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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.1, No.96

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2019-02-01

  1. The importance of utilizing authentic materials in teaching reading

    Authors: Azimbaeva Dilafruz Abduzhabbarovna

  2. Rating system for assessing the activities of university teachers

    Authors: Rozhdestvenskaya Elena Aleksandrovna

  3. Characteristics of finance department in Russian companies

    Authors: Mzokov Azamat Ruslanovich

  4. The use of slang

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  5. Comparative analysis of the translation of scientific and technical terms in the field of transport technological machines and complexes with the help of Internet translators

    Authors: Privalov Aleksandr Alekseevich; Shor Galina Aleksandrovna

  6. Differences between american and english slang

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  7. Forms and methods of state financial control in the field of insurance

    Authors: Tatarenko Darya Yurevna

  8. on the formation of geometric representations in primary school children

    Authors: Lanina Lyubov Sergeevna

  9. Problems and prospects of insurance market development in Russia

    Authors: Tatarenko Darya Yurevna

  10. Modeling transport and logistics processes using the Anylogic environment

    Authors: Morar Elena Vitalevna; Shamis Vitaliy Aleksandrovich

  11. A little about the problems of operational-search activity in the field of detection, detection, prevention of crimes of economic orientation

    Authors: Turov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich

  12. How the great britain became one of the cleanest countries in the world

    Authors: Feoktistov Evgeniy Borisovich; Shor Galina Aleksandrovna

  13. Conceptual metaphor theory

    Authors: Fayzieva Adiba Khusnutdinovna

  14. Bitcoin. The essence and prospects for the development of cryptocurrency

    Authors: Bubnova Inna Yurevna; Kruppa Anna Dmitrievna

  15. Teaching speaking to leaners using new technologies

    Authors: Ismatova Shakhnoza Mirakhmatovna

  16. The process of globalization in the global economy

    Authors: Mukhamedova Nigora Abdulkhaevna

  17. Crimes against government and problems of their prevention

    Authors: Ivantsova Ekaterina Viktorovna

  18. Practice of application of the new balance account 0 111 00 000 "right to use the assets" taking into account the transition of budgetary institutions on the ghs "rent"

    Authors: Bikmaeva Regina Yunirovna

  19. Different methodological approaches related to teaching EFL students

    Authors: Sultonova Mukhlisa Nurillaevna

  20. Bank Innovations for Persons with disabilities

    Authors: Bubnova Inna Yurevna; Magazeyshchikova Diana Aleksandrovna

  21. Investment risks, methods for their assessment and analysis

    Authors: Gnezdilova Darya Igorevna; Machulskaya Alina Vitalevna

  22. Mechanics of fire development in a car

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  23. Method of carrying out laboratory work on the theme "Thermal treatment of carbon steels"

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  24. Estimation of strength of details at central extension — compression

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  25. Problematic issues of participation of a group of prosecutors in the trial

    Authors: Zelenkovas Nikita Vitalevich

  26. Оn holding olympiad in graphic disciplines

    Authors: Legkova Irina Anatolevna

  27. Cash-back system in Russia

    Authors: Gnezdilova Darya Igorevna; Mozhanova Irina Ivanovna

  28. The need for auditors to apply international auditing standards in practice

    Authors: Fedorenko Lyudmila Aleksandrovna

  29. Investigation of an explicit solution of an analogue of the Cauchy problem for a degenerate third-order hyperbolic equation in a three-dimensional domain

    Authors: Balabaeva Natalya Petrovna; Enbom Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

  30. Safety measures for conducting laboratory work on “Impact viscosity of materials”

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  31. Research of leadership skills in student's group

    Authors: Ziyatdinova Ilyuza Ilgizarovna

  32. Researching the vital lung capacity in a small student group

    Authors: Bekmansurov Rail Khadiyarovich.; Ziyatdinova Ilyuza Ilgizarovna

  33. Modern methods of treatment of diseases of the spine

    Authors: Galieva Yana Manukovna; Permyakov Oleg Mikhaylovich

  34. Estimation of strength of details during bend deformation

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  35. Features of improvement of management of financial stability of the enterprise

    Authors: Zaytsev Igor Vladimirovich

  36. Development of composite finishing material

    Authors: Zakrevskaya Lyubov Vladimirovna; Martynov Vladislav Dmitrievich

  37. Operational support of criminal cases

    Authors: Turov Evgeniy Aleksandrovich

  38. Emotiveness as a linguistic category

    Authors: Vladimirova Anastasiya Valerevna

  39. Latest news on the development of electronic coins in 2019

    Authors: Gnezdilova Darya Igorevna; Machulskaya Alina Vitalevna

  40. Development and improvement of physical qualities at cadets of high schools of the Federal Penitentiary Service RUSSIA

    Authors: Budina Ekaterina Vladimirovna

  41. Banking advertising is a feature of the service as an object of promotion

    Authors: Magazeyshchikova Diana Aleksandrovna; Nikolaeva Elena Irfanovna

  42. Advertising in marketing activities. Its essence and classification

    Authors: Kruppa Anna Dmitrievna; Nikolaeva Elena Irfanovna

  43. Selection of software for displaying elements of lever mechanisms on kinematic diagrams

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich

  44. The use of advertisements in language teaching

    Authors: Xudoyberdieva Gulasal Shukhratovna

  45. Development of a system for automatic control of the process of deaeration of chemically purified water

    Authors: Suslov Sergey Stanislavovich

  46. We write the book, thesis, scientific article independently

    Authors: Zhulikov Petr Petrovich; Zhulikova Olga Vyacheslavovna

  47. High technologies — the base of innovative economics

    Authors: Pogosyan Shoger Petrovna

  48. Method of carrying out laboratory work on the theme "Metal gas corrosion"

    Authors: Puchkov Pavel Vladimirovich

  49. Aspects of financial sustainability of the enterprise

    Authors: Goloshubov Aleksey Olegovich

  50. Evaluation service of foreign guests in the hotel with the help of internet services

    Authors: Vinogradova Elena Sergeevna; Vlasova Viktoriya Andreevna

  51. The evolution of libraries in the era of high technology

    Authors: Volkov Vladimir Stepanovich; Gushchina Anastasiya Yurevna

  52. Selection and justification of the financing model of housing complex

    Authors: Gilmanov Danil Damirovich

  53. Bonuses for commercial bank employees

    Authors: Korenkova Mariya Anatolevna

  54. The contribution of A. S. Makarenko in the development of penitentiary pedagogy

    Authors: Potapov Aleksey Nikolaevich

  55. Features of teaching and the process of learning modern psychological and pedagogical science and practice in higher education

    Authors: Kumakhova Dzhuletta Borisovna; Uligova Darina Khazhismelevna

  56. Problems allowed by the investigator when preparing the presentation of a person for identification

    Authors: Meleshko Anastasiya Konstantinovna

  57. Development of automated control system of technological process of polyamide melting

    Authors: Nebritov Anton Sergeevich

  58. The system of financial control of the enterprise: methods and means of implementation

    Authors: Yanakhmetova Regina Robertovna

  59. Specifics of financial control at the enterprise

    Authors: Yanakhmetova Regina Robertovna

  60. The role of short stories in reinforcing students' knowledge of the language

    Authors: Suyunova Aynura Ramazan Қizi

  61. The role of games in teaching and learning vocabulary

    Authors: Muzrafova Guzal Murodzhon Қizi

  62. A comparability analysis of the volume of the state budget and compulsory medical insurance fund

    Authors: Irizepova Margarita Shamilevna; Firsova Polina Aleksandrovna