochnoy as a method of increasing the yield of corn

    Authors: Babugoeva Liliya Khasanovna; Kilova Roksana Mukharbievna; Paritov Anzor Yurevich

  35. New construction of a repair chair for maintenance of automobiles

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  36. Cyberterrorism-the problem of modern society

    Authors: Usmanova Elvira Zinurovna

  37. Improvement of staff motivation management in road repair and construction enterprise

    Authors: Koshkina Anna Andreevna

  38. Mathematical linear programming

    Authors: Mikhaylov Andrey Alekseevich

  39. Methodology for the recovery of the technosphere environment from waste in the urbanized territories of Russian regions

    Authors: Akhmadiev Gabdulakhat Malikovich

  40. Main principles of forming the model of professional tolerance of the future teacher of musical art

    Authors: Stukalenko Zoya Mikhaylovna

  41. Scope of the Python language

    Authors: Mikhaylov Andrey Alekseevich

  42. Morphological characteristics of the spleen of the lizard green and these using in biomonitoring of the environment

    Authors: Goralskiy Leonid Petrovich; Dunaevskaya Oksana Feliksovna

  43. Innovate experience qualitative construction of automobile roads

    Authors: Smirnov Nikolay Nikolaevich

  44. Variable design method compositions of asphalt-concrete mixtures superpave

    Authors: Kuleshov Aleksandr Vladimirovich

  45. The festival of national cultures as a factor of ethno-pathological education of bachelors of pedagogical directions of training at the university

    Authors: Tutolmin Aleksandr Viktorovich

  46. Research of power supply systems based on solar panels

    Authors: Rumyantsev Sergey Dmitrievich; Silaev Aleksey Aleksandrovich; Sheremet Denis Aleksandrovich

  47. Problems in managerial decision making senior operations duty officer, the CMC of the territorial authority when responding to emergencies

    Authors: Bikhtvaev Vitaliy Mikhaylovich

  48. Foreign experience in the organization of public procurement and the possibility of its use in Russia

    Authors: Lakeeva Elena Evgenevna

  49. The social adaptation of sportsmen after finishing of sport career

    Authors: Galiullina Alina Talgatovna

  50. New approaches to treatment of functional diseases of the intestine

    Authors: Ganieva Marifat Shakirovna; Kuziev Dier Vokhidovich; Turakulov Zoir Shavkatovich; Turakulova Khilola Ermatovna; Ubaydullaeva Sanobar Fazylovna