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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.1, No.90

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2018-10-16

  1. Development of technological receptions of waste recycling

    Authors: Akhmadiev Gabdulakhat Malikovich

  2. Media measurements 2018. The method of collecting data on television viewing in Russia

    Authors: Sashnikova Svetlana Evgenevna; Smorchkova Yuliya Vladislavovna

  3. The role of small heart anomalies in the structure of congenital heart diseases

    Authors: Efimenko Oksana Vladimirovna; Knyazheva Elena Dmitrievna

  4. Physical culture as a basis of healthy lifestyle of students

    Authors: Gilfanov Irek Khamitovich; Miftakhov Almaz Faritovich

  5. Expert opinion about modern conceptual framework of foreign language professional training of future economists in multicultural educational environment

    Authors: Enygin Dmitriy Viktorovich; Fominykh Nataliya Yurevna

  6. The influence of physical education on the intellectual development of preschool children

    Authors: Chislova Rumiya Shamilevna

  7. The analysis of patterns and trends of development unmanned aerial vehicles navigation systems

    Authors: Bulochnikov Denis Yurevich; Tashkov Sergey Aleksandrovich; Shatovkin Roman Rodionovich

  8. Lexicographic difficulties of the presentation of phraseological units

    Authors: Tukhtaeva Shakhnoza Gaybulla kizi

  9. Patriotism as a value of contemporary Russian young people

    Authors: Sabirova Lilya Andreevna

  10. The concept of socially oriented marketing

    Authors: Sashnikova Svetlana Evgenevna; Smorchkova Yuliya Vladislavovna

  11. Development of conceptual bases for formation of professional competencies of graduates of educational organizations of the emergency of russia in the field of organizing fire extinguishing and carrying out emergency rescue works

    Authors: Surovegin Anton Vyacheslavovich

  12. Crouzon syndrome

    Authors: Efimenko Oksana Vladimirovna; Knyazheva Elena Dmitrievna

  13. Peculiarities of laboratory working in applied mechanics

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  14. Therapeutic physical culture when restoring elbow function after fracture

    Authors: Khakimova Leysan Khalilovna; Shaymardanova Lyutsiya Sharifzyanovna

  15. Risks of safety of the psychological environment in the conditions of the orphanage

    Authors: Krivonosova Evgeniya Yurevna

  16. On the results of testing of carbon steel to stretching

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  17. Nominative – communicative approach to teaching word-formation

    Authors: Ismatova Shakhnoza Mirakhmatovna

  18. Physical culture in the life of students

    Authors: Bekmansurov Rail Khadiyarovich; Fatkhullina Adelina Maratovna

  19. The study of programming elements for the construction of raster, vector and fractal images in the course of computer graphics

    Authors: Veksler Vitaliy Abramovich

  20. The Russian mentality in the prism of post-soviet Russian society

    Authors: Sabirova Lilya Andreevna

  21. Information and communication aspects of development of tourist-recreational potential of the region based on creating a regional logistic cluster

    Authors: Grishin Igor Yurevich; Timirgaleeva Rena Rinatovna

  22. "Human capital" as the most important factor in venture investment

    Authors: Pashchenko Ekaterina Aleksandrovna; Rossinskaya Marina Vasilevna

  23. The role of the curator in the organization of educational and educational work of training

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  24. Creating a structure of a mechanical chair for maintenance of motor vehicles

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich

  25. Organization of testing laboratory tests of carbon steel

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich

  26. Analysis of the levels of peasant (farming) households by number of employees

    Authors: Ivanikhin Aleksandr Andreevich; Ivanikhina Lyubov Nikolaevna

  27. Assessment of strength characteristics of structural materials under compression

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich

  28. The ways of translation of phraseological units with colours into uzbek

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  29. Sustainable development as a factor of economic security of the country

    Authors: Milguy Tatyana Petrovna; Miroshnikov Ivan Maksimovich

  30. innovation as the basis of economic security

    Authors: Milguy Tatyana Petrovna; Selivanova Yuliya Vladimirovna

  31. The impact of globalization on the economic security of the country

    Authors: Milguy Tatyana Petrovna; Morozova Nadezhda Alekseevna

  32. Comparative characteristics of physical education lessons in General educational institutions of the Soviet period and modern Russia. Why lessons on physical culture enjoyed greater relevance in the USSR?

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich; Onchukova Ekaterina Olegovna

  33. Features of software development in modern IDE: part 1

    Authors: Antipin Andrey Fedorovich

  34. Features of software development in modern IDE: part 2

    Authors: Antipin Andrey Fedorovich

  35. Innovative approaches to managing the structure of forming construction composites with increased corrosion stability

    Authors: Khalikov Rauf Muzagitovich

  36. Actual environmental problems of human habitat

    Authors: Akhmadiev Gabdulakhat Malikovich

  37. To the question of methods for determining the hardness of materials

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  38. From the experience of masterstudentsprofessional competences formation

    Authors: Makarova Nina Petrovna

  39. Apllication of car t-cells in oncology treatment

    Authors: Klimov Aleksandr Vasilevich; Eredzhebov Aleksey Vladimirovich

  40. Study of forming problems healthy life of the medium of student youth

    Authors: Gurev Sergey Vladimirovich

  41. The use of innovative technologiesin physical education of children and youth

    Authors: Gurev Sergey Vladimirovich

  42. Information technologies as a basis for teachers 'preparation on physical culture in conditions of modern informatization of the company

    Authors: Gurev Sergey Vladimirovich

  43. Value of commercial banks on securities market in Russia

    Authors: Emelyanova Yuliya Viktorovna

  44. To the question of safety measures in carrying out laboratory works with the use of metal cutting machines

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  45. Tobolsk exile of the last Russian Emperor (the information base analysis of research)

    Authors: Rykova Valentina Viktorovna

  46. Work with functions of the user in the programming language C ++

    Authors: Khusainov Ismagilyan Garifyanovich

  47. Informatization of organizational-methodical activity of schools

    Authors: Khusainova Guzaliya Yadkarovna

  48. Modeling of physical processes in the system Mathcad

    Authors: Grigoryan Lusine Armenovna

  49. Programming of linear lists

    Authors: Khusainov Ismagilyan Garifyanovich

  50. Physical culture and sport in the life of students of paramilitary and departmental educational institutions

    Authors: Perfilev Andrey Aleksandrovich

  51. The total quantity and dynamics of violations of traffic rules and operation of vehicles

    Authors: Gadzhieva Aysha Ansarovna; Kasimova Aida Ganievna

  52. On the issue of imposing a fine on juvenile offenders

    Authors: Abdulkadirova Patimat Abakarovna; Gadzhieva Aysha Ansarovna

  53. Technique and features of preparation of microshlifes for the conduct of microstructural analysis of metals and alloys

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  54. Psychological problems of primary school students secondary school

    Authors: Abdullaeva Nilufar Sodikzhanovna

  55. Overload of operations in programming language C ++

    Authors: Khusainov Ismagilyan Garifyanovich

  56. Cognitive-conceptual analysis of the concept hayot

    Authors: Prenova Gulsara

  57. Some effective methods of teaching translation

    Authors: Ismatova Shakhnoza Mirakhmatovna

  58. Semantic classifications of phraseological units with the components of national coloring

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  59. On the issue of adaptation of younger schoolchilds

    Authors: Boboeva Feruza Zokirzhanovna

  60. The use of problem-based learning when working on parts of speech in 3rd grade

    Authors: Zaitova Dilafruz Shorakhimovna

  61. On the ways of preserving mental health in pedagogical activity

    Authors: Rakhimova Dilafruz Shukurovna

  62. Basic requirements to the speech of the student in the process of training

    Authors: Rokhatova Kizlarkhon Askarali kizi

  63. The basic directions of speech development in the process of learning the native language

    Authors: Tozhibaeva Zamira Akramovna

  64. The value of the native language in the formation of skills of correct productions of the thoughts of students

    Authors: Shodmanova Ikbolkhon Kimsanovna

  65. Pedagogical interaction in educational process

    Authors: Alieva Zokhida Izatullaevna

  66. Study of cyclic constructions and display functions when programming Vex IQ robots

    Authors: Veksler Vitaliy Abramovich

  67. Features of the structures of magnetic and liquid sealing devices for application in potentially hazardous productions

    Authors: Palin Denis Yurevich; Toporov Aleksey Valerievich

  68. Design features of the screw jack for repair chassis of fire trucks

    Authors: Pokrovskiy Arkadiy Alekseevich

  69. Tilter for repairing gearbox firefighters cars based on Kamaz

    Authors: Pokrovskiy Arkadiy Alekseevich

  70. Convective drying of pressure fire hoses

    Authors: Pokrovskiy Arkadiy Alekseevich

  71. Problematic issues of cooperation in crime in modern criminal law of Russia

    Authors: Tsybulina Marina Ivanovna

  72. Analysis of the process production of pipes profile

    Authors: Volkova Svetlana Vladimirovna; Chaplygina Yana Mikhaylovna

  73. Methods of pedagogical influence

    Authors: Karimova Naima Ilkhomzhanovna

  74. About principles and methods of training in educational activities

    Authors: Kholikova Nigora Valizhonovna