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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.1, No.94

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2018-12-16

  1. Legal status of the governor in the system of government

    Authors: Volkova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

  2. The State support of small and medium-sized businesses

    Authors: Fazlyeva Regina Azamatovna

  3. Termination of marriage and the features of the section of children during divorce in the Russian Federation

    Authors: Fazlyeva Regina Azamatovna

  4. Consciousness to suitability by means of using a global network — internet

    Authors: Novikova Tamara Andreevna

  5. Nanotechnological foundations and principles of environmental protection

    Authors: Akhmadiev Gabdulakhat Malikovich

  6. Importance of role-playng games for the formation of learners communicative competence

    Authors: Begizova Madina

  7. Modeling and automation technology of improvement of the environmental environment and receiving from the waste of life activity of useful safe products

    Authors: Akhmadiev Gabdulakhat Malikovich

  8. Methods of evaluation of economic security

    Authors: Bondareva Yana Yurevna; Matkovskaya Nelli Igorevna

  9. The mechanism of social protection of military personnel on the basis of the principles of social interaction

    Authors: Gritsaenko Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  10. The effect of short stories on teaching English

    Authors: Tursunova Gulchekhra Norboboevna

  11. The main aspects of physical culture in human life

    Authors: Akhmedova Sabina Timur kizi; Shaymardanova Lyutsiya Sharifzyanovna

  12. About the development of an application to determine the location of mobile devices users

    Authors: Antipin Andrey Fedorovich; Antipina Evgeniya Viktorovna

  13. To the question of the activities of the administration of the educational organization to ensure its safety

    Authors: Rodionova Elena Yurevna; Sokolova Vera Vasilevna

  14. The impact of stressful situations on the quality of professional activity

    Authors: Volkova Tatyana Gennadevna; Repina Anastasiya Andreevna

  15. Extradition in criminal law

    Authors: Andreasyan Svetlanna Arturovna

  16. Competitiveness of the parties in criminal proceedings

    Authors: Khashiev Alikhan Vakhaevich

  17. Discussion as the basis of learning to communicate through interaction

    Authors: Begizova Madina

  18. Approaches to improving marketing policies

    Authors: Veksler Vitaliy Abramovich

  19. Proverbs and sayings are a reflection of nation s heart and mind

    Authors: Muratova Dilorom Makhmudovna

  20. Features of management of the financial condition of enterprises in conditions of limited competition

    Authors: Danenkov Aleksey Alekseevich

  21. Measures to improve the financial condition in the face of limited competition

    Authors: Danenkov Aleksey Alekseevich

  22. The problem of gender self-actualization in the context of fairy tale therapy

    Authors: Chesnokova Olga Ivanovna

  23. Classification of risks in public-private partnership projects

    Authors: Kleshcheva Tatyana Olegovna

  24. Minimization of risks in the field of interaction between business and the state

    Authors: Kleshcheva Tatyana Olegovna

  25. Development of the method for assessing and predicting the sensitivity of living organisms

    Authors: Akhmadiev Gabdulakhat Malikovich

  26. The transformation of the Vedic knowledge about the society in modern Hinduism

    Authors: Babochkina Yana Olegovna

  27. The study of object-oriented programming in the school course of computer science based on the programming language F #

    Authors: Veksler Vitaliy Abramovich

  28. Construction of a linear multiple regression model for modeling the population of the Belgorod region

    Authors: Manaeva Ekaterina Nikolaevna

  29. Methods of assessment and analysis of company financial statement

    Authors: Ivanova Anastasiya Vladimirovna

  30. Ways of improvement of the analysis organization when using financial resources of the trade enterprise while purchasing activity

    Authors: Ivanova Anastasiya Vladimirovna

  31. The main aspects of non-standard english

    Authors: Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  32. Dialects and idiolects

    Authors: Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  33. Jargon

    Authors: Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  34. Slang as a linguistic phenomenon

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  35. History of the slang

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  36. Emotional and emotive competence of personality: language of emotions and emotions in language

    Authors: Mukhametshina Viktoriya Viktorovna

  37. The problem of the correlation of a phraseological unit with a word

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  38. Slang as a non-standard aspect of english language

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  39. Bronchial asthma: bronchial asthma: epidemiology, etiology and risk factors

    Authors: Klimov Aleksandr Vasilevich; Tashchilina Anastasiya Nikolaevna

  40. Physical training as a factor in the preservation and strengthening of health

    Authors: Aminova Liliya Fanisovna; Krylov Vladimir Mikhaylovich; Takalova Diana Rinatovna

  41. Methods of teaching phraseological units for enriching the learners vocabulary

    Authors: Moydinova Elmira Kamariddinovna

  42. About consciousness and national consciousness

    Authors: Ibragimova Shakhnoza Musazhonovna

  43. About the function of management of educational institution

    Authors: Kodirova Umida Khasanboevna

  44. Morality as moral education

    Authors: Koraboeva Gulchekhra Khursanalievna

  45. Civic education in the writings of thinkers of the east

    Authors: Mirzalieva Gulkhae Olimzhonovna

  46. The family as a social factor

    Authors: Nishonova Mamura Toshpulatovna

  47. The formation of the uzbek folk pedagogy and moral and educational issues in "avesta"

    Authors: Toshboeva Shokhida Alizhonovna

  48. Professional orientation of pupils

    Authors: Ubaydullaeva Dilnoza Obidzhonovna

  49. School disadaptation and its types

    Authors: Khamdamova Feruza Furkatovna

  50. Correctional pedagogy in teaching

    Authors: Khamrakulova Guzal Urinboevna

  51. Innovative orientation in teaching

    Authors: Khusanova Munira Ilkhomzhonovna

  52. The koran and the issue of morality

    Authors: Tuychieva Tursunoy Abdusattarovna

  53. School, pedagogical ideas and education in the ancient world

    Authors: Mukhitdinova Umida Khusanboy kizi

  54. Life and teaching KD. Ushinsky

    Authors: Kushmatova Adashbi Akhmadovna

  55. Pedagogical technology and its components

    Authors: Normirzaeva Aziza Karimovna; Tozhiboeva Nargiza Ilkhomovna

  56. Adaptive testing, as a type of objective control of knowledge, skills and abilities of students and one of the ways to improve the quality of education

    Authors: Veksler Vitaliy Abramovich; Otrokov Dmitriy Andreevich

  57. Transitive values teenage subculture: a population-based screening for social and cultural development of pupils

    Authors: Alyabeva Darya Alekseevna; Yanova Natalya Gennadevna

  58. Influence of belonging to a professional group (subdivision) of internal affairs bodies on the occurrence and severity of a professional burnout syndrome

    Authors: Mangasarova Lyudmila Anatolevna

  59. On the classification of almost contact metric structures on distributions with an intrinsic symplectic connection

    Authors: Bukusheva Aliya Vladimirovna